31Cape Coral, United States
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My self-summary
I'm looking for something casual and fun that could grow into something more but doesn't have to. Half my week is pretty busy and the other half is nice and smooth so in the free time I do have I would love to get to know someone special while having some fun along the way. I'm pretty geeky and silly most of the time but serious and responsible when I'm needed to be. I enjoy reading, video and board games, mycology, photograph, playing guitar, fabrication (building electronics, mechanics and stuff) Wing Chun (Southern Chinese Kung Fu) archery, and talking (I've been told I talk far to much and that I can "word rape" people, so just tell me if I'm talking to much and I'll tone it down) There are probably a million other things I enjoy but it's never easy remembering them when confronted with this little square in which I am supposed to summarize myself. heh.

First and foremost: No princesses (unless you're bubblegum) No diva's (unless you have a Ph.D) No Gold Diggers and there is no exception to this. I will not be in a parasitic relationship. If you want someone to take care of you so you can live your life through them, that is not me. I believe any relationship should be founded in equity and equality where both people do what they can for the betterment of the relationship instead of just for the betterment of themselves.

Because I work for a rehabilitation center I don't take or do any mind altering substances in public so when I do go out I'm an ideal designated driver. I'm not a party animal and have no desire to hit the town all the time. But, I love getting dressed up and going out somewhere nice every now and then and if you promise we can stop by Taco-Rama in downtown I'll go down there with you whenever!

I've traveled a lot and enjoyed it a great deal but what I've learned in those travels is that happiness is internal and unshakable as such so I love traveling to see friends and family when I can, not very often unfortunately, but I have no desire to run to some place or away from here in search of something I have already found inside myself.

I'm sorry but I lack the money and time to travel out of the lee county area. Just being honest and don't wish to lead anyone into believing I'll be able to do something I can't.

I'm not one of those people who will make a list consisting of Curvy, Red Hair, Glasses, Et Cetera because I find almost everything across the spectrum attractive. My turn offs are basically not taking care of yourself. If you have a curvy body type, that is attractive. If you just don't take care of yourself and your fat that is not attractive. If you have a slender body type, that is attractive. If your obsession with being skinny has lead to you being a coat rack with ribs, that is not attractive or healthy. I don't want you to have a "perfect" body because those aren't real.

If you haven't notice, I'm not big on B.S. or being fake.

I'm in the process of refurbishing my house. Which means my place is a little messy.
What I’m doing with my life
Half the time I'm enjoying the wonder that is my son and the other half I'm doing pretty much what ever makes me happy. I'm a part time parent which is pretty great! I get the best of both worlds. Three days a week I spend rocking the most awesome thing anyone can ever create (Being a parent is absolutely not what I envisioned.) and the other four days I get all to myself!

I'm currently working full time as a Sous chef in a rehabilitation center. In most of my spare time right now I'm working on refurbishing my house and longboarding.
I’m really good at
Understanding things. Which sounds really silly now that I'm looking at it. heh. I love to figure out how things work and I'm exceptional patient so I'm really good it at. I can reverse engineer just about anything in my head if given enough time. I love psychology and the human mind, it's amazing how much more sense people make when you understand how they work.

I'm also pretty good at cooking, I've been doing it for over a decade so I better be by now!
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I'm very close to being completely hairless. heh. I have a genetic disorder that causes my immune system to be perpetually compromised while it attacks my hair follicles. My disorder has caused relationship problems in the past (Between being on medications/herbs to deal with the compromised immune system and chronic pain. It has caught a few people by surprise because I'm very good at not letting my pain and discomfort show in every day life.) so I like to make sure it is out and open in the beginning. That being said, the medication regiment I'm on now has helped keep me from getting sick for any longer then most people in the last few years. The only down side is since they are herbs instead of the pharmaceutical extracts (because those cost about a grand a month) I have to take them every 4-6 hours instead of once a day. So that is a little annoying and limits my ability to just up and do something without at least a few hours notice to make sure I have what I need.

