40 Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
That doesn't define me as a person, but it's better than callin me a saggitarius... most of the time.

Basically all you really need to know is that I'm a massive nerd, who loves mass.... who is also a lover of poetry, words, people and experiences.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm ambitious without being the kind of person who will walk all over people just to get to a goal. In fact, people who think you can be successful WITHOUT the help and support of others, are ma'fackin crazy if you ask me.

I've been running and found that despite how much I hate it... I really love it! In other words, I don't hate it at all.
I like to say that I'm more of a tank than a sports car, and honestly I'll always be a tank.
I did my first 'official' 5k August 13th. The breath of hope run. My mother died of lung cancer, and I thought it would be a great way to honor her memory.
Signed up for another one in early September since the last one was so fun, despite all the hills.
Also working on getting my deadlift back up to 800# and bench up to 475# again. For fun.

I'm currently an independent consultant for IT nerd stuff that isn't exciting to talk about, but super fun to do.
I'm also working on another two projects because I really love my stuff.
"Envy nothing. BUILD!" -a friend of mine

I am not a gun nut. Seriously. I own, but I can't sit and have conversations about gun gear, or anything like that. But I am passionate about personal protection, and the education surrounding that. There are right ways and wrong ways to do things, and in this case... doing the wrong thing can get you hurt.
I am an NRA pistol instructor, and an instructor for protection inside the home, and a minnesota licensed firearms instructor, as well as a number of other things. I like to go shooting at least a few times a month, and drag people along. Especially folks who haven't done it before so I can make sure they have a good experience the first time, and aren't tainted by some moron who points and shoots like a 3 year old with a squirt gun.

After a mild accident in which I was struck bodily by a moving vehicle and testing out several of newton's concepts I took abut a year off of serious training. I've recently gotten back into it... boy have I missed it.
I have a full 1000 square foot gym in my garage and several people utilize it. It's a sanctuary of sorts.
I've been known to sleep on my deadlift platform so I can work out right when I wake.

I started a YouTube channel that is to help people who are unhealthy, overweight, or under-educated about fitness and nutrition. Whether it's because they were fit once, and lost their way, or just never had that exposure.
It's my hope to add a positive voice to people's lives and show them my journey from my current fat guy state, into what it means to me to live a healthy lifestyle.
I'm going to publish it at the end of August.

Also I practice my music skills at least 4 hours a week, sometimes quite a bit more.
Singing and guitar mostly. I plug in my electric guitar every morning, it's a hell of a wake up. Ear plugs required.

Last but not least, and not really last ...last....Riding my motorcycle. It's a Yamaha Raider 1900. It is literally all I use for transportation unless I'm forced by some sad circumstance to use another vehicle (bad weather is just another way to enjoy being outside... on a motorcycle)

I believe who you are is in your soul, not in your skin. Still, you should shower.
I’m really good at
I play guitar, and sing. Although not amazing at either one, I do enjoy them a great deal. I used to be in bands and such but... I grew weary of that lifestyle.
Also I picked up brass again for the first time seriously in 10 years. Lookin for used brass instruments, so if you have any to sell, hit me up!

Fun Benny Fact: I only just now started learning covers for guitar. Shoot me a note telling me what song I should learn to play next. I wanna build up that playlist! :)

I wouldn't say REALLY good, but I love photography, my Nikon d90 and my macro lens.

Also I'm good atlifting large objects, which is why my friendship is often abused (willingly) by others on moving day.

Not only that, but I've yet to meet a human being I can't pick up and carry around, so no matter how big or little you are we can airplane!!
The first things people usually notice about me
I wear suspenders most of the time, as well as cufflinks, and I also enjoy ties, bowties and such.
Mostly though, people unfortunately notice that I'm huge, and promptly jump to assumptions of character, even though I am a fucking sweetheart.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
If you have ever taken the time to read any of the following:
The Art of War
The Prince
The Tao Te Ching
The Book of Five Rings

You will have a leg up on understanding my mind and my personality. Having a leg up isn't all that important though. In most cases... unless you are a dog, or you are Chuck Norris.
The six things I could never do without
Other nerds to nerd out about nerdology and nerdliness.
Other geeks to geek out with about nerdy geeky goodness.
Challenges that keep me guessing, frustrate me, and eventually enlighten me.
Moar knowledge!
Large objects to lift.
Something to inspire me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Vegetables. I eat a lot of them, and drink a lot of them.
In fact, for as meaty a boy as I am, I am pretty sure I eat more vegetables than a fiesty pack of 6 vegetarians on any given day.

Less impressive is that I eat more meat than they do as well.
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday Night... not sure why thats better than saturday all day. I like to chill on Friday nights. Saturdays are for trouble. So are Mondays. I guess so are Tuesdays.
Maybe Wednesdays as well? Yeah.
Thursdays too... when it's not dark out. Or when it is not light out.
Fridays though... definitely no trouble.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I got stuffed into lockers and garbage cans in elementary school cause I was too nerdy. Now I abhor bullies in all shapes and varieties. Whether it's people blatantly trying to put someone down, or an organization trying to dictate what classes of people get what rights.

I'm a prior Marine.

I guess the other thing would be that in the bedroom I'm kinky, dominant and kind of naughty. I mean, I'll go both ways, I'm all about fun and fantasy and good times had by both of us. Not that I don't appreciate the originals... I just like to keep things interesting. I suppose I define kinky as anything more or less than 'usual'. Which may or may not blow our minds.
You should message me if
I should probably list a couple of deal breakers.
* If you are a habitual smoker, or 'vaper'.
* If you aren't in the drivers seat of your own life or find yourself only able to focus on one thing, like an addiction.
* If you never have a thought to call your own. Regurgitating other people's and entity's thoughts and ideas is convenient, and useful... but it's also lazy. Think. Question. Argue. Accept.

If you want to share interesting stories. Seriously. I love hearing about people's lives. No stings attached.

Or... if its motorcycle season. Lets ride together! It should be here in no time this year.

Honestly, what I want is to find my soul mate of sorts. I don't put expectations on race, gender, relationship status and the like. Whatever the universe has for me, I'll know it when I find it.

I'm not against making new friends, but primarily I'm focusing my energy on someone who is my friend, and lover, and partner and so on and so on.

You wanna play board games like descent, mage knight, cataan. You are an avid lover of RPG like pathfinder. Currently I'm running a 4th edition campaign, and a 5th edition campaign... and just started running another 5th edition campaign in which the best player is 9 years old. She doesn't mire herself in the rules, just role-playing. That's what I'm talking about!

Every once in a blue moon I have a cigar paired with something tasty to drink.
I am not one of those guys who has to have this or has to have that, it's a personal choice, which is to say I actually make a decision to have a drink, or a cigar, not the other way around. Be deliberate about your choices, habits are lazy thoughtless actions. Savor life!

You have something in your life you are passionate about.
Or... you can bench press me.

Or... you want to do some serious strength training. (You get mildly but momentarily upset when you notice you've lost weight.)

You are a warrior princess, and you want someone who will stare intently into your eyes because he finally found you. (Roll a d20 against magical charms to save)