40 Blacksburg, United States
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My self-summary
**Greetings Virginia! I'm geeky, nerdy, polyamorous, kinky potentially mad, and definitely a scientist. I'm coming to VT next month to learn all about fun with ultra fast optics and not as fast chemistry and I am primarily looking for interesting and strange people to show me around Blacksburg. Later, I will be looking for minions and a reasonably priced volcano fortress. Right now I need to know where there is good conversation, tasty foods, and lovely beverages.**

Let me start by stating: No, I will not cheat on my wife with you because if I did my girlfriend would get very angry with me.

I'm a geek G, double-E, K, geek. I like role playing games, hardcore science, reading, and motorcycles. Currently I'm a grad student in experimental physics at FSU and I'm working in the field of condensed matter physics aka electron abuse for fun and profit. To be more precise, the interface between electrodynamics and quantum physics. Or to be more glib, the part of physics that gives you bigger hard drives every year the part that is working tirelessly to make Moore's law come true every 18 months. As much as I love to joke about working on a death ray in the lab or some other diabolic creation to allow me to unleash my terrible will upon the world and make them "Rue the day" Rue! I really like that word its very fun to say. I work in a part of physics that does not bring rays or bombs we bring joy! We are making your phone fancier, your tv bigger, and seeing to it you can have an ever increasing stock of porn on your hard drive. I'm a condensed matter physicist and I help make the world a better place.

And woe onto to him that fuck with science in my presence. I'm partisan about science I believe the universe is driven by physical law and that all of creation can be comprehended. I'm an atheist when it comes to religion but not a prostelitizing one like Dawkins. There is no point in trying to prove a negative in my mind so I'm not going to bother. People are free to believe whatever they like as long as they keep their religion out of my science. If you want to believe god created all life on earth I'm fine with that but if you want to tell me that evolution therefore is invalid because it contradicts a document that at best should be taken allegorical we are going to have words. For that matter if you want to tell me that all of my colleagues in meteorolgy are wrong about global warming because it doesn't meet your political ideology we are going to have words and some of those words may number four letters and include f,k,s,t. I may even say insulting things about your shoes if you get me worked up enough even though I pride myself on being able to argue calmly about things I'm passionate about. Though if you try to claim aliens built the pyramids I will lose my shit. This has been established on a number of previous occasions. If you actually believe this I feel sorry for you and am deeply frustrated you would take this accomplishment away from the human race and are taking for granite all of the blood, sweat, and genius spent on those magnificent and foolish hunks of stone. We humans did this and we should be proud of our great works! To give those great accomplishment to some nameless alien overlords makes me want to throw fists and I'm quite arguably the least violent person I know.

If you haven't guessed already I love a good argument. I will given a willing and eager partner argue about any subject I can speak with any knowledge of. Being that I'm a socialist, transhumanist, polyamorous, I love debating the merits of SF and fantasy literature, movies in said genres, and think the Matrix movies worked much better as fashion adds than SF. Please for the love of god when you make a movie about solipsism through computer slavery make the reason the computers are doing it at least follow the laws of thermo-fucking-dynamics. Yes the clothes are pretty, yes the action is fast paced, and yes the camera work was a revolution. But humans as batteries what the hell man!?! Also I'm a recovering curmudgeon and have to watch out for the urge to dislike something just because everyone else likes it.

Disclaimer: It has been pointed out to me by a number of my friends that in person I am no where near as angry as my profile her implies. Hopefully this will not dissuade you the reader from contacting me.

I am geeky, intellectual, and perverse
What I’m doing with my life
I'm driven and often neurotic about work. Experimental physics I've found is a passion not unlike heroin. The highs are amazing, the lows are crushing, and yes if it would help me get more science I would steal your tv but the relationship I find with it has less to do with purpose or even pleasure but more to do with inevitability. Its the hungry dark mass around which much of my life rotates. There is a joke that I have heard that goes something like this. There are people in science that are healthy in their approaches to the subject. That are filled with overwhelming joy at exploring the universe and this is the sole and complete source of their drive. We as scientists are deeply happy for both of them. The rest of us are like everyone else in the world are drives are more complex. We do what we do out of pride, out of desperation, for the sake of competition, or in some cases as it has been the only thing so far thats felt right. Science feels right to me. I'm proud to get the opportunity to add to the sum of human knowledge but what brings me back to the lab every day is that feeling that somehow I fit here. That this is what I do. There is for me at the end of the day some wordless recognition that science feels right to me. I'd love to be able to offer some more profound reason I do this. Some well thought out philosophical justification that will inspire others to take up the mantle of scientist but when I dig deep and examine myself thats no where to be found there is just a recognition of a life I feel satisfied and proud to live.

