29Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
These things never sound quite right but there's a kind of fruitless satisfaction in rambling in them.

General status: only really been in open relationships in the past, with their neat-ness and trickiness, just like any friendship/relationship-thing. No idea where my head will be but thing one is a very complex philosophy: try not to be an asshole, as much as at all possible, to anyone, in any context.

Recently-ish said adios to Vancouver and moved to the murk and awesome that is Montreal.

Not ruling too much out (any relationship/friendship dynamic, with any person or persons) but at this point, mostly open to developing close (huggy, as genuine as possible, whatever that means) friendships.

I want friendship and to meet neat peeps, and beyond that is speculation. The most neat things and people have got into my life by chance and a bit of chutzpah and that's really all I can ask for. /very special episode
What I’m doing with my life
Creating one of these for some reason.
I’m really good at

I know a bit about bees, I can write nonfiction okay, and I'm an enthusiastic dumpster diver.

But seriously, mostly derping.
The first things people usually notice about me
Laissez faire attitude about some stuff that's also mixed with an intensity about stuff I like.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Formative books off the top of m'noggin':

Brave New World, Huxley
Notes from the Underground, Dostoevsky
Franny and Zooey, Salinger
Solaris, Lem
Nausea, Sartre
Light in August, Faulkner

Chekov, Fitzgerald, Pushkin, Munro, Camus, Krasznahorkai, Sedaris, Le Guin, etc.

Used to be heavily involved in music/radio, been lucky to see some ace shows recently-ish: Laura Marling, Refused, SNFU, Jeff Mangum, Cat Power, The Faint, Braids, Godspeed, Moonface, Julianna Barwick, Angel Olsen, Run the Jewels, Heartless Bastards, Tasseomancy, Ought, and more that I need to look at stubs (and now paper printouts, oh brave new world, that has such non-stubs in it!) to remember.

On loop is Laura Marling, craptons of Sunset Rubdown, Moonface, Boards of Canada, Caribou, Neutral Milk Hotel, Braids, Bowie's Low, Godspeed You Black Emperor (I'm one copy of 'Metamorphosis' and a toque away from my Williamsburg/Mile End fusion-town card).

Looping episodes of Community (first 3 seasons. 4th season does not exist). Also Party Down, Adventure Time, The Wire, Slings and Arrows, Steven Universe, Bojack Horseman.

Only food I wouldn't be able to give up is honey, because of reasons.

Looking for good food/thrift store recs for Montreal.
Six things I could never do without
Honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, natural un-dyed beeswax, books.

...I like bees. And reading about bees.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Bees. Books. Understanding more about the teachings of bees and the ideas of books.
On a typical Friday night I am
Herpaderping, most probably, with friends, cats, myself, movie a-playing, live music, untz-untzy music, depending on mood, weather, kittens, puppies, etc, lamenting how the weekend is almost over even though it hasn't started.
You should message me if
You have a clever (not really) pun about my brilliant (not at all) username. But srsly, srsly you guys, the name was set up because I was dipping my toes in this mostly as a joke, got roped into it because it's occasionally okay.

Currently looking for sushi/walking buddies in Montreal (mountains and avocado rolls = two central things I miss). Also learning how to ride a bike. Yes.

Also, if you appreciate bees. Seriously, I really like bees.

Also-also, if you feel like being sad isn't a "to-be-fixed" state, that it's not "okay" to be sad, but actually really fucking necessary sometimes.

It might be moot, but I like talking to people who don't have the biggest of expectations in terms of this thing, aside from (hopefully) obviously respect/empathy/care. I think most of the ways we've been socialized to interact are crap, and within that crap can be growing buds of friendship but I think that mostly happens when I don't take this thing too seriously. /another very special episode
The two of us