39Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
Big-time goofball seeks intelligent, snarky, like-minded folk(queer, kink, polyam friendly, please) for home cooking contests, horror movie marathons, pinball showdowns, and few secrets. I want you to tell me about your day.

If you have partners important to you, please be willing to introduce me to them if things work out between you and I.

I'm not the strongest or the richest. Nor am I the most handsome but I burn white-hot, kiss softly, and I will never, ever lie to you.

I am polyamorous and, for the past few years, have found a comfort zone in functioning as a secondary, if you subscribe to the hierarchical relationship dynamic. I have enjoyed being an additional support system for kind people and their kind partners. However, I am receptive to and becoming more and more interested in engaging with someone who is interested in something more emotionally involved.

I strive at making efforts to consistently address my straight white cis-male privilege and take up less space. Also, I feel most at home in queer spaces, feel queer on the inside while projecting cis on the outside (and carrying all the privilege that comes with it). I'm trying to figure out what all that means for myself and those close to me.

I'm not a bro. I don't wear backwards ball caps or a fedora. I have zero interest in professional sports. But it's ok if you do.

I have made quite a few friends here so I plan to keep that up. FWWIENNDSSS!!!!

I am an unapologetic extrovert and I'm usually the first one to talk to people at parties. I like to help the shy ones into the fold without being overbearing.

I am a two-wheeled transport junkie be it by pedaling or motor. This means I love riding my bicycle and motorcycle and seems to get lost on people.

Chances are I will give action to a spontaneous thought before you just to experience something new. It could be face planting my birthday cake, having a tornado room dance-party in the dark, or mixing the most disgusting drink I can think of just to dare people to try it. Latest one, bit a glow-stick in half. There's a great story behind that one!

I'm a strong advocate of choice in life and love. LGBTQ/kink/polyam/sex-positive friendly and affirming. I am very interested in building some for of chosen family/ intentional community with other fellow like minded queerdos.

I'm pretty sure I will be the most sincere person you will ever meet in your life.
What I’m doing with my life
Film/video production- mostly educational with the occasional fun narrative. Painting angry food. Looking to get rid of the superfluous stuffs in my apartment. Random knuckle-headery.

I have recently developed a whole new appreciation for my entire family. I know so many people who struggle with connecting to their families that it makes me that much more grateful that my family accepts my wackiness unconditionally.

(I highly encourage everyone to put forth more effort in this section beyond the generic, cliché "Living it!" Take advantage of this section. This is a really good opportunity to sell one's self to others)
I’m really good at
The ridiculous and the super-human.

Quickly recognizing patterns, finding openings and opportunities in those patterns, then exploiting the shit out of them to get ahead in life.


Eating incredible amounts of food in one sitting.

Street Fighter- One night I pwned all of Arcade Emporium with a broken right wrist. This falls in line with the recognition and exploitation of normal patterns of human behavior.
The first things people usually notice about me
My energy level and my big, curly hair.

People often compare my mannerisms to Peter Quil, Nick Miller, and Marty McFly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a). Our Kind- Marvin Harris.
Platform- Michel Houellebecq
National Geographic
Comics/Graphic Novels-From Hell, Scott Pilgrim, Walking Dead, Hack/Slash etc.
b). Eternal Sunshine, Fight Club, Black Snake Moan, Back to the Future etc. Horror across the board. Most of David Lynch's films. Zombie movies woo me and scare the crap out of me at the same time. ESPECIALLY Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and DEAD SET(i love watching that one with other zombie fans!!!)

c). Currently We Are Wolves.Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tobacco. 80's Thrash, New Wave, Symth-pop, and Hair-metal. Digital Leather, Alex Metric, Felt. Dozer. The Sword. Metric. Trouble Andrew. Glitch Mob. Feed Me. Trap originals and remixes. Fantomek. Ghostland Observatory. My Tiger My Timing, among others. 24 Hour Party re-awoke the broody teenager in me that loved Joy Division.

d). CAJUN/CREOLE!!!! Cuban sandwiches, shawarma, Costa Rican, Indian, sushi, Thai, anything deep fried.

I used to hate canned tuna. But I found this Italian tuna in olive oil that I like ok. I'll make you tuna melts until your heart melts... on my penis.
Six things I could never do without
Two-wheeled transport.

Savory deliciousness.

Daydreaming about having superpowers and battling evil ninja robot zombies.

Putting on a fresh, brand new pair of socks.

Elderly strangers who address me as a familiar.

People who appreciate/ understand an idiot who may get in a fight with a couch in a fit of dancing RAGE!!!!

I spend a lot of time thinking about
How cultures have evolved into what they are and why?- gender roles, Unpacking my own privilege, etc.

Physics, biology, and how the universe works- anything that Carl Sagan has ever said evar.

A long-term plan of action once the inevitable robot-zombie-ninja apocalypse kicks in.

How most guys on this site make my experience here a hell of a lot more difficult than it should be.

How pleased I have been with the accuracy of the 99% match percentages on here. Seriously, if we're a 90%+ match and you like my photos, we should really meet because we'll most likely really enjoy each other's company.
On a typical Friday night I am
Having adventures with pals and hopefully, you, eventually. This usually involves some manner of libation.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I tend to take things slow in the physical sense so please don't take offense if I don't try to get in your knickers the moment you bat your eyelashes. I say this because my natural impulses seem to go against the social convention that all guys are aching to jam their wiener into anything with a pulse. It's all about chemistry and letting things flow organically.

I am a total cuddle-junkie.

I have no ambitions for marriage or children of my own but am very child-friendly if you have kids of your own.

I am the guy you hangout with until you meet your future primary partner but I look forward to having a primary of my own one day.

I just want to be kind to people and expect nothing in return.

I fooled around and fell in love.
You should message me if
If you leap before you look.

Seriously, message me if you like what you see. Be brave. Step outside your gender role. I'm done chasing beautiful, brilliant rainbows on here. I promise I'll make it worth your while. I'm not a creep and I'm done letting people on here try to make me feel like one.

You like to ride bikes and drink whiskey.

You'd like to grab a Cuban sandwich somewhere and tell me how much your boss pisses you off.

I've gotten into in couple's partnered dancing and am interested in pairing up with a novice to learn together. Holla at a fella!!

If you have more fun watching horror movies with others rather than alone.
The two of us