41Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I am proud to be who I am. I am happy with myself. I am enjoying my LIFE. My life is Tremendous!

I strive to be Honest, Chivalrous, Friendly, Happy, Kind, and many other Noble adjectives.

I own a home, a car, and I have an amazing job. My friend are all stellar people and it makes me giddy to share this world with them.

What do I like to do?

Activities Report Card:

Entertainment :
Concerts, Films, Plays, Events = A⁺⁺
Gaming = C⁺
board, card, video (winter hibernation fun)
Relaxing @ Home:
Summer = AAA
Winter = B
Alone = D-
W/Friends = A
To excess = Never
Adventures = A⁺
Camping = ✔
When? = ☼ ☂ ☁ ☃
Car & Backpacking.
I really want to go camp out in a ghost town or abandoned structures
Nature = "I want to go to there".
Hiking = I ♥
Swimming = A
Stargazing = Hell Ya!
Snowshoeing = B⁺
Roadside Attractions = A⁺
It's the journey, not the destination, although a cool destination doesn't hurt.

I'm a jack of a lot of trades..
Exceptionally unusual work schedule.
I work a lot of hours.
It's a living.
I love my job.
It's entertaining.
I work in Entertainment.

Humor = Always, and even if people don't get it,
that fine, it's my own fun world
Sarcasm = take a guess
Honesty = required

✈ Traveling ✈ = Tremendous!
Bahamas and Canada
China and Hong Kong several times
Australia, Singapore, Thailand
Gibraltar (monkeys!)
Spain (my favorite so far)
Where will life take me next? »»Italy.
Italy again
Costa Rico
Grand Cayman

Sports :
sports on TV = Pass/Don't care
Live sporting events = Sure/fun with a group
Playing sports = Yes, but I'm probably not very good.

Allergic to cats ☹
sad I know, imagine how I feel.
longhairs especially.
cats are not a deal breaker; I have allergy med's. I just can't play with the cuddly kittens much
dogs are great too. I would have one (or more) if my career allowed it.
What I’m doing with my life
Working on my house.
Working on expanding my skill base in my career.
Enjoying life in general.
Throwing parties.
Trying to get out more for Adventure time.
Learning new stuff.
Enjoying time with a family of friends.
Seeing as many amazing shows as I can.
Working on my house.
I’m really good at
-Making a Kick-Ass camp
-Driving -- Anywhere, Anytime, for as long as is needed.
(music required)
-Problem solving
-My career
-Throwing awesome parties
-Getting people to be social
-Repairing most things.
-Making things glow.
-Finding out how things work
-Finding out why that is broken
-Technical stuff
-Identifying an actor/actress by voice before I ever see them on screen.
-Figuring out where that noise is coming from
-Helping friends out when they don't ask for help
-Being (over)prepared
-Having too many pockets on myself at any one time
-Hosting events
-Staying wide awake
-Forgetting what else I'm really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
My state of the art personality.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Short Version:
B - The Culture Series
M - Serenity
M - Mogwai
F - Italian

✍ Books ✍:
The Culture series= Ian M. Banks;
Sandman, Stardust, American Gods - Neil Gaimen
Song of Ice and Fire- George R. R. Martin (again)
Malazan Book of the Fallen- Steven Erikson
The Takeshi Kovacs series- Richard K. Morgan
Perdido Street Station, The Scar - China Mieville
Dark Tower series - King
Hyperion Series - Dan Simmons
The Integral Trees - Larry Niven
Survivor, Choke, Fight Club ...- Chuck Palahniuk
(as you can probably tell, I like epic)

♫ Music ♫:
My tastes are vast, but not endless

post rock | noise rock | indie | lo-fi | atmospheric | space rock | drone...
Jazz | rock | punk | blues | saloon | campy | intelligent hip-hop |
techno | dub | classic | classical

I'm very glad for christian rock and bad pop/bad country. It keeps those people from showing up at concerts that I want to see.

Also, I have a thing against listening to auto-tuner shite. Seriously.
Auto-tuner is that robot voice effect that so may are badly using/abusing now a days to hide their lack of talent.

I tend to listen to music an artist at a time and then change it up every few days.

I know that some people on here say that music is their life; they listen to everything; they couldn't live without music, but then don't write down anything they listen to. I feel if it's important, your profile should reflect that.
If you are not interested in what I listen to, that's fine. That's why there's a scroll button.