Also there are perks:

I work with wonderful and intelligent people and have the pleasure of doing a job where results are more important than appearances. Where as long as I spend 80 hours a week in the lab no one cares what 80 hours those are. Ok maybe not quite 80.

I get to know the secrets of the fucking universe! Even if the bulk of the people out there are uninterested I still get to reach up under the skirt of the universe and know its hidden naughty bits.
I’m really good at
I'm a smart ass and a loud mouth. People often seem to think that I am usually more amusing than appalling for this I am particularly thankful. I'm a good teacher and enjoyed all the time I spent being forced to TA freshmen physics labs. I have mad skills thanks to my career choice and I can do a bunch of science type things with my hands from microelectronics to plumbing but counter that by being really good at not doing those things at home.
The first things people usually notice about me
Either my crooked expression or an off color comment or possibly the fact I have a lot of hair both long on my head and silly on my face.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like science fiction novels which I don't read enough of anymore but if I had to name a few authors I'd say Doctorow, Banks, and Vinge just to be slightly obscure. I dig movies and go to see far too many bad ones often so bad that no amount of preparation at a local bar will help. I love music especially indie stuff and listen to it all the time. My favorite food is probably sushi but I pretty much enjoy everything I like to eat out and its one of the most severe dangers too my budget. Oh and as a side note I hate trying to name a favorite something or worst making best of lists.
The six things I could never do without
This I've always felt was a poorly phrased question because it begs the obvious answer of things like food, water, and oxygen. I'm going to instead answer the question what six things would you always like your life to include. So let me answer those. First people I love there are a few of you out there and my life would be a colder and darker place without you. I think form here we can say the rest of these come in no particular order. Then next people in general. I'm gregarious, outgoing, extroverted, pick your favorite adjective I like people and interacting with other people tends to make me happy. Even on the occasions when it makes me angry. Music. I'm a sucker for it ever since I've gotten an mp3 player its been a necessity. Books and the internet I shall bundle you both together as you both bring me a similar joy. Learning is fun whether its quantum theory or who was in that tv show in the 80s all its fun to acquire new information. I'm obviously a sucker for Google and Wikipedia because of that. Hmm I think was five so for six I'm gonna close out with something that rhymes with that number. Yes sex! I love it. Its great fun for the whole family. Ok maybe not the whole family but its a fun past time for two or more people that can be done anytime of day without leaving your house. Much better than the movies and cheaper too!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'm going to take the high road and talk about things I ponder versus the detritus and logistical concerns that often litter my thoughts.

Wow this sat for a while unfinished.

Its always tricky on where to start with this kind of thing but the main revelation I spend my life experiencing over and over again is the way simplicity can give birth to complexity. To give an example there is a classic problem in math called the three body problem... and no it has nothing to do with how to get two of your classmates in bed with you thats a different problem. Its in description much simpler than that. We start with a completely empty space going out to infinity in any direction to give us the most simple of backdrops. Into this void we add three bodies, they can be planets, your favorite fruits, idealized platonic shapes its all good. To make it even easier lets even allow these bodies to freely pass through each other the only characteristic we will give them other than location is mass. Now let go of them and let them interact only through mutual attraction.

This problem seems to be unsolvable except for a number of very specific initial conditions.

When I saw this problem demonstrated to me in a math class it boggled my mind and filled me with wonder as suddenly the world could be both known and unknowable. We can know all the rules and still be surprised by its behavior! Suddenly everything was filled with wonder for me. Hell it still is when I take a moment to look.

More to come... lets hope its quicker than the two months it took me to get around posting the above.
On a typical Friday night I am
In the lab trying to get an annoying bit of work done that never ends. After that at home relaxing or going out to have a drink and maybe see a movie with friends. On occasion playing shadowrun or some other act of high-dorkery.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This being the internet its about as private as writing it on the wall of a rest room then underling it so no one can miss it. But I figure I should lay down some dark secret here that gives people insight into my very soul...well fuck that though as a consolation prize I will admit that I was tempted to list my three adjectives as appalling , insatiable, and moist.
You should message me if
There is something in the above profile that interests you and want to know more about it or just have someone to converse with on said subject.

You have something you'd like to teach me! I'm a sucker for that.

You are local and are looking for people to go out to movies and other social type activities with. Currently I'm trying to rebuild my social life after mainlining a bit too much science.

You are okay with the fact that I'm polyamorous and married.