27Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
I'm as subtle as a sledgehammer.

I'm an actor/SM, part of the starving-artist population of brooklyn. I'm also a make up FX artist/combat choreographer/writer/karaoke minx/videogame sailor/imagineer for projects that will probably never be completed and I enjoy like-minded people and totally unalike-minded folks as well.

People are always astounding and intriguing while often times far too tedious, needy and selfish for my own tastes. If you can strike a delicate balance in my lovely little self-made schedule, you're golden.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a (perpetual) theatre student, learning about acting, people, movement, the things in life that keep you moving.
I was a Boston student, but a Brooklyn native- I have love for both cities
Practicing eclectic neopagan, tarot reader/scryer, delving into other psychic skills- ask me about psychometry.

I show up in ridiculous places, like here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hLJZaXJhPc

I keep busy with a managerial theatre gig and freelance whenever something shiny is wiggled before me. And on the side, I'm producing kitschy theatre events. Fringey, musical, circusy. And I used to GoGo dance in a cardboard robot costