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My self-summary
I am geeky, meta, and silly. Remember when there used to be three adjectives here?

As of April-May 2015, I am also seeing an amazing woman I love, so sorry ladies, I'm taken!, but I'm leaving this up to keep up/in touch with other OKC folks and friends, and new friends and pen pals are as welcome as usual. I'm also actively using the site to trade dozens of messages and play constant visitor tag with aforementioned girlfriend lady (check her out at KillAllHoomans and scope out her style or gossip about me or something; did I mention she's pretty great?), and really throw off site analytics. I'll edit the rest of my profile accordingly some time.

(OKC is no longer showing times on messages, so I'll be including them manually for convenience. Maybe you can do the same.)

Writing something in an interesting way, especially about me... it's like trying to sell myself as a car ("sell a book?" - now for my report on The Left-Behind Cat). I'm a classic '82 model, light grill work, original interior, fresh paint job...

More adjectives: I'm weird, a little intense, but sincere. (Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly...) It may seem unnervingly disingenuous (almost, but not quite, a good name for a rock band), but it's not a facade. In normal operation, I am usually pretty lighthearted, fun, and funny - once I get over a nervous shyness. ("Funny" also includes terrible jokes, sometimes meant for real, sometimes not.) I'm also generally pretty positive in my outlook; I may be more vocal and specific about negative things and get tense or worried, but revert to a pleasant, easygoing default base.

I am absolutely not kidding about the meta thing. At times I think about things, then go up a level, and so on. For example, writing this paragraph about filling out my profile, and calling attention to it now. I'm aware that I do it, but I love it so. If it doesn't have a lot of parenthetical remarks and prefaces, I probably didn't write it.

Shall we press on?
What I’m doing with my life
Working at CWRU with computers, doing Film Society (it's not as stuffy as it sounds) and stuff at WRUW. Some oddball project or other.

Spending way too much time on here.

(Not un-tagging 5 interests! I think that 100% profile completion is not a thing anymore, but I'll always have the memory, and the markup.)
I’m really good at
Trivia, remembering odd things that get me funny looks, minor grammar/spelling/punctuation rules. Putting my foot in my mouth. Wrapping gifts. Figuring out how to skip things on DVDs that aren't supposed to be skipped (and finding easter eggs on them). I'm sure there's something else. I'm just soooo talented I can't contain it.
The first things people usually notice about me
are highlighted in some of these pictures. Hint: there are 10 of them.

Apart from that, my height, probably. It's a common answer, understandably, and usually (if unnecessarily) women who worry about being too tall, but there's a related reason I find my own height annoying at times. Scroll down if you haven't worked it out yet.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies tend to be the focus of a lot of my time and attention, often in conversation. Everyone likes movies, but I really do. Not just watching now and then, but learning about how they're made, behind the scenes stuff, different versions (collecting rarities) and deleted scenes and commentaries and so on. The list below is not exhaustive, of course... but I find myself drawn to ladies on here based on matching their movie lists, so maybe some specifics would help. If you ask me what I'm currently looking at, it'll help fill in some specifics.

The Back to the Future trilogy is my standby for top of the list. I like many comedies from many decades, medium sci-fi (Terminator/T2, some Star Treks, Star Wars IV-VI [not really sci-fi but...], various classics...), Disney-and-related (Aladdin, TLM, BATB, the classic princess triad, assorted talking-animal, etc.; much of Pixar such as The Incredibles, Toy Story trilogy; Tron, Flight of the Navigator, The Brave Little Toaster...), movies about movies, bad/cheesy movies and MST3K, certain Bond (particularly Roger Moore, but also including Casino Royale '67), some classic musicals, general "dramas" and stuff that just screws with reality (Being John Malkovich, The Truman Show, Waking Life), RHPS, and... special mention for Amelie, which everyone mentions because it's almost in a class of its own.

TV is very close thematically. I have about as many shows in my collection by volume as movies. The Simpsons earn a special spot. Stuff on Fox and Comedy Central makes up much of my viewing; many ill-fated comedies line my shelves. I will avoid a list here, but I'll be happy to take questions. Here's a big exception: sports. I already don't care much for them, stop preempting things plz.

Books: I don't read as much literature as I ought to (I pore through a lot of nonfiction material online, though). Surprise, surprise, much of what I like is humor (Hitchhiker's trilogy, for example). I've been working through a bunch of paperbacks recently - oh what you can get for a quarter!

