42 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Only contact me if you are a tragic soul who is disgusted by banality and poetic in outlook and expression. You will demonstrate all four things graphically from the start and continue to do so in each and every word you say forever. You will do this because it is your natural truth and you are fluent in it, grateful to reveal its boundless complexity to a similar spirit instead of grieving yourself in an idiom of sterility merely to encounter humanity at all. This testimony of the abject will probably be your initial proclamation. You will have no other life but the one you describe, with eloquence and uncompromising efficacy; any betrayal of it would be impossible. Your loneliness is likely to be heart-wrenching, your profundity unmatched, your desire to be heard, however broken on the wheel, a song of peerless beauty.

If this rings no bells, you are encouraged not to pester me with alternatives or question my wisdom in requiring this specific kind of an individual or their depth and power of artistic expression. I will regard not only someone who deviates from my description in obvious ways - someone who wants 'a girlfriend', likes 'having a laugh' or thinks the phrase 'I don't take myself too seriously' will induce anything other than acute rage - but even the faintest lapse in concentration as hostility, a barbaric attack on my belief system, which requires constant illumination and musical reflections - a level of inspiration I am capable of on my own, and do not wish to degrade by chatting to muck. Anyone planning on having 'fun' or a 'normal' conversation, or whose sphere of understanding relies on material matters, lack of individuality, reductive slogans and other forms of evasion will be treated as a subhuman who should never have been born; a blight on creativity; a malignant disease. Arguing against this is futile. You either agree with me in fullness and with every atom of your being or you should not be here, reading this, or believing yourself real. You are not real and will never become so. I will dispatch you if you cannot see this yourself, as many cannot, just as the dead often do not believe themselves to be dead.

I do not think that the person to whom this profile is dedicated will ever get to read it, but they may feel it, and that will be enough.
I’m really good at
I spend a lot of time thinking about
flowers and trees
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
my words are prophetic
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you can afford it