38Cambridge, United States
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My self-summary
i'm a professor, i'm from new zealand and i have an identical twin. according to one teaching evaluation, "professor h is wonderfully happy all the time". false, student! C- for insight. (i'm a performing introvert--like a chipmunk on her third martini when in front of the class). i do have many enthusiasms and am usually quite cheerful. i say what i think, and i say it in a cute accent. i'm a nice person.

i love this poem:

If dawn breaks the heart, and the moon is a horror,
And the sun is nothing but the source of torpor,
Then of course I would have been silent all these years

And would not have chosen to go out tonight
In my new dark blue double-breasted suit
And to sit in a restaurant with a bowl

Of soup before me to celebrate how good life
Has been and how it has culminated in this instant.
The harmonies of wholesomeness have reached their apogee,

And I am aquiver with satisfaction, and you look
Good, too. I love your gold teeth and your dyed hair-
A little green, a little yellow-and your weight,

Which is finally up where we never thought
It would be. O my partner, my beautiful death,
My black paradise, my fusty intoxicant,

My symbolist muse, give me your breast
Or your hand or your tongue that sleeps all day
Behind its wall of reddish gums.

Lay yourself down on the restaurant floor
And tell me all that’s been kept from my happiness.
Tell me I have not lived in vain, that the stars

Will not die, that things will stay as they are,
That what I have seen will last, that I was not born
Into change, that what I have said has not been said for me.

[mark strand]
What I’m doing with my life
some things I enjoy: reading | writing fiction / creative nonfiction | california / the west | mid-century architecture & design | swimming | the new york review of books | national parks | foxes | hummingbirds | log cabins | pine trees | mixing cocktails | outdoor movies | the sea.

3 years ago a cashier at home depot asked for my ID so she could check if i was over 14 and could legally buy spray paint. but, sadly, i want to be 65: i've taken classes in bird-watching, tree identification and lawn bowling and i like sewing unusual things onto pillows.

I’m learning to play the ukulele (who isn’t?)

boys! : i have a ping pong table in my kitchen!
I’m really good at
let's not intimidate you, baby.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
short stories: moore, davis, cheever, carver, saunders...joy williams! i love that woman | novels: woolf, proust, flaubert, bellow, nabokov, robinson, yates, percy, forster, ferrante | creative nonfiction: julian barnes, geoff dyer, james wood, elif batuman, olivia laing, helen macdonald | poetry: strand, gluck, larkin, cavalli | alice in wonderland, winnie the pooh, the wind in the willows | art/architecture/design: populuxe (hine), american glamor (friedman), everything is its own reward (madonna), equus (flach).

music: always: andrew bird | neko case | silver jews | stephen malkmus. more recently: pandora tells me i'm into literate, shoe-gazing, epic, softly homespun, electroclash, melancholic, panoramic woodsy glam pop.
On a typical Friday night I am
You should message me if
I get on well with men who are at least some of the following: seriously into something in particular and sometimes wild about everything | interested in art / literature | funny | inquisitive | kind | silly on occasion | comfortable in their own skin | happy spending time alone | not all that interested in material gain. i like a guy who's willing to face up to the dark side of life, but who, when all is said and done, finds the world beautiful and fascinating: worth paying close attention to.

let's both be feminists.

"you should message me if" you want to do these kinds of things on weekends:

in the winter: go candlepin bowling | play table tennis | see live music / dance / art;

in the summer: hike | road trip | kayak | picnic | play badminton and croquet in quads and meadows;

whatever the season: seek out new experiences | read books over coffee | have a great conversation over a dinner that’s almost as great.

i'm looking for a short-term thing that works so well that it turns into a long-term thing, you know? boston would be nice and convenient, but i'm open to NYC too, if need be.

if I don't reply, it's because I don't think we're right for each other, not because I don't appreciate you getting in touch.
The two of us