29 Manila, Philippines
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My self-summary
Hi there women and she women (friends only) of all ages haha! Greg here very much single since 2009 and wants to mingle! ;) currently unemployed coz there no work yet but im planning to go back to the bpo industry when my mom gets to 60 :) But Im not a bum lol..wat ive been doin these past years is to handle our businesses..pertaining to apartments for rent.a small store and a van at uv express.seems like a heavy job for a 26 year old but its fun really :) it feels like every day "like a boss" feeling..haha! So wat else..hmm.i could say that im a gym rat though I dont look one yet but I prefer nowadays to get back to grinding and be closing in to 30's so better do it than not.anime lover "mondays are my anime days" pertaining to naruto/shingeki no kyojin/hunter x hunter/one piece/avengers assemble/avatar legend of korra and even ben10!!! Haha! And im a funny jolly crazy silly looking dude but when you get to know woudnt believe that I could get serious :) looooll as if haha but only when needed :) so women out there I dont bite okay? I just prefer to look biting you on my pics but im not a carnivore :) and lastly.hopeless romantic here..ive never celebrated xmas nor valentines with a girlfriend.its just a disaster when a man experiences that :/ hoping I could meet my queen out here and vows to be her one and only queen este king :p and she will be served whole heartedly by yours trully :)

Just ended a relationship to the most deteriorating and the most stressfull selfish girl ive met so far..its given me sleepless nights and headaches giving this site a 2nd chance

Just came back recently to give this app 1 more chance of love..hoping id be able to bump into here out here..come on lets jive! :)
What I’m doing with my life

Work.. / callcenter am shift..
"Daily routine"

Hoping I could give out my spare time into her..whoever she is..
I’m really good at
*Im good at clay arts..and im very thankfull to god for that ;) im very good at shaping robots to transform into one using clay ;) fyi add up those character figures like hulk and irkn man etc.i could make those for you :p capt america still in progress
*Im good at teasine people and making fun of other people and including myself.haha!
* a good dancer..though its been 8years now since my last performance still there is just dance 4 to maintain my flexibilty.and learn new moves as well :)
*exercise :) and workout..I dont get tired once i step inside the gym :)
*dieting..if you wanna get some dieting tips fromm..just pm me :)
The first things people usually notice about me
My built..easy to notice coz every week I shed some fats and bring down my weight..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food long as its enjoyable to watch.. the walking dead fan here :) horror and zombie films as well as marvel movies..
The six things I could never do without
*pick up my phone in the morning
*obviously brush my teeth duh? Haha
*wear my brief
*talk to the mirror and say "your looking good today!"
*put deo on my armpit
*bring my wallet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Who is she? Why is she still not with me? Where is she? Is she lost or what? Where will I meet her? Obviously..thinking of who is my queen :/
On a typical Friday night I am
If a friend goes by the store to have a drink..I would be more than happy to join him..but if theres no just prefer lying on my bed and do surf the internet
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I always wake up in the morning with my pillows wet lol..saliva stinks :/
I am a dancer :) lol..last wednsday I went out to the mall to watch insidious2..after the show I stopped by timezone and watched a kid played just dance 4..I waited for her to finish so itll be my turn..take alone :) haha! Danced for 20mins lol.i missed it :)
Im currently watching gma 7's korean novela..100year legacy hahaha! Hooked up!
You should message me if
* You find me hot??? " duh? " :)
* you find me handsome??? " duh again? " :)
* you have a crush on me??? " duh duh duh? "
* you liked me??? " goodjob "
* you feel l could cheer up you day??? " thats right " :)
* you need someone to talk to..none sense or with sense
* you feel like we could jive along
* you are willing to meet up
* you have wat it takes to be MRS.VILLAREAL
* and if you wont bite me ROFLMAO!

Im hoping that id be having a date this coming valentines day :) I hope you are qualified to be one loooool :)