45 Astoria, United States
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My self-summary
emotionally engaged, intellectually curious. i feel blessed to be basically happy and more and more in touch with the basic goodness of both myself and the world. i have settled into an easy, rhythmic life, filled with abundant beauty, the joy of more good friends than i know what to do with, and plenty of time for education, relaxation, fun, and reflection.

i have a mischievous sense of humor which runs the full gamut from extra dry to bawdy, a broad smile and an easy laugh. my face is deeply expressive and i don't strive to hide behind a mask. sometimes that means being openly awkward. i am deeply fond of good humored, knowing banter in the nick and nora style.

i'll hold your hand on the street, your purse while you're shopping, and your hair while you're throwing up. i figure you can hold your own in most things, but i'll hold the door for you, carry your packages, and won't let anybody give you shit.

i am striving to be as kind and compassionate as possible, and i think that being polite is important. i'm kind to waiters, bartenders, doormen, and i once talked a cab driver into going back to law school. i give up my seat on the subway for the elderly, the infirm, and the pregnant. i am passionate about the world and very left wing in a realpolitik sort of way.

i kiss like there's no tomorrow and get as many hugs a day as i can. and hey, it's snuggling season and i'm warm, both physically and emotionally. i'm equally likely to fall in love with the curve of your collarbone as I am the shape of your back.

i stop on the street to say hello to various pups and kitties that i come across. i have two cats i rescued who amuse and amaze me no end. i miss having a dog, but there is no end of pets i think it would be fun to companion with.

i have a career building websites, which means i spend my work days doing creative work and puzzles in code. but i've had many jobs: massage therapist, bartender, yoga teacher.

when you talk, i'll be listening, but i'm also comfortable with stillness and silence. i think jealousy is a waste of time and that hate is a waste of energy.

i have a fairly serious yoga practice that i'm currently polishing out of disrepair. i love scuba diving, but find it difficult to go often enough, and i adore playing pool. i love walking the city, riding my bike in brooklyn, cooking, people watching, going to see films, and i'll get on to the dance floor with aplomb, though i won't pretend i dance well.

like most people in new york, i'm comfortable at the opera, in a dive bar, hiking some back trail in a third world country, or wandering through a museum.

i was born and raised on a tropical island and i miss being able to walk down the street and pick a mango. i've also lived in tokyo and thailand and some days i miss them, but there are so many destinations still to be attained i wonder will i ever get back there.
What I’m doing with my life
helping out in the world, approaching myself and others with compassion, attempting to be present in each moment. smelling the flowers. 10 years of kung fu followed by 7 years of yoga and now 5 years of meditation. creatively solving digital puzzles with code, Photoshop, and the occasional hammer. students used to ask me about the meaning of yoga and i would tell them 'be here now, jackass.' and then laugh.
I’m really good at
remembering what other thing that actor was in. finishing the sunday crossword in ink. driving stick. html & css. kissing (you be good too). text message haiku. the beach. picnics. making bloody mary's and chocolate chip cookies (rarely at the same time). and come the zombie apocalypse, i'm pretty handy with a shotgun (note: i do not own a shotgun).
The first things people usually notice about me
friendly, confident, laughing at something - i'm actually shy, but people don't see it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: now reading: labyrinths - borges; the windup girl - p. bacigalupi; the art of happiness - hh dalai lama. recently finished: between the world and me - t. nahesi coates; the girl with the lower back tattoo - a. schumer. favorites: east of eden, the autobiography of red, the border trilogy, the diamond age, cutting through spiritual materialism, the wisdom of no escape, the politics of heroin, and the ass saw the angel, the sportswriter, the sun also rises, oryx and crake, the count of monte christo, heart of darkness, crime and punishment, hp lovecraft, neal stephenson, william gibson. ps. ayn rand was not only a political idiot, she was a bad writer.

magazines: harpers, the atlantic, the new yorker, the ny times magazine.

movies: hiroshima mon amour, heaven's gate, charade, pickpocket, cleo from 5 to 7, to live, apocalypse now, amelie and delicatessan and the city of lost children, the big sleep, the big lebowski, se7en,the thin man, mulholland drive, 2046 and in the mood for love and fallen angels, kiss me deadly, desk set, guess who's coming to dinner, blade runner, gilda, ran, on the waterfront. kurosawa, malick, wong kar wai, bunuel, tarkovsky, haneke, von trier, miike...

tv: downton abbey, tennis, mad men, doctor who, the wire, parks and rec., true detective, game of thrones, the west wing.

music: cocteau twins, iron and wine, nick cave and the bad seeds, the pogues, shriekback, elliot smith, sparklehorse, manu chao, godspeed you black emperor, tosca, tom petty, brian eno, bruce springstein jazz, classical, psychedlic trance. recently smitten with rhye, jack black, tune-yards, the xx.

food: i like to eat, i like to cook. thai, japanese, korean, mexican, fried chicken, cubanos, anything with bacon. despite being an omnivore, I'm vegetarian friendly.
The six things I could never do without
1. friends/family/pets (kitties - i have two)
2. good food (broad, i realize)
3. meditation
4. days at the beach
5. sunglasses (oh, how i love my sunglasses)
6. sleep. i mean it - i really fucking love sleep.
7. the stones to break arbitrary, silly rules.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to help people; how things are connected and what that means; what i'm eating next; beaches; cookies; puppies; what i should do next; why people haven't figured out it's time to stop shooting at each other; will my plants live through the winter; sex; kissing; how i can get more hugs everyday; my kitties; can i play hookey today; my carbon footprint; meditation; snuggling; the beauty of light; fast zombies versus slow zombies; flowers; what beach will i go to now that I live in queens; why don't we have jet packs.
On a typical Friday night I am
possibly out for dinner or drinks or a movie. possibly at a yoga class or a meditation retreat. possibly home, curled up with the cats and a book. but really i'd rather be out or in with you.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There was this fire in Chicago, see? And I blamed it on this cow...
You should message me if
i'm attracted to smarts, compassion, and a quick wit. many of my girlfriends have been a complete surprise. i'm open to surprise and possibility. i'd like to find something serious, so you should at least be open to that. partnership, curiosity, and mutual respect is where it is at. you're emotionally engaged and intellectually curious. you're ok with me having a pin up photo of amy schumer on my fridge.

you'd like to meet in real life and see what happens.

please live in the new york city environs and have a photo.