37Phoenix, United States
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My self-summary
Open to Friendship, Possibly More
What I’m doing with my life
At the Moment, I'm Searching for a Cool Girl

and.. Looking Forward to Taking Advantage of Some Great Cruise and Resort Stays Since I Work in Travel
I’m really good at
Cooking a Steak
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm Awesome to Hang Out With
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
the Color Pictures in the USA Today
Six things I could never do without





I spend a lot of time thinking about
As a Worldwide Society It's Too Bad That We as Humans Adopt and Create Theologies and Political Ideologies that Are Inherently at Odds With Each Other. Growing Up in Our Caste Societies Adopting Our Parents Ideals That Were/Are Instilled Upon Them By Those That Were/Are In Control and Reside At the Top of the System. Attempting to Control What We Cannot Explain and Profit by Exploiting Other Humankind.

In Addition, the Unfortunate Creation of a Monetary Currency, Which Is Outdated, to Deal with Scarcity of Our Resources. A Scarcity of Resources That No Longer Exists on Our Planet. These Learned Behaviors Wouldn't Exist Without the Creation of Scarcity Among Children For Example. Should You Treat Them All Equally and They All Have Equal Access To All Things It's Amazing How They No Longer Quarrel and Fight. They Work Together Towards a Common Goal Playfully and Happily.

In a World That Offers Enough In Abundance For Everybody On Our Planet; Scarcity Shouldn't Be an Issue for Anyone On Our Planet. Nobody Should be Hungry, Without a Home, an Attractive Mate, etc. We Should All be Working Towards a Common Goal for the Betterment of All Humankind. Adding to the Planet and Nature by Managing It's Resources. Making It the Best It Can Be for All of the Planets Inhabitants. In This Lifetime Rather Than the Idea of Some of Us in Our Afterlives.

If We Take the Nickels and Dimes Out of it, Along with Religion(s) and Politician(s), We Can Finally Work Towards a Higher Quality For All Humankind. Earths Resources Rightfully Belong to Us All. We'd Probably Colonize Mars in Fifty Years if Human Beings On Earth Never Went Without Shelter, Medical or, Food and Water. And, the Motivation Wasn't Just About Acquiring More Money for Anyone on Our Planet. Money Is Only a Representation of a Mineral: Gold.

Gold Is a Mineral That Is and Will Ultimately Belong To Earth. Not An Individual, Business or Country. It Is Something That Rightfully Belongs To All Creatures Equally On This Planet. Imagine A Planet Where Everyone Is Equally Rich. We Would All Be Happy and Equally Content. Fighting Could Cease to Exist. Our Technologies Can Finally Be Used In the Content They Were Initially Created For, as Opposed to, How Can We Fund Them.

There Could be No Need for Politicians, Governments and Religions. Imagine the Possibilities of All the Humans on Our Planet Working Together to Make All Life the Best It Can Be for Everyone On Earth. Knowing In Return Earthlings Are All Committed To Doing the Exact Same. All Our Wants Are Fulfilled Because All Our Needs Are Continuously Met. Everyone Could, For the First Time, Finally.. Have It All.

Existing On This Planet Peacefully. In Addition To Existing On Other Planets Adding and Managing Their Resources For Us All. Sadly, The Way Current Planetary Events Are Developing, It Seems Highly Doubtful. Without Us Evolving In Our Ideals, Changing Our Learned Behaviors, We as a Species Are Ever Going To Realize Our Full Potential.
On a typical Friday night I am
Having Drinks and Dinner
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is: I'm Thinking About Painting My Toenails Brown!
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