Music: I'm a little funny about that. I enjoy many things, but what I choose tends to be whole chunks by the same artist and not a list of 50 cool bands. That said, no joking, the top of the list would probably be Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, Parliament (and Clinton-related). Upbeat, bassy, and fun are pretty good criteria. I also enjoy scores and soundtracks, and was recently on a bit of a kick of discovering rarities from Ace of Base. No apologies.

Food: Eh. I like familiar stuff that's probably bad for me. I haven't been exposed to a lot of real international/ethnic stuff, but while I'm willing to try it, I do the best when I'm prepared in advance, so I don't freak out and just choose something safe. If you like it, sell me on it!
Six things I could never do without
My watch (I tried and it was pretty odd)
Caffeine in carbonated sugar water (I could never "dew" without)
Some silly challenge
A clutch of good friends to perpetuate insane inside jokes
My data/computer/archives (files, recordings of all kinds, books - I gots to have all the megabytes)
The four fundamental forces
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Something. It's hard to stop. (I'm addicted to someth!)

Movies and other media: what to watch and collect next, if I'm not in the middle of absorbing something already.

Gender and sex and related topics.

How things work on this site, in great detail. It's partly because it's the only social site I'm really a part of. So, like many things, I pay attention to minutia, and sometimes seem more interested in the mechanism than the actual point of it. On that note, I will mention that some of my match-question answers are open to interpretation, or chosen based on a technicality; questions we differ on according to the site we may agree on in reality, so go ahead and ask why I said what I did. My life is full of footnotes and qualifiers. (As an example, I have left up "Catholic and laughing about it" because, besides being unsure which a* option I really am, I think there's no escaping the cultural effect even if I'm not religious.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching a movie somewhere, sucka!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Note: If you've danced around this, you're doing it wrong/missing the point.

If you haven't noticed from the pictures by now: I like to explore, develop, and bring out my girly side. I say this with some trepidation (that this would be the way certain people find out, in which case surprise!/this explains a lot/let's be discreet), but ultimately it's better to be up front about it to make a better impression for the people I'd like to talk to. It wouldn't do me any favors to keep it off this page and save it for later.

I find classification difficult, but based on most definitions I'm a bit of a combination of CD/TG/GQ. What you see is just some external manifestation and not the whole story, but a starting point; I'm happy to tell you more. It's certainly not for a goof, but it's not the only thing that defines me. And yes, I am hoping to find someone romantically who is into this side of me and can spur me on. Friends are welcome too.

Honorable mention: I'm a late bloomer in my love life, so I'm rather behind in experience and habits, and bad at picking up on cues and making the first move. I'll get better, but patient guidance would be so welcome. (And as one friend put it, I will also need some "on-the-job training".)

Also, this is unrelated to the confessional, but I'm keeping the age range where it is. I'm looking romantically about 4 or 5 years in either direction; I have found friends outside that range, though, and don't feel like changing it.
You should message me if
-anything here seems intriguing to you.

-you made it through the forest of text above. I write a lot; I prefer it to terse generalities when I can help it. Yet it can be uneven, so also don't let the absence of detail on something imply absence of interest or things to say. Prompt away!

-fries come with that shake.

-you're smart and earnest but also silly and sarcastic. Pinning down what I'm looking for in someone is hard, but that's a really good start.

-you've seen my keys. I need those to open things.

-you can tell me why everyone's saying "X hair don't care" these days.

Site-based addenda for October '13 to present:

OKC removed the journals on 10/1/13, so I wanted to mention a few things. Yes, I heard about the FB migration; thanks to those who let me know. If you had a journal and want to export your posts, you had until 12/2. If you didn't have a journal and didn't even know they existed, that is because they were hidden from new users a while ago; they were a cool and unique feature, and I meant to write in mine more instead of just lurking on others' posts, but you can view my export if you want to see my silly posts.

Apologies for obfuscating this link. Fill in the blanks: dl.dropbox.___/u/MAGICNUMBER/_tmp_myusername_myusername.zip (abracadabra: 6449119*2) They're marked as csv files for some reason, but are probably best viewed in a text editor. (The morning I wrote this, I got a spammy business-oriented email with the subject line "Gain control of your journal entries". Perfect.)

As features disappear all around us, I also notice that the "looking for" options have decreased, with "long-distance penpals" and "activity partners" no longer in the list. I had the former checked, and though I've only made a few such pals, I still have it checked in spirit.

Friend % is gone now, too (noticing a trend?), but so far there's still a way to figure it out, if you're adventurous!

And it looks like the new photo uploader is cutting captions short, though they can be edited to full length later. If you've put a picture up recently with a long caption, I suggest you double-check it.
The two of us