28 Aspen, United States
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My self-summary
Well, I enjoy writing so I'll tell you a story ...

First, close your eyes ...

Just kidding. Anyways, once upon a time ...

It's midnight, I'm on the back of a dirt bike. The driver is in his teens and doesn't speak ANY english. I have a shitty phone, and a pretty good idea that I am volunteering myself for a kidnapping. I think about how many kidnappings start out this way.

"Hey man, there is a party up in the mountains! Give the taxi driver the phone and Ill tell him where to take you ... "

Jumping off the back of the bike starts to sound like a good idea, but from the way this kid is driving, I am going to fall off anyways. I reach to hold onto him but he gives me this look like, "I don't swing that way, hombre" so I keep my hands to myself and just hold onto the fender under my seat. For some reason, I decide not to jump. I risk it.

I had taken a kidnapping course in the states before I left for Colombia and tried to remember what the instructor had taught me. All I could think of was, "This is what a taser feels like ... ZZZAP." No one needed to tase me, I was serving myself to them on a silver platter, err a green dirt bike ... "WELL", I thought, "YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE JAMES BOND..." ... At this point, I realize I am talking to myself (something Bond probably wouldn't do) and come back to my present, yet final moments.

We have been on the bike for about ten minutes when the rain starts to dissipate to just fog. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM ... It is faint over the sound of the dirt bike but I hear it ... it 's MUSIC!!! We fly over the crest! On the top of this mountain, still in the low clouds, is the party I had been promised. Two huge redbull tents cover all the drunken dancers from the mist while strobe lights pierce through the haze.

To say I was happy is a pathetic use of words. Let's go with rapturous (thesaurus.com). I truly can't explain the feeling, but /{TANGENT:// I do remember when I would come home from school growing up, my dog would get so excited to see me she would pee all over the floor ... At this moment, I understood my dog. Somehow I didn't pee all over the bike or the teenage kid recklessly driving it, but jumped off when I saw the one person I knew, my translator (the guy who invited me to party)! "Sorry for the secrecy man" he begins, "but they forbid the sale of alcohol in the whole country during the election weekend. These guys party so hard they can't wake up in the morning to vote! So instead of going out to the bars, we party on the mountain!"

And party on the mountain, we did. I was in paradise and stayed there until sunrise. I learned a lot from the night. Mostly I learned a lesson that I have lived my life by since ... REWARD TAKES RISK.

That same trip took me to five different countries, gave me food poisoning,
first class tickets, dates with Ms. Colombia, parties on yachts and private islands, festivals with food & water fights, provided life changing conversations with new friends, a motorcycle accident, to the top of a volcano, inside water temples with crazy monkeys, inside police vans, inside bomb-proof prisions, challenged my beliefs and ideals, and most importantly helped me get closer to myself. I plan on getting into much more trouble and fun ahead!

That is a little about me ...
What I’m doing with my life
Broad question. At the moment, it's all about learning and adventure. I tend to learn things quickly and acquire new passions while dropping old ones on a dime.

Currently, I am really into spanish, salsa, motorcycles, photography, cooking, wine, self defense, improving cognitive functions, writing, and meta learning.

In the past, it has been running, skinny dipping, anything to do with james bond or the dos equis guy (real guy!), falling in love with just about everything I do for the first time, moving to every city I have ever visited, and being a male stripper.

In the future, it's most likely going to be about giving back. Who knows though. Day at a time, right?
I’m really good at
I enjoy first impressions a lot. For instance, job interviews are a blast. I could do them for days ...

I'm good at a lot of other things, good dancer, day dreaming, giving advice, cheering people up, I don't have an "ass" but if I did I could totally do that ass bounce thing, and just being fucking fun... if you ever feel like you need a vacation, I'm the person to hang around.
The first things people usually notice about me
It depends on the day, but I dance randomly in public a lot... so that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In progress ...
The six things I could never do without
Fresh river or lake water is at the top of my list. I could travel around the world just jumping into lakes and deep rivers. The ocean is great but salt water is not nearly as fun.

That's all I've got for now.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What my song would be for my strip tease ... How fast of a crash I could role out of on my motorcycle ... what I would do if someone tried to rob the bank I was in ... how cool it would be if I could speak every language, what my mother's problem is, why they bake pizza for so long that you can't eat it because it's way to hot... those things ...

I day dream a lot.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm out dancing or finding adventure and cool people to get in trouble with.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Nothing to hide, just ask ...
You should message me if
I over heard a young couple at a high-end restaurant once. When it came time to order their drinks, the man ordered a glass of a house Malbec while his wife ordered an entire BOTTLE of Sangiovese to herself ...

The waiter paused looked up to see her smirking and said to the husband, "she is a keeper, sir!"

I'm looking For a girl like that. If you enjoy dreaming big and having the finer things in life but don't need them to be happy, you need to message me. If you love what you are doing right this second but could drop everything and move to Brazil tomorrow, write me right now. If you understand that life will always be a challenge and that in order to succeed having the life you want means never, ever giving up then let's go to dinner tonight.

I'll make time, trust me ...