68Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Heaven will wait because heaven will not take take someone who is having as much fun as I'm having down here

Movies, shows, sports,city,country,being by the sea, or up in the mountains, are all wonderful activites and places to be.Especially if I have someone to share these activites and places with.

I am fun to be with, funny,considerate, a good conversationalist, which means I talk a lot, but don't worry,I listen as much as I speak.

I also have two broad shoulders which are perfect for leaning on whenever needed and/or wanted.

Politically I am left of left on most issues, and yes I am heartbroken that the Donald won the election, but I, and America will survive, if for no other reason then to prove that we as a people will endure even someone as awful and un-American as Donald and his minions.

I am personally insulted that Donald grew up a mile, but a world away from me, only wished he attended the public high school I attended, maybe he would have turned out better, doubtful,but you never know.


Now that the Republicans have complete control of our gov't. I am once again thinking about a move north to Canada. Vancouver is awfully beautiful, but Toronto is more cosmopolitan and I think ethnically diverse, and they have a baseball team. Tough decision. Any input.?

I am far too modest to say this about myself, but the more you know me, the more you will probably come to the conclusion that I am truely an amazing guy. In fact you will probably criticize me for not telling everyone, including you, just how amazing I can be. Of course if you do say this, you would be right, but alas I'm just too modest to say it myself.

The woman in the picture is my niece.
What I’m doing with my life
I was a director of labor relations for a federal agency. I also did do some consulting work for a cable channel in the original programming dept. But cable employment is not as reliable as gov't employment and I along with the entire dept got canned.

The above job included some of my favorite interests. Reading, evaluating scripts, and statistical evaluations of movie ratings.Even though more and more the computers are doing the statistical work.

I do my best to keep myself healthy, exercise and watching what I eat. My goal is to surpass my mom who lived a very healthy life, and nearly made it to her 99th. birthday.

What I am not doing enough of is getting away from the city.I love the city, but every so often a little peace, quiet and more space is required.

About space, sometimes I think my favorite part of being out of the city is eating in a restaurant that has tables not only large enough to fit all your food on, but is also far enough away from the next table so you do not necessarily become best friends with the people sitting at said table.On the other hand, depending on their conversation, that could be a minus.
I’m really good at
Making people feel comfortable and at ease, coming up with a tasteful joke at a tense moment, so that moment will become less tense.

Being the best trivial pursuit partner you'll ever have. Meaning I have a great memory for some useful, and a whole lot of useless information. A leftover from my days as a history major.

I give a really good neck and back massage.

Kissing. I was thinking of placing this before my trivial pursuit skills, but I didn't want you to think I was too full of myself

Doing minor household repairs.

In that order
The first things people usually notice about me
It use to be my curly hair, the hair is still there, just a little thinner then it use to be.

That I have wide football player body, without the heft.

The above was my Sally Field "You like me moment" of embarassing honesty.

Women usually notice my hazel eyes, and I'm not really sure I want to know what guys might notice first.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Hemingway is my favorite author of all time. Also Auster, Oates, McEwan, T.C.Boyle,Tyler, and the Spenser series by Robert Parker. Recently I've been reading books by African (mostly female) authors on their experience as immigrants, these are books of fiction, but they do seem to resonate with the immigrant experiences of our parents and grandparents.

I love movies, indies. foreign, the older classics, semi classics, and sort of semi classics. Film forum and some of the other small movie houses are my favorite places to see films.

I do not want to deceive you, but I am a guy and every so often I need to see a film with a lot of action and explosions, the bigger the better.

I like both literary movies like the ones Billy Wilder directed, and stunning visual movies like the ones Kubrick directed.Which probably makes Lawrence of Arabia my favorite movie because it has both of the above. Warren Beattys' Reds is a close second for the same reason.

But for pure enjoyment King Kong is my all time favorite.

I like live shows, off and off-off broadway, but also broadway, and a really good comedy club, with a really funny comedian of course.

Italian is my favorite, but I'm pretty easy going on this.Even though I am on a dual quest for the best pizza and the best hamburger in the city, and surrounding areas.
Six things I could never do without
Laughter, movies, Italian food, good conversation, occasional peace and quiet, trust.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, liberty,the pursuit of happiness.

Global warming, and should I buy a house by the water.

Hate to be serious, but that McCarthyism is rearing its ugly head again.
On a typical Friday night I am
Unfortunately too many friday nights has been me and the yankees, or the knicks. looking to change that.

Friday is also a good night for a show, movie, or eating out, cause you don't have to worry about getting up early the next morning.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I would like to settle down.

With someone else of course.
You should message me if
I sound like I'm fun, and/or an interesting guy.
The two of us