35Woodstock, United States
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My self-summary
I am a Midwest girl from Kansas who loves to travel. I've lived in Tennessee, Oklahoma, California, Japan, and the high plains desert of the Pacific Northwest; and traveled to Mexico, Honduras, Korea, Spain, Thailand, and most of this beautiful and diverse country of ours. My undergraduate degrees are in Genetics (...I'm a scientist, dammit!) and English Literature (British romantic poetry, to be specific) from the Uni of Kan, and a JD from Gonzaga. I practice Paganism, earth-worship, Kundalini, and Zen Buddhism; but I think all paths are valid (for some reason I always end up dating atheists). I am direct and honest, and I do best when others are too. I am goofy and nerdy, and proud of it! I sing to my cats: Chainsaw, Velcro, and Kissinger. I'd rather play in the rain in the woods than go to a nightclub in heels. I can be stubborn and sharp-tongued, but I'm not above apologies.

I am bright, determined, and quirky.
What I’m doing with my life
I am an attorney with my own firm. I practice intellectual property, health law, and small business stuff.
After two plus years in Chicago, I moved out to the country to start a farm and adopted a puppy! I come to the city about once a week for meetings and court, but love falling asleep to crickets and frogs at my country oasis. I am in a long-term, open relationship with socialdave82. He is amazing and supportive of me living a full life, which includes the part of me that is attracted to women. ;)
I’m really good at
listening, eye contact, any art or craft except writing music (including 8yrs of oboe), yoga, dressing for winter, looking good in my alpaca sherpa poncho (not from sears), massages and body rubs, cooking, cooking en masse, using chopsticks, mending, driving, correctly steeping tea, kissing, skinny dipping, animal empathy (yes, the wod skill!), grooving, dancing around a bonfire to drums, petting animals, honesty and directness, growing bean sprouts, debate, public speaking, snuggling, being cute, being awkward when leaving voice messages, spoiling people, being spoiled, trying new things, goofing around, organizing and packing (tetris-master!), hiking and snowshoeing, picking ripe produce, sketching, poetry, burping really loud, and reading trashy romance books aloud in a funny voice.

I'm not so good at: bowling (but I think it's fun), archery (also fun), my end-game chess strategy, and spelling out loud.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am pretty sure that I come off as fairly confident, easy-going, and more than a little unique.

Personally, I am a nose and intelligence sort of gal: if you are endowed with both I'm likely melting. ;) I've found that women I'm attracted to usually have dark hair. oh, and a well-bearded guy is dreamy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: the romance of leonardo davinci, stranger in a strange land and friday(or just heinlein in general), phillip k. dick (especially do robots dream of electric sheep), hg2g, k. kerr's denverry series, the martian chronicles, asimov, pier anthony's incarnations of immortality series, king's dark tower series, slaughterhouse five, his dark materials trilogy, clockwork orange, 1984, war and peace, le mis, byron's don juan, and any thing by p. b. shelley, keats, or william blake. eckhart tolle is useful. recently, i finally read o. s. card's ender's game and thought it was amazing! currently, i've been chewing through some mediocre, entertainment stuff by james lovegrove. meh, it's ok.

i have a large personal library, which i have organized loosely under the dewey decimal system. the internet is amazing, but it's hard to beat a good physical reference material: a.k.a. book.

Webcomics: girls with slingshots, questionble content, girl genius, xkcd, penny arcade, and looking for group.

Movies: v for vendetta (i have a movie party every 5th of nov!), when harry met sally, wall-e or anything disney, gattaca, mst3k, 2001, sunshine, children of men, blade runner, revolver, anything with henry fonda, anything made by mel brooks, patton, how the west was won (cinerama is here!), the dark crystal, the life aquatic, tropic thunder, alien, repo (the genetic opera!), anything with zombies, avanti!, some like it hot, funny girl, lotr, the proposal, my fair lady, big trouble in little china, and ect. last thing i saw in the theater was Les Mis, and I enjoyed it.

TV (i don't do cable, but internet and dvds): bsg, sg-1, daily show, colbert, 30 rock, futurama, south park, venture bros., archer, deadwood, rome, flight of the concords, strangers with candy, kids in the hall, arrested devl., always sunny, and mr. show.

Music: classical music, classical indian music, jazz, blues, folk, drum circles (preferably with dancing around a bonfire), janis joplin, hendrix, grateful dead (no. 1!!), pink floyd (everything but the wall), clapton, frank and dweezil zappa (saw him in Spokane), king crimson (k c proj last summer in chicago with dream theater), brewer & shipley, the moody blues, emerson lake & palmer, nin, bowie, tool, daft punk, ccr, csny, apples in stereo, the shins, justice, cat empire, go-gol bordello (also in Spokane), flight of the concords, ratatat, old canes, iron and wine, drakkar sauna, the mountain goats (no. 2!!), neutral milk hotel, decemberists, krishna das, macy grey, muse (saw them in osaka!), flaming lips, government mule, ect.

Artists: gaudi, j. w. waterhouse, andy goldsworthy, dali, and others (this is a new category i am starting, so i will brood more on favorites).

Food: tofu, thai, indian, japanese, chinese, proper mexican, fresh bread, eggplant, chinese eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, kale and collards, brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, berries, yogurt, cottage cheese, flax seed oil, nutritional yeast powder, hot sauce, pancakes (just butter, no syrup!) ...i don't generally care for lots of meat or fried things (but will occasionally), and i'll eat cheese before sweets any day of the week. i make good hummus, and my lasagna, veggie stir fry, and sushi are incredible!
Six things I could never do without
hugs, my bike, paper and pen, famliy, nature, and being present.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to balance happiness between private life and career; whether what i do will help the world; who am i and what is reality; general daydreams; what beer should i try next; zombie survival plans; the breadth of sec 43(a); how much i can successfully communicate with my cats; constellation pop-quiz; and the wonders of nature!
On a typical Friday night I am
possibly out for either cheap beer or fancy beer and live music, or cooking in the fire pit in the back yard with friends. i'm a bit of a homebody: i like to cook a good veggie dinner, work on projects with a pot of tea, watch something (like daily show, futurama, or sg-1), read in bed, and go to sleep early. or, if i'm feeling restless or energetic, i love late night bike rides!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i talk to my dad on the phone every day, and he knows everything about my life.
no matter how angry/upset i am, a hug will always make things better.
i'm generally sub in bed, and love a good spanking (D/s; BDSM- lifestyle is something important to me).
i have a yt channel where i post cute cat videos.
i can't help but whisper 'douche' when some hipster is biking freehand down lakeshore.
i painted miniature figurines professionally during college.
i understand Liz Lemon all too well.
i'm sick of lesbians telling me that bisexuality isn't real. we exist, get over it, and stop try to put me into your binary boxes of orientation/sex/gender!
You should message me if actually want to go out and do something! hiking/biking/chess in the park/stargazing/ect. Beer is always a good thing. How can we know we will be friends unless we meet in person? (but I would like to get a regular intro message before being invited with the locals app thing, please) Particularly interested in people who want to hangout with my partner and I. We are interested in swinging, but haven't tried it yet; it would be nice to make more swinger friends to talk and socialize with.
The two of us