32Oakville, Canada
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What I’m doing with my life
selling houses
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Im just going to put some of my fav quotes in here because okcupid isn't the boss of me.
Getting motivated is like taking showers, best done daily.
don't wish to change the world, wish to change yourself.
Do not chase what you want, attract it.
people don't know how much you know, until they know how much you care.
if you want to see results, you've got to get uncomfortable.
you don't feel good because your getting what you want, your getting what you want because you feel good.

...write that down
I spend a lot of time thinking about
whats to eat? what time and I am going to eat next? what should i put in my eggs today? where is the closest shawarma place? are there any skittles? is there any nutella left? k seriously i ate too much. what should i wear to the gym?
You should message me if
you think your as awesome as me.
if you want to make the person you are with better.
if you want to learn together.
if you want to workout together.
if you want to travel together.
if you want to build and work towards a dream together.
if your a fan of rolling up in sheets and watching a movie.
if you want to laugh together, a lot. like really...a lot.
if you want to cook for me. lol. jk. no but seriously.
if you've talked to a lot of douches and can't even
umm..and yeah theres more but its starting to get a little much.
The two of us