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My self-summary
UPDATE 1/10/14 - I'm back. Don't ask.

Do women ever specify what ethnic background they would actually prefer rather than not respond to a "hello"?

ok i give up. Read if you want.

Wow you ladies here in NYC are really something else. You say this and you say that but as time goes by on here I'm realizing more and more that a lot of you are just basically full of all kinds of shit. You say you're looking for a guy that/that's OR you SHOULD message me if you/you're...............
- employed
- in shape, works out, plays a sport, or consistently active
- doesn't take himself and life too seriously but knows when to be serious.
- not into games and looking for something serious!
- doesn't have kids
- not married
- not stuck on their ex
- not fat, old and disgusting
- knows how to treat a lady
- not looking for just sex and casual hookups
- willing to drive??!! WTF? Really? O_o
- has a good head on his shoulders
- strong family values and morals
- funny and please not be boring
- grammatically intelligent and know the difference between ur/your/you're OR their/there/they're. Like who really fucking cares about stewwwwpid shit like that?!
- AND my favorite one is if you live in NYC or in the 5 boroughs. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA you okstupidass women are killing me.

Every time I see this, I sit back and think to myself "oh shit that's ME! That sounds like me. I'm all that and a whole lot more". For every lady that claims to be looking for any if not all of what I described above and doesn't respond back for whatever reason but just looks as if you're just window shopping at the mall or on 5th Ave.(where i work btw), I would much rather have a bird shit on my car or just simply be cursed out from a driver on the road. This is honestly how disgusted I am. I'm done messaging and trying to be "nice" or "sweet" and not be a "jerk" or "douche" or "asshole" or "creep" and say hi and initiate some kind of conversation all the time. I don't just look. I initiate, move forward and follow up. But now I'm so drained and just too damn tired of trying to convince, prove, persuade, show you "how different I am" and "who I am" and blah blah blah. That's it, I'm done.

Another damn UPDATE 2/18/12 -
Welcome to OKSTUPID 101. Where all the fcukin so called "jerks, assholes, creepers, pervs, douches, lame-os, and wannabes just happen to turn this wonderful outlet of meeting absolutely gorgeous women inside and out into a shit hole that has totally distorted, dismantled, disappointed, and discouraged whatever rep/swag I have left. I actually have nothing left. I'm so mentally drained and distraught with the whole dating thing and you ladies not being consistent and still not knowing what you want for whatever reason. Mind you, I don't mind a date here and there and I can be a very pleasant respectful funny date but lets be serious one time shall we? Now I know the guys alot of you......I'm sorry I mean the guys MOST of you ladies run into on here are just horrid but I've realized alot of the women on here are just as ridiculous. I actually thought this would make things a little easier but it's just becoming more and more strenuous with every date. Whatever happened to simply straight up old school "courting"? (Sigh) And this is suppose to be better than plenty-of-fish?! Ooooh boy. O_o

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Stone Temple Pilots
Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Nivana - Smells like teen spirit
Oasis - Wonderwall
Wallflowers - One Headlight
Modest Mouse - Float on
Pinback - Penelope
Bon Over - Skinny Love
Cut Copy - Nobody lost, nobody found
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
Empire of the Sun - We are the people
Seawolf - You're a wolf
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
Muse - Starlight
Kings of Leon - Sex on fire
Kings of Leon - Closer
Kings of Leon - Immortals
Kings of Leon - Be Somebody
Grizzly Bears - Two Weeks
The Lumineers - Ho Hey
Broken Bells - The High Road
Guster - Satellite
M83 - Midnight City
Peter, Bjorn & John - Young folks
Peter, Bjorn & John - Up against the wall
MGMT - Electric feel
Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
Crystal Castles - Vanished
Neon Indian - Polish Girl
Wham! - Everything she wants
Soft Cell - Tainted love
Simple Minds - Don't you (forget about me)
Naked Eyes - Always something there to remind me
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
Stevie Wonders - My Cherie Amour
Bill Withers - Ain't no sunshine
Ray Charles - Georgia
Luther Vandross - Never too much
Yazoo - Situation
Strafe - Set if off
Night Crawlers - Push the feeling

And then there's..........
Bob Marley
Armin Van Buuren
Victor Calderone
Paul Van Dyk

UPDATE 8/25/11 -
Where are all the serious women looking for something real? I feel like all you ladies want to do is date. Really? I've been on more than a handful of dates this year and none of these fair maidens which claim to want something meaningful and serious don't stay interested and consistent. I'm so exasperated by this. This is draining me more than I thought. I am not just looking to date. I'm looking for a down to earth, real-deal, no gimmicks, not complicated, upfront, simple relationship. A lady to spend my time, energy, feelings, thoughts, and laughs with. Is that really alot to ask for? Come on I know you ladies are looking for the same thing in a guy. Well helloooooooooooo I'm right here! =/

No tight-ass skinny jeans here, no boring bum looking jean shorts or fitted caps, no stewpid planking, and definitely no useless facebooking.

