60San Rafael, United States
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My self-summary
Please be aware that I cannot see "likes" so if you are wanting to reach out, please feel free to email.

I am deeply committed to a path of consciousness, having had many experiences in my life that enrich and guide who I am as a man and as a person. I initiate and create memorable learning experiences for others and have a strong tendency toward leadership in the venues in which I operate. I am more Jungian in my orientation than any other particular lens of looking at self, others, and life. I am a seeker of understanding all and everything. Buddhism sings to me although I am not a practicing Buddhist.

I have two wonderful children, aged 16 and 26 from my previous marriage. My ex and I get along and work extremely well together in our co-parenting.

I'm a thought leader in my field and have found great solace and satisfaction in writing, as an addendum to my consulting practice. I've written and published 5 books on leadership and organizational life and have 2 more in the works.

The capacity to hold both openness to discovering all that is available in life, and to act in integrity are important tensions that guide my life, and something I seek in others. I am, above all, a truth teller and a truth seeker. I am very emotionally available, but not always. Sometimes I retreat into myself, and then come back easily. I am not perfect by any means, but seek to be fluid in myself and with another. I have a strong capacity for compassion. In the Little Prince, the fox said: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is most essential is invisible to the eye." I share that perspective and seek to live it actively.

I seek a woman who is strongly grounded in herself, is wise and heartfelt. I welcome rich exploration of the unconscious. Deep connection matters a lot to me. What we do together matters less that how we do it. I seek a soulful life, rich with exploration and mystery. I like women with strong inner character who know who they are and what they want. I also love a strong dose of the feminine. These two extremes are not easy to come by, and yet I welcome them. Looks matter to me, but not too much. Inner beauty matters much more.

I believe that a committed relationship is a powerful crucible for transformation when both parties enter into it with a strong desire for growth, learning, and inner discovery.

I am not so much interested in what you do for a living or what you like to do in your spare time. I love to go to tropical places too, and take walks in the rain as much as anyone. What I am deeply interested in knowing, however, is whether you are a woman with a strength of character, able to enter into a soulful, deep, and completely self-honest relationship with another. I find myself attracted to a woman who is willing to tell me she is upset with me, and to simultaneously own that her upset is a reflection of herself. While she does that, I open myself to facing that I have done something to trigger the upset and there is great learning there for me. Do you have the ego strength to join me in being curious about how we are both attached to a point of view, and that our attachment intermingles with one another such that we are in a pattern, the cause of which is both our own "stuff" and even perhaps forces that have shaped couples from time memoriam, and that we are simply playing out a stream that we had no choice in the matter? And can you join me in dancing between those two possibilities, knowing that we can never know fully which is true? I'd like to meet a woman who cares less about entering a cave in Kauai, HI and more about entering the mystery. And, by the way, these are the same qualities I seek in all my friends, both men and women alike.

I am creative, inquisitive, and soulful.

Note: I cannot see likes so if you do feel drawn to put me on your like list, please feel free to reach out.
What I’m doing with my life
I consult to organizations--helping them become more healthy and effective, lead a consulting firm, and give talks on the subject of remarkable leadership. I also attend workshops, lead workshops, learn, grow, and explore.
I’m really good at
Writing, thinking, exploring, creating, facilitating breakthroughs in people's lives, inviting transformational shifts.
The first things people usually notice about me
...is my ease with myself and others and my heartfelt openness and honesty.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books: The Fountainhead and The Magus.
Favorite movies: This is a tough one. I can say I just saw The Miracle Worker for the first time. It is a classic about teaching Helen Keller and I found it extraordinary.
Music: Blues, New Age, Folk, Classic Rock
Food: I enjoy all kinds but am especially fond of Asian food.
Six things I could never do without
My children, love, opportunities for expression, exploration, authenticity, and (all that is required for survival)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to help bring more consciousness into the world, including myself.
On a typical Friday night I am
With my daughter going to a movie, playing a game, doing something creative.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not sure. I'll let this question go. It strikes me as oddly funny.
You should message me if
My profile resonates and you are on a path of consciousness as well.
The two of us