44 Mountlake Terrace, United States
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My self-summary
I'll start with the user name. Necrophiliac is a lover of the dead. I love hedonists. Nice and simple. I enjoy pleasure and live simply to experience life. Life will not always meet your expectations so lose the expectations and embrace what life gives you. This is a philosophy I strive to live by. I love new experiences and meeting new people. My mind is open and judgment is left for others that choose to judge. Sure, I have my opinions, my likes and dislikes, but it is not my place to tell others who they should be or how they should live. If I don't like someone or something then I avoid it. I prefer to be treated in kind. Don't cram your crap down my throat and I won't have to vomit on you. ;P
Reading voraciously is one of my favorite hobbies and is much of how I pass my time. I enjoy going to clubs and dancing when I am in a happy/hyper mood. Swinger' meet and greets are gatherings that I have found extremely entertaining and filled with people that are generally friendly and out for a good time. Poly gatherings are much the same but so far I have noticed they involve more discussion and less drinking and dancing. I am not someone who will stick my, well really any part of me, in just anyone. Chemistry and personal connections are ultimately important and strongly determine how I interact with anyone I meet. I do however feel that you can never have too many friends and open minded fun loving friends are a blast to be around! I can not stand drama!! Drama falls into every life now and then but some people absolutely seem to love swimming in it. A good attitude will carry you a long way in a river of shit and often times beach you on a shore of wonderfully fragrant flowers. I avoid people that never see the flowers because they're constantly looking at the shit!

What I’m doing with my life
At the moment I am filling this out while I let the silverware soak so I can wash them. I am also raising my kids, but since my youngest turns 17 in March of 2013 they really don't need much raising. I work as well, which takes up far more of my life than I would like so I spend time trying to figure out how to do sustainable living in the woods. I would love to live on a large acreage with flowing water and minimal tech. I have quite the plan already laid out now it is just a matter of holding the world hostage til they give me the money to do it! ;0P
I enjoy dating and socializing which is how I try and spend most of my free time. Having wonderful companions and friends is, what I feel, one of the greatest joys of life! - Silverware and tupperware are clean, now it's write a little while smoking a bowl then do bowls, plates and maybe glasses :0). - I have a couple of intimate friends that I see occasionally, a long distance girlfriend that I see on weekends every few weeks, & a girlfriend that I usually spend most weekends with. I used to spend more time with the one, but a while back her other boyfriend had housing issues and moved in with her, that put a kink in our time together, especially because the "novelty" of sharing a bed with 3 people has worn off for him. This last part is important because it deals a little bit with what I am looking for ;0D
I am looking for people that are comfortable with their own body, people that take interest and pride in their sexuality, people that are open and accepting of others, people that whether bisexual or not are comfortable in sexual situations with others of the same sex, people that enjoy a cuddle puddle, a bit more, or sleeping in a bed with others. I want to find others that are truly willing to do for others what they would like done for themselves.
The six things I could never do without
A warped sense of humor
My vivid imagination
Lust for life
A sense of freedom and the mind not to give a fuck about the rules of others
A belief in tenderness, compassion, love, lust, and the kinkiness of others and myself
The ability to shape shift and live inside out
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Seems like a good spot to put it. I have spent part of the day relaxing, another part with the kids, and the last couple hours talking with the ex. Realized I am spending the end of 2012 naked except for a robe and slippers.
May 2013 be just as relaxed & always more sensual!! :0D