Day-walker by day, night crawler by night.

A simple response.........yes, no, maybe so and a follow up. That's all I ask for. But you don't always get what you ask for right? Such a load of shit. Nowadays I feel like all the cute, loving/caring, funny, sarcastic ladies with a good head on their shoulders are either taken or just mentally/emotionally damaged so they don't want to deal with shit. Always too much on their plate, too busy, and/or confused blah blah blah. Everything is all about timing right? Good things come to those who wait? How much longer do i have to wait? (Sigh) Apparently there's all this quantity but no quality.

I really can't stand jack fakers. Ladies........If your gonna act shy or confused and not know what you want then you should leave. If your not gonna stay interested and strong enough to want to be with me then you don't need to read the rest of this.

Sometimes I look at myself and wish I wasn't who I am and how I am but then I think twice and realize I don't need to be nice to anyone except to my friends and family. I've learned to appreciate and be comfortable with my ways because it works for me and hopefully a lady comes into my life feeling the same way.

With that being said I cannot and will not ever change for nobody and I mean nobody. I've never wanted to change for anyone but after so many tries I've realized there has to be some sacrifice though. After all it is a two way street. I've picked up my share of rotten apples. Just looking for some new stress to deal with my shit.

I don't like the shy quiet type. I love the ones that are outspoken sarcastically funny straight forward plain Jane looking that can dish out as well as take. The ones that don't take much to please except through lots of love and affection of course. I love a lady with a good head on her shoulders and knows exactly what she wants out of life and in a guy. She better come with a good sense of humor. She has to know when to be jealous when to be a bitch and when to be a sweetheart to me. I like it when she keeps it simple sexy and sweet.

I don't mind girls getting their hair and nails done but not all the time(snot that serious). Although pretty hands and feet do catch my eye! And not too much of that makeup business please. I love love love natural beauty. I would need her to keep her good eye on me and keep me on my toes so I do things the right way. Few things you should know is I tend to be very sarcastic. Living in NYC isn't easy am i right? If I don't know you I may not like you but don't be so shy to say hi.

As much of a clown I love to be with my friends and family I know when to be serious about certain things. I'm getting a little older now so my tolerance and patience for games grows very weary. If you think you'd like to get to know me you can im me or simply message me on here.
What I’m doing with my life
living it
I’m really good at
- playing handball(gotta be active in atleast one sport)
- consistently going to the gym and busting my ass
- maintaining balance and my sanity
- keeping myself well-groomed and clean cut
- communicating
- being organized and somewhat neat
- saving money
- making fun of people
- laughing at everything, anything, everyone and anyone
- being animated
- being analytical and sarcastic
- talking to and consoling myself
- being able to look at situations from different view points in other words stepping into other peoples shoes and seeing/understanding their side.
- seeing the obvious
- being realistic
- being blunt, direct, upfront, straight forward, brutally honest, blah blah blah
The first things people usually notice about me
is that i'm not your typical quiet, shy, boring asian. HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHAAHHAHAAHA
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - more like comic books and honda tuning baby!
Movies - mostly action, mystery and horror movies.
Music - House, dance, 80's and OLDSCHOOL music
Food - OLDSCHOOL food like home cooked, Mom & Pop restaurants.
Six things I could never do without
- handball ofcourse
- my car
- music
- a cup of joe
- contact lens/glasses
- my attitude
- sarcasm/wittyness
- simplicity/practicality (i know same shit different spelling)
- good eats
- good friends
- good laughs/jokes
- downtime
- comfortable flashy kicks
- the sun
- balance
I spend a lot of time thinking about
alot including why this OKSTUPID thing is such a headache?
On a typical Friday night I am
a night crawler
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
well...........thats private
You should message me if
- you fit the criteria
- you're lookin for something serious, real, and CONSISTENT
- you're not into games
- you have no tolerance/patience when it comes to relationships
- you dare
The two of us