32Saint Andrews, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
First I am now in great relationship with julcsasan
but I am always open for new friendships and interesting people.
And now a few words that came up when I wanted to fill out the
three words up there, which I of course filled out with more than
three words. :)
I am:
terrible at spelling,
warm hearted,
absent minded,
very open,
dangerously smart,
a hopeless dreamer,
strange, and hopefully in a good way
jack of all trades,
fun, if you learn not to take me too seriously,
overly anxious,
mostly friendly,
way too loyal,
extremely creative,
thinking outside of the box,
somewhat alien,
very affectionate,
and hopefully interesting enough.

Thinking about activities I like most sports and outdoor
activities, but I could not choose any favourite. It is not exactly
true as I could choose a favourite outdoor activity, but common
decency and current British legislation prohibits this particular
one. If you thought about naturalistic Nordic skiing, you were
slightly off the mark.
So I do love to be intimate. But intimacy for me covers everything
that allows us to dedicate all our attention to that each other. In
fact this is what I love the most in life. The best of it is that
you don't require any special circumstance to be intimate with
someone. :)
I love poetry, arts, and science in every measure and form.
I love to cook, do origami, draw, sculpt, actually I find joy in
everything that involves creating something new. On the other hand
I am not the best at following rules or doing things in the good
old fashioned way as it bores me.
I love to have an intellectual conversation, and I really like a
good debate, so if you don't agree with me in all aspect of life
that makes it only the better. ;) As long it does not end up in
physical violence. On a second thought though, if you are a girl...
But don't worry I possibly couldn't hurt you, I even apologise
before I hit down a fly. Of course to my spiders that I was not
patient enough to wait for them to do their part of our
There a few things that I am not interested at all, and those are
celebrities, gossip and fashion. I hate when people base they value
judgement only on appearances, and things that can be bought for
money, and I hate it even more when they act like sheep and have no
individual thoughts. In fact I am very preassumptionous with that
thought, because it is an absolutely unique and individual decision
for every sheep of the herd to follow the ones around them.

I am just a strange, eccentric guy, and looking for company
What I’m doing with my life
Mostly daydreaming, watching movies, reading the internet and a little physics. So mostly boring stuff. But if you ever feel like asking about it we won't have any problems with unbearable silence...
I’m really good at
I am unbeatable at:
coming up with new ideas
understanding really-really-really complex stuff
drinking huge amount of tea
finding reasons why not to do something, using that fancy word procrastination.
(Well, being honest I didn't know it by heart so I had to look up it online for the right spelling, but I was so desperate to show off with my intelligence that I could not miss it. :P I am trying to be ironic just to set things right.... )
getting lost in my thoughts,
generating chaos,
and how to ruin a promising date :(

I am rather proud of:
my driving skills, I can make anyone pale even in a 60 bhp car. :)
the way I can explain the very-very-very complex stuff,
giving foot massages,
doing real push ups, I hope that it shows a little. :P
some of my photography,
etcetera, etcetera

But generally I am very fast in mastering anything, and I can say I'm quite multi talented.
The first things people usually notice about me
I generally on my own so i have to make assumptions but since I cut my hair and beard at the same time every week or fortnight, my appearance changes according to number of days passed. But other than that I believe most people notice my eyes. Maybe because they are just like big hazelnuts and I meet people mostly during they lunch-break. (And I guess they must be hungry...)
And when I start talking I doubt that my Middle-East-European accent would go unnoticed.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many to list. :) But my favourite autors are, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, George RR Martin, P. Howard alias Rejto Jeno (I do not know if his work was ever translated to english, but if anybody knows of it please mail me!), Kurt Vonnegurt, Albert Camus, Gerald Durrel etc...

I like all kind of films, ranging from funny ones, like Idiocracy, Holy Grail, Life of Brian, Spaceballs, Mamma Mia, to more serious ones like Fiddler on the roof, Instinct, or American beauty, Philadelphia, Forrest Gump (I always cry on it...), I love documentaries and I love those films the most that leave you silent and thinking.
But my childhood favourites are the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films, and Star Wars!
But I like to watch everything so this list could go on and on...

Music: It depends on my mood, but a few favs: Liszt: Csárdás Macabre, Beethoven: Moonlight sonata, Christina Aguliera: I am Beautiful, Metallica: Nothing else matters, Linkin Park: Crawling, Red hot chili peppers: Californication, Guns and Roses: Knocking on heaven's door, Brahms: Hungarian dances, Orf: Carmina Burana, and I love operas. I almost forgot to Queen, and some other oldies. Sorry, probably time is just getting the upper hand on me, and I am maturing. Or maybe not that much, as I still love Lambada, IKO IKO, or even the Ketchup song and at certain times I even enjoy Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, etc.
Okay I really do not have a favourite style of music I would listen to all the time. But there is one type of music I can not tolerate, and that is when there is about 3 second of a beat which is repeated over and over again for 3 minutes in worse cases for 30 minutes.. Sorry I can not stand anything that is repetitive as it bores and after a while annoys me, and not only in music, but also in films. If you would like to watch a horror movie where the same plastic monster makes the same people scream the same way for 90 minutes or an action movie where Rambo shoots 900 rounds and kills 1200 people, well it is fine by me, but I will most probably fall asleep.

Food: It is a hard bit because I have lactose intolerance and it is a great limiting factor, but I am great fan of any kind of fresh fruits, I can overeat myself so much that sometimes I have to lie down. In general I like to try anything, so if you have a good recepie that has no milk in it I happy to give a try.
Six things I could never do without
I have to admit, that I am quite dependent on my worldly possessions like my bike or my computer, and definitely the internet, but I am lucky/unlucky enough to know by now that there is nothing in this world that a person couldn't do without. The only question that can be raised is how long could you do without? For example I can even do without air, well it becomes quite uncomfortable after 90 seconds or so, and I doubt that I would be able to do without much longer than 2 minutes. And although I would never want a Gucci flip-flop, but I doubt that I would do much longer than 90 years without (or with) one...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My mind is in a constant buzz. But mostly Physics and technical stuff. And lately a lot about how to get by on my own.
Al so quite a reasonable time to find out why is the answer 42.
On a typical Friday night I am
I spend it home thinking about something, or reading a book, or watching a movie, or just surfing the internet. But I am about to change this. Every help is welcome.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If you are interested in any kinks or secrets, just ask I don't believe that I have much to hide. And if you are open enough to ask, it won't bother you either, if not, don't worry, you'll find it out in time. But just to make things less mysterious, I have two weaknesses one is brilliant intellect and nice feet. Well to be honest the second can be omitted, but the first is a must.
You should message me if
You want to contact me in first place,
You felt like writing would do good to You and had enough, that the unmatched sparkles of your marvelled genius went lost to eternity.
Or if you are up for a meaningful conversation, or feeling down, or feeling happy, or wanted to learn someone new, or believed that you could teach me something, or you would want to know or you knew me already, and so on and on.
Feel free to contact me, be a boy or a girl, I will do my best to answer.
And congratulations if you really got this far! (Not for you "rollitdowntotheend" people...)
The two of us