The second thing most people notice is that I'm exceptionally easy going, understanding and compassionate.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music (Love it!)
The Mars Volta
St. Germain
Neon Trees
Foster the People
Planes Mistaken For Stars
Passion Pit
Cold War Kids
The Black Keys
The Legion of Doom
Thievery Corporation
Portugual The Man
The Temper Trap
Dave Matthews
Band of Horses
A Perfect Circle
The Postal Service
Mumford and Son
Iron and Wine
Minus the Bear
The Notwists
Et Cetera

Reading (I love books!)
Awareness by Anthony DeMello
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
To Kill A Mocking Bird
Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
World War Z
Jennifer Government
The Dresden File
The Foundation
A heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Breaking Open The Head
American Gods
Good Omens
Et Cetera

TV (I just got cable again after a few years without it, because I'm just not a big TV person, so this is what I remember and watch now.)
Face Off
The Colony
The Walking Dead
Cartoons (adventure time, justice league, Panty Stocking and Garterbelt, south park, Archer, Metalocolypse. Some are kids stuff some are definitely not kids stuff.)
Real Time with Bill Maher
Game of Thrones
Futurama (Could watch just that for the rest of my life!)
Ugly Americans
Through the Worm Hole
Into the Universe
How I Met Your Mother
The Daily Show
Heroes (The first season was so great I got a tattoo from it and then the show became dead to me when it swan dived into the asphalt!)

Movies (I like Movies!)
The Thing (Watch this with me while drinking Hot cocoa and cuddling and I'll make it worth your while!)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Wall E
The Avengers
Dark City
Harold and Kumar
The Day The Earth Stood Still (original)
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
28 Days Later
Little Miss Sunshine
Big Fish
The Hangover
Grandmas Boy
Eternal Sunshine . . .
Evil Dead Series
Clerks I and II
In Bruges
The Shining
Requiem for a Dream
Jacobs Ladder
Et Cetera

I'll update when I have more time to think

I'm a sous chef who used to be a vegetarian. I adore food! Black Bean Burgers!
Cajun Blackened Chicken Quesadillas!
Tortilla Soup!
I could do this for hours!
Six things I could never do without
1) My medication.

2) My Son, he would be 1 but 1 is essential to 2.

3) Some sort of notebook to keep everything in my head and life organized.

4) Meditation

5) Good Food

6) Good Friends

7) Also, Drugs are good. They're kill infections, they make you euphoric, they keep people sane. Drugs should probably be on this list.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. I love learning about things and reverse engineering them in my head. So when I can I pretty much just let my brain go at it and keep it on course.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are usually my nights staying in. About half the time you'll find me watching movies, playing video games or working on an art/build project by myself and the other half of the time you'll find me sharing dinner with friends and then maybe dominoes, cards or some gaming action! In the form of both board and console!

Now the other half of the time you'll find me chasing down ninja zombies so I'm going to need a girl who can, if needed, chase down a van of ninja zombies just incase I'm ever kidnapped by them. Also, if you had super powers I would not complain at all.

Or, possibly, just sitting in front of a roaring fire while listening to The Raven as read by Richard Feynman.

Or, leading humanities last hope against the Ninja Zombie Apocalypse!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a pretty open book. If you ask me something I will almost always tell you the answer. More so, if you are open and honest with me I will be so with you.

I find a woman in a wedding dresses ridiculously sexy. No idea why but a woman in a wedding dress makes me want to take it off her in all the wrong ways.

I like not having to wear clothes around the house when I can. Or the least amount of clothes possible. Cause serious, who wants to wear clothes in Florida!

When I was a child, there was a time when I was worried I was the Anti Christ and whether or not the Anti Christ would know he was the Anti Christ. Today, I'm pretty sure I'm not.

At one point in my life I would eat Crispex cereal with orange juice instead of milk while smoking a clove cigarette. No lie. The strangest part is that, to me, it was absolutely delicious! I tried it again about 5 years ago and it made me want to vomit.

I can knit and sew really well. I've made clothes before and not just costumes but things you wear in public. Also, I've made costumes. I probably should have lead with that one since it seems a little weirder in retrospect.

Not really sure what else. Like I said, just ask if you want to know.
You should message me if
You like to chat.
You're silly, funny, witty, sarcastic, et cetera.
You're a nerdy or geeky girl.
You want to go out long boarding or get some Pho and Thai coffee.
You're into having great sex.
You want someone to cuddle with while watching a great movie or cartoons or a nature documentary that's been dubbed over with silly voices so it's hilarious.
You think the idea of going to the coffee house downtown for dollar drafts and then Taco Rama is fantastic.
You would like to get dressed up in fancy cloths to go out to eat somewhere nice where we can talk in fun accents and have a beautiful evening pretending we're rich foreigners
you read my profile and public questions and thought to yourself "well this chap seems like a class act, I need him making me red velvet crepes in bed by this time next year!"
You're slightly bitchy and opinionated.

If you message me, I will message you back no matter what.

Because I'd want others to do the same for me, even if just to say "no way we'd work man!" 'cause it's polite!
The two of us