28Carbondale, United States
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My self-summary
** under construction. This profile is up for the fifth time, and under construction, some values have changed in the past five years, however will take a long time to register through the thousands of questions I answered several years ago. ... at this moment in my life I do not have the time to date, I will more then likely never meet you,and do not be offended if I do not respond to
"Hey" or "How are you?" ..... I want to be intrigued into conversation, I want to be challenged, and I am just looking for people to talk to who are capable of doing exactly that.... **

I am human, there for complex, and could never easily be described in a few words. However a few words often used to describe me are : Brave, hard worker, deep thinker. Patient,Observant,Forgiving, Open minded, Laid back, Lovable, Honest, Shy, Trustworthy, ( but maybe less trusting of others.) Silly, Welcoming, Kind, responsible ,strong, Beautiful, Happy go Lucky, Level Headed, old school, Cautious, Good Listener, blunt, Anxious, Intelligent.
Words to describe myself would be logical,workaholic, a pessimistic optimist, (yes you can be both.)accomidaiting to almost a fault.

I enjoy: writing, drawing, dancing,The smell of a freezer/ the smell of rain ,cold pillows, driving with the top down, jeeps,shades of green, antiques, being on a motorcycle,obstacle courses, rollercoasters, The feeling of the warm sun on my skin through the window on a cold winter day.strongly believing everything happens for a reason even if you'll never know what the reason is... , singing, crushed ice, Spring and Fall late night walks. being myself in the company of good people......
Just an average everyday person, taking it one day at a time....
What I’m doing with my life
Living, and taking it all in.
I’m really good at
I am a woman of many traits. ( Untieing knots.over easy eggs, keeping it cool, being quiet, making people laugh,misspelling words. coloring, being diverse, staying strong,overcoming, seeing without my glasses.)...
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends on the person and what they are wanting to notice.....

... however my awesome upbeat personality, small stature, and bright blue eyes seem to be mentioned most often. 😎
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
OUt of these subjects... i have too many favorites to even explain.!!!
( four years old, outdated, and vague just ask.I like a lot of stuff from tool to James Taylor. I never watch TV anymore...)
As for books i really don't read as much as i should, but when i do read it needs to be something that's going to keep my interest.Most Recently i've been a bit addicted to The walking Dead Graphic novels. The Hunger Games series was good, and i also enjoyed the books A clockwork Orange, Farenheit 451, Siddhartha and the Prophet.
--Once again way more than i have listed.--
Movies- What dreams may come, the imaginarium of doctor parnassus, Pans labrinth, The Road, Donnie Darko, The professional, big fish,The big labowski, Book of Eli,Little nicky, interview with a vampire, The green mile, In dreams, Big,charlie and the chocolate factory.( makes me cry almost every-time.) . and either something that will make me laugh, or be visually and mentally stimulating. Also, can not deny the fact that i love romantic comedies.

Shows- ( In the past two years i have not been watching much T.v. Shows i use to enjoy and became slightly obsessed with, watching the season all too fast....are.) --Spartacus, Dexter, Sons of Tucson, Eureka, My name is earl, Heroes, weeds, the office, Workaholics,there AmericanPickers,documentaries,-
(HOnestly) Hoarders ... makes me realize in a strange way, it could be so much worse.I enjoy seeing the before and after results, and some of the sh*t people have a compulsion to keep. .. :-s )-- More recently i would suggest Once Upon a Time,

Music- Mostly 90's alternative.(90's in my opinion was a good year for all genres of music, from country, to rock.) Then there is classical, something about the piano will always make me weak. Older Rock, When it comes to music, I basically like a bit of everything either i like it or i don't.
Examples would include, offspring, Marvin Gaye, Harvey danger,tool, slipknot, al green, sublime, Eric Clapton, Beatles, zeplin of course. Pi k Floyd, I even have the classical channel programmed into my radio settings. I really love all kinds of music. I have a Walkman so mostly I just listen to old cassettes I have. Mixed tapes, 36 crazy fists gets played often.
food, ... not picky at all! I LOVE FOOD! ...or I'll at least be open minded to try it. My favorite is a homemade belgain waffle with american chz over easy eggs bacon with butter melted in every pocket all folded in half drenched in maple syrup..... Breakfast of champions!!!!!!!!!!!
Six things I could never do without
Other than basic survival items food, water,sunshine, shelter, my senses, oxygen ect. Which i hope would be a given.... There isn't really anything i could NEVER LIVE without.. However these are some of the "things" i would Prefer to not have to live a life without:
my daughter,
the feeling of the warm sun on my skin.
Access to knowledge.
crushed ice
life- And all the wonders of the world that come with it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i am always thinking, i even think about not thinking at times. subjects that often cross my mind are;survival skills, zombies, what am i doing? What the future may hold. How life could have been should have been would have been, and will be. What if's. The News.My daughter. The Universe. Time travel. If there really is such a thing as "true love".God. How the brain works. dreams.... it never stops.

I am very open minded, and can listen to others beliefs. Still holding my own. Like I said previously I have seen a lot, and have lived a rough life, can relate in most any situation...thinking about the people who think like me.... And where to find them.
Most recurring thought of 2015.... If I will ever meet that person, who I am not only sexually, but mentally attracted to. Who respects me for all that I am, who wants to build and grow a healthy relationship, learning from each other, and being better people because we have each other in our lives.... One day...
On a typical Friday night I am
Work. Aka Dancing through all the drunk college kids
You should message me if
... You feel the urge...but just know, I am not looking for love, and I am not looking for sex.... Simply I feel like I am more honest with myself and real problems at hand, when I can talk to a random stranger that I may never speak with again.... You get better advice from a less personally involved standpoint.... So in the beginning when I mentioned pen pals and people to talk to... That is really what/ who I am looking for.on this site..... Thank you.
The two of us