55Wadsworth, United States
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My self-summary
Headline: Nice Professional Guy Seeks Other Half

Hello there, and it's a pleasure to meet you here in the OK Cupid cyber world !! Are you looking to spice up your social life a little bit ? Ha ha, aren't we all ?? If so, read on...

I'm looking to make a connection with someone on all levels... emotionally, mentally and physically. I think something magical happens when two people come together in that way !!

Hmmm...what to tell you about me: I'm a very passionate person, about learning, about art and beauty, about enjoying life, and above all about other people !! I could be described as professional and educated, clean, polite, smart, funny, witty, successful. Stable, normal, drama free. I'm fortunate to have a profession where I can really make a positive difference in peoples lives. I'm easy to talk to, and people say that I'm friendly and social, with a good personality. Divorced (amicably), everyone gets along well, teen daughter stays with my ex, teen son splits time with me (stays every other week), so I have plenty of free time. Kids are very independent and have a great mom, no need for another one.

I have wide ranging interests...science, history, health, current events, art, architecture, music (love 80s !!), international culture (especially European) and cuisine, business. Love craft beer, wine, good coffee, fine (dark) chocolate. Love to go biking on the Towpath trail, hike the CVNRA, explore city neighborhoods (Tremont, Ohio City), go to art museums and galleries.

I hang out at Winking Lizard, Merriman Valley, Bricco, Barnes&Noble, Starbucks, Panera, Galaxy, Baxter's, Crave, Pad Thai, Aladdins. In Cleveland, I like E 4th St block, Tremont and Ohio City. Like 80s music, Reggae and alternative rock. Love to explore cool new places in the city...music clubs, martini bars, etc. Follow the Browns and Buckeyes.

Am moderately athletic in a balanced way...I like to go biking maybe 20 miles at a time, try to get to the gym several times a week, play frisbee and basketball, love to hike the CVNRA, in decent shape and very careful to eat healthy...but not at all into training for marathons or mud warrior competitions. Overall probably tend to be a bit more cerebral than athletic.

Open minded, tolerant, socially tend liberal but not far off center. Spiritual but not entirely sure about organized religion.

Like big cities over small towns. Grilled salmon and veggies over meatloaf and mashed potatotes. Sports cars over pickup trucks. Alternative rock over country. Resort with swim up bar over tent in the woods. Italian bicycle over Harley motorcycle. Microbrew over Budweiser. NPR over Rush Limbaugh. WSJ over Field & Stream. Surfing the net over commercial TV. Apple sticker over confederate flag.

Overall I think you would find me to be very easy to talk to, (hopefully) interesting, someone who won't bore you and will treat you with respect. I will notice your efforts to make yourself look nice, and will tell you so. And I will make you laugh !!

I'm very social and meet new people out in public all the time, without having read any profile about them in advance...I'd call that "normal life"...so if we look like a potential match, I'm likely to be fairly quick to suggest meeting in public for a happy hour somewhere !!

About My Other Half:

No particular "requirements", but there are things that I tend to be drawn to. I am attracted to women who have a sweet, gentle, nurturing personality with a positive outlook, as opposed to being overly cynical, negative, or domineering. I like women who are enthusiastic, verbal and talkative, who like to laugh and flirt in a gentle, funny way. Enjoy being around women who are sensitive, intuitive and open minded. And I certainly appreciate a woman who pays attention to her figure, and how she dresses (I think women look very nice in heels !! ha ha) Age range maybe somewhere not too far from the decade of the 40s, 100% non smoking.

Overall I tend to have the best chemistry with women who would identify with the following adjectives: educated, intellectual, liberal and passionate.

100% honesty is a MUST - the foundation of everything - starting with a profile showing your accurate age and a clear photo of what you look like NOW from head to toe. Not because these details necessarily matter, but because full and accurate disclosure reflects on your integrity. If you're on a dating site and all you show is a head shot, I mean no offense...but I will wonder if that's an attempt at deception. Honesty also means your profile should clearly state how many children you have and their ages. Also, geography is important...drive time should be within 30 min. or so; please be more specific than "Cleveland" !! Don't mean any offense, just trying to be practical !!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm very fortunate to have a professional practice that affords me the opportunity to make a real positive difference in people's lives. It provides me with a lot of personal satisfaction, and for that I am grateful.
I’m really good at
I'm very good at meeting new people, getting to know them and connecting on a personal level. I've also been told that I'm good at witty, funny banter. And I'm a very quick study, constantly learning about new things. Whatever your interests are, I'm likely to already know something about them and will be eager to learn more from you.
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I'm friendly, social, witty and fun, and a good conversationalist.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like all kinds of ethnic food. Alternative rock, Reggae and 80s music. Wine bars and microbrews. Physical passion. Good coffee and fine chocolate. Biking and hiking the CVNRA. Comedy and humor. Beaches and anywhere near water. Art, Science and History. I closely follow the Browns and Buckeyes.
Six things I could never do without
Definitely: my children, family and friends.
Other things: great coffee and my french press, reading about everything on the internet, good music, my car and phone, learning, laughter and conversation. And physical passion with sweet female company !!
(p.s. this is not necessarily "six" things !!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend time thinking about how I could become a better person. Why are we on this earth and what should we do with our time here. What is the world like, and how does it work...what is truly "real" and what is an illusion. What is the best way for humans to organize a compassionate, just society. How to create a satisfying, loving relationship with a woman. Also how to find a nice person to go out with, what should she be like for us to make each other happy, how to help my clients, and current events/news.
On a typical Friday night I am
Going out to meet with good people and explore the world, at wine tastings, art museums, restaurants, movies, live music venues.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm gregarious and have a wide social network...but at the same time I'm very guarded about my private life. Was VERY uneasy about having my picture floating around publicly, and also about answering a lot of these private questions. But I went ahead and did it, partly because I was inspired by the women on here who are so bravely willing to reveal details about themselves, and also because it's a fantastic way to really learn about someone in advance, which should raise the odds of finding a good match.
You should message me if
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