Bands: ► ll
Mogwai | Bardo Pond | Godspeed you black emperor! | Mono | Flying Saucer Attack | Hood | Bowery Electric | Arab Strap | The Azusa Plane | ßoris | Low | Hum | Red Sparrows | The Black Keys | Danger Doom | The Racontuers | Grandaddy | Massive Attack | Martch 4th | Tool | Swervedriver | Primus | The Smashing Pumpkins | M83 | Violent Femmes | Spaceman 3 | Gogol Bordello | Man or Astro-Man? | Billie Holiday | Foo Fighters | Morphine | Storm Large | Explosions in the Sky | Dj Spooky | Slint | Karate | Solovox | Jason Webley | Beats Antique | DJ Shadow | Sonic Youth | Cornelius | Spiritualized | Davis | Coltrane | Caspian | God is an Astronaut | My Bloody Valentine | Stereolab | Robert Johnson

Sci-fi | Action | Kung fu | Comedy | Cult | Animation | Thriller | Horror | Foreign | Mystery | Documentary | Spoof | Musical | Classic | Drama | Western | Suspense | Independent | Black & White | Silent films...

Most John Carpenter, Mel Brooks, Tarantino, Sam Rami, Robert Rodriguez & Kevin Smith flics. All Joss Whedon's works. The man can do no wrong.
most Kurt Russell, Adam Sandler, Bill Murry, Bruce Campbell & Bruce Willis flicks.

Serenity | Dune | Star Wars | Fight Club | Rocky Horror | The Evil Dead(s) | The 5th Element | Akira | Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog | The Princess Bride | Walk Hard | Dark Knight | Sin City | City of Lost Children | Superbad | Ghost in the Shell | Team America | Gantz | Hitchhikers Guide | Moon | Pump up the Volume | How to Train Your Dragon | Big Trouble in Little China, Samurai 7 | 7 Samurai | Shaun of the Dead | Escape from New York | Groundhog day | Stripes | 50 first dates | Lone Wolf & Cub | El Mariachi | Machete | LotR | Four Rooms | The Professional | The Adventures of Baron Munchausen | The Dark Crystal | Killing Zoe | Wedding singer | True Romance | Blade Runner | Conan movies | Eddie Izzard | Tank Girl | Eternal Sunshine | Cabin in the Woods | The Avengers | Night Watch | Choke | Underworld | Spider Man | Aliens | Heathers |

Fooly Cooly | The Last Exile | Deadwood | Sifl & Olly Show | Firefly | Game of Thrones | Metalocalypse | B5 | Bleach | The Venture Bros | Sherlock | Jack of all Trades | Archer | Family Guy | Squidbillies | Dr. Who | Battlestar Galatica | Lucy Daughter of the Devil | Highschool of the Dead | Cowboy Beebop | South Park | Farscape | Mr Show w/ Bob & David |

I'm pretty easy going on the food category,
Whatever it is, I probably like it
Indian | Italian | Mexican | Creole | Bar food | Thai | Chinese | Southern | Greek | German | BBQ | Hawaiian....
I know it's selfish seafood, but I really only like shellfish.

☆Bonus☆ :
Favorite Color : Orange
Favorite Critter : Lemur
Favorite quote :
"The price of getting what you want is getting what once you wanted."-Neil Gaimen
Favorite Sounds :
1. Intense : Thunder - best sound on the planet.
2. Relaxing : a river or crackling of a fire.
3. Mechanical : ceiling fan or the hum of a warp core.
Six things I could never do without
Music / My earballs
Backpacking Hammock
A great sleeping bag
Amazing friends
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How 75% of the questions on this site can be answered with one word: ---Depends. Unfortunately, that option is almost never available. so...there you go.

Why Oregon drivers go slow in the fast lane.
Space travel
The next show I'm going to go to
The show I just saw
How to fit more time into the day. (no luck so far, except for sleeping very little)
Road trips
When can I get in another camping trip
Where to travel next
How to re-integrate with your clone daily so you don't become separate beings.
Rocket ships
How Cyborgs are different from Robots.
On a typical Friday night I am
avoiding crowded bars and such unless it's necessary. I prefer bars during the week with a few friends and few other people.


On a typical [Night Off] I am :

at a movie
at a show
out on an adventure
drinks with friends
relaxing at home
recovering from working
throwing a party
hot tubbing
sittin round a fire
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I bought OKC A-list because I couldn't deal with the ads but could totally deal with a special deal of $5/month. This opened up the wonderful world of browsing anonymously. So if you've seen that I visited your profile, it's only because I thought you were cute or interesting or both and would be interested in meeting up for a drink.
So just message me. It's easy (for you girls); all you have to do is message me and say “Hey, I noticed you noticing me..."
You should message me if
You miss Thunder & Lightning storms as much as I do.

You need someone to geek out with on science, tech, music, films, and other nerdy stuff.

You enjoy taking drives while listening to music at volume with little or no conversations, destinations or plans.

You want me to message you.

You want to Hike, Camp, Drink, Hang, Watch, Play, Explore, Sneak, Chat, Game, Drive, Listen, or Laugh with someone totally Tremendous!

Your photos feature your features. i.e. You are more than just a headshot. Also, you put your most recent photos first. Come on girls, be happy with who you are, not who you were.
The two of us