53Castle Rock, United States
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My self-summary
We both know pictures on Dating sites are at best cherry picked/the best of the best= not always the same as in real life.
Sooo for me its important that I know more about you and your personality- your favorite color, favorite food, what's on your bucket list, are you nice, etc...
Since I have not posted pics yet- Its only normal to be curious about what I look like- - I am a good looking 6ft tall Man (NOT 5'6" or even 5'10" when we meet) , HWP, fit /athletic build - 33 x 34 jeans and XL shirts. I am a believer in Quality Communication and lots of Kissing/Affection/tons of PDA (that should get your attention!!!).
I am in search of a package deal- I am looking for an affectionat/passionate/ attractive (to me) and nice genuine Woman (Singular not women) that is ready for a VLTR. That is down to earth, somewhat low maintenance, Love's to Kiss and really is Nice- I did mention Nice several times for a reason (Men can have lists aslo..Hahaha)
I am new to Cupid- So between not posting pics and this Mini-novel- that should scare off any serial daters and/or permanent/lifetime Cupid members= Seriously who wants to date someone that is just passing the time -wasting your time..?.. ....Anyway gotta love a free site- After writing this- I spent a ton of time filling the various sections out, and answering a jillion questions and POOF the page timed out- they were still empty??? WTF...LOL...
As such I will try to get back around to filling the rest out when I have the time and an adult beverage or 2 ...or 3..or...Just Kidding....
....I did not join Cupid to have my inbox full everyday to validate that I am on a dating site or for a popularity contest- I am here to meet/date One Woman not 10.
... Also I know/understand not having a picture can be wrongly stereotyped- .
...What I AM IS-
Single= not married, separated, living with someone, platonic female roommate etc..
I AM 6ft tall (NOT 5'6" when we meet), very Healthy/Fit/Athletic. Financially/Mentally stable, emotionally available--(THAT does not mean Boring ..LOL..), with an above average sense of humor which as you know (or are finding out) is MUCH needed for online dating ..LOL..
--I AM close to my family- and the oldest of 6 with 4 sisters- although I don't have children I get along with them Great.
... I AM a succesful Professional/Business Owner- very responsible/reliable. A good/loyal/fun friend to have, Non-judgmental, lite social drinker, have never-smoked/drugs.
... I AM NOT some crazy/married/bored/toothless/unemployed etc. etc. person (add suitable stereotypes here..LOL..) that did not post a picture for those reasons- I have no Drama/Crazy Ex's/Brain damage/skeletons in the closet or excess baggage to complicate my/your life .. Okay that is somewhat a bad attempt at Humor however if you have read this far I am sure you are smiling- OR at least have just a little grin going on...Hahaha..

..Being a business owner-- my business life is very public- I strive to keep my personal life somewhat private, or as private as can be expected with todays technology being what it is- simple is a good thing..
...I can honestly say I will never have a midlife crisis, my stating that is not arrogant just very confident in the knowing of myself and how my life experiences have changed/formed my priorities over the years (easier to explain when we talk!)...
A favorite expression is -
-"Insanity is doing something the same way over and over and over again- expecting different results!!" (Added points if you know who made this expression-)- I apply that thought process daily for my business, and think it should apply to many things as well as any kind of dating/relationship..

...Sooo if this catches your interest- stop long enough to send a Note and say Hello-- NOT-- just "Where's your picture"...Sheeesh... If you are genuinely interested you can do better than that. ...LOL...
Afterall timing is very important-- AND "WE" are on a dating site for a reason- so you just never know!!! I/You could be the reason you/we don't need this site anymore...
The two of us