34Dayton, United States
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My self-summary
I grew up in Ohio but left in high school for FL. From there I bounced around to multiple states for school before winding back up in Dayton. I've been back for 2 years, working at a local hospital.

I knew a few people when I got here, so I've got a good group of friends. Now I'm looking for more. I've done the online dating thing before and I've met lots of nice people, just nothing that stuck.

It's hard to describe yourself on here and I hate self aggrandizing. Haha. But I suppose if you were to ask my friends to describe me, they'd do so as follows: I'm honest, loyal to those close to me. I'm funny, or at least they find me humorous. I'm optimistic and very laid back. Rarely do I get upset or angry. Bad things happen, it's your reaction to them that counts.

What I'm looking for is probably what most people are looking for. Someone that I can laugh with, have a good time. Hair color, eyes, etc don't really matter. I try to take care of myself physically, so I prefer someone who is in decent shape. That way we can encourage each other and workout together! I'm a seventh day adventist, basically a Christian that goes to church on Saturday among other things. It's hard to find someone with that exact same belief, but I am looking for someone who believes in God. Like the physically fit thing, I'd want to go to church and become better people together.

So... Message me!

I do appreciate a somewhat well thought out message. I like a little more than "hey" haha
What I’m doing with my life
Finally ... mostly ... settled into a real job after years of school and residency. Feels kinda nice
I’m really good at
I'm pretty awesome at my job. Trying to learn how to cook more than baking chicken and mixing up taco soup on the stove. I'm stellar at being lazy, I'm gonna say top 10.
The first things people usually notice about me
I think it'd probably be my size. I'm 6'4" and broad shouldered. People usually comment on that
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-it has been a while since I settled into a good book other than vast leather bound medical texts (I'm kind of an important person...lol). I like Maberry, Koontz, and Patterson. So nothing super serious. Don't judge my questionable taste in fiction literature!! haha. RIP Clancy and Crichton

-music is the toughest to answer. I like a lot of things and can never pick a favorite

-I watch a lot of movies and tv. Although recently it is often relegated to background noise. I like all genres.
Six things I could never do without
It says things, not intangibles. So in no particular order...

The Internet. Seriously, can't imagine having to do without it. Once upon a time, there were these huge books called encyclopedias...and they were obsolete probably less than a year after you bought the entire set. So glad info is a click away these days

Fresh air. Tucson gave me asthma and I cannot remember ever before wanting to breathe in volumes of sweet O2 as much. Kinda glad to be out of that place

My phone. I'd hate not being able to be in touch w everyone at anytime. I don't like feeling disconnected.

Burt's Bees. Seriously, it sounds dumb, but I'm screwed when I forget it

My car. And I'll be the first to admit it isn't just to get me around town. A car is a lot more than that to me. I guess my bike fits here too

My bed. Again...seems dumb, but I bought a kick ass mattress and now I can't sleep anywhere else
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Six things I can't live without.

I often think about my patients and how I could have improved their care or outcome.

I make sure I think about what will make me happy. It's very important to balance thinking of others w caring for yourself
On a typical Friday night I am
I am at work. Or sitting at home watching a movie or catching up on tv on my super comfy couch. Or, if the stars align just so and my friends are also off, I go out. Looking for fun places in the area
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm lazy. Not in an awful way that prohibits my making a positive impact on society, but after long weeks of work...sometimes I just want to sit on my ass and ignore the books, the couple dishes in the sink, the floors that aren't sparkling...

After going to the gym, of course
You should message me if
You want to hang out, you are interested in anything I've said, or I messaged you first. Definitely if I messaged you first.

Also, some things I've learned since using okc a bit more often recently...
-never agree to skype someone on here...damn cam girls
-never trust someone with only 1 picture
-always google a date first (haha..kidding)
-if she tells you her ex bf got her into a mess and she's stuck in a foreign country, it's a scam. either that or i just left that girl there to die...
-never underestimate the value of a sense of humor
-always smile and always be genuine
-no one ever reads to the bottom of your profile
-never put a half full beer on your ottoman by your feet while typing on your laptop. i'll NEVER learn! dammit...off to get some paper towels
The two of us