45Stockton, United States
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My self-summary
just moved to stockton (july 14), would love to make some new friends.

i am not a hippie, though i do sometimes hug trees. i am not a jock, though i sometimes watch sports (even though i think aggressive competition is bad for humanity). i'm not a gear head, but i like working on cars (especially old ones). basically i don't know what or who i am, though i think i know myself pretty well (still evolving and learning of course). I think i may be a Russian nihilist, i have a tendency to need proof before i will believe. i have done the whole religious search and have come to the decision that i am an agnostic with atheist leanings , and somewhat of an anti-theist. it is also important to know that i am an anarchist (though i don't want to blow up the world ((think Noam Chomsky)).

i love to walk, i own a car that i only drive about once a month. (i like working on cars but i hate driving from place to place ((sunday drives excluded)).
i think the human mind works somewhere between 3 and 4 miles an hour (or maybe i'm just really slow). see we evolved walking everywhere and we needed to not only have our basic animal reactions but also our higher functions working as well. oh, i also like to come up with half-baked ideas about life/ humanity and million dollar ideas for inventions i could sell on infomercials.

I am me sardonic, picaresque, and benign
What I’m doing with my life
i was going to school full time and will be again. ... though i don't know what will ultimately come of it (nursing is what my prerequisites were for). mainly i sit around and think about the absurdities of life and the idiocy of others (though i don't judge others harshly for their idiocy ((as i don't want to be judged too harshly for my own)).
I’m really good at
like (i think) most of you i am pretty good at whatever i try to be good at. if the question had been what am i exceptional at, then i would have to say most likely, nothing.
The first things people usually notice about me
i'm tall.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books/ anything by hermann hesse,chomsky,zinn. i do like robbins,george r.r. martin, gabriel garcia marquez, vonnegut,don delillo,bukowski,joseph conrad,abbie hoffman,and so on. as for music/ what i'm listening to now is emiliana torrini,the clash,and marlene dietrich. at least thats in the cd player as i type this. i love any and all music of a certain quality, whatever the genre. movies/ american beauty,dead man,five easy pieces,china town, godfather, i love movies (well it's a love hate relationship) anyway there are so many i cant really give a good overview. foods/ i am pretty daring and can apprieciate just about all types of food. i was a vegetarian for five years, but then i had an epiphany and stopped (it's a long story).
Six things I could never do without
lots of alone time, time with friends (and family), time with strangers and aquaintances, books, dive bars, alcohol, warm clothes or weather, something to ponder.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the state of our union and the nature of mankind. my fears and how to overcome them. how to spend my remaining time on earth. how we are all much more alike than different, and that morality is a concept and there are no universal truths, at least i think so.
On a typical Friday night I am
putting the finishing touches on my manifesto: De las primeras líneas de la guerra en la razón.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i am pretty private about my misanthropy, as it mingles with my generally cheery outlook on the basic goodness buried deep in even the most jaded of characters (i.e. i am optimistic about humanity as a whole, but people, individuals, not so much).
You should message me if
you have similar intrests or you think we might get along.
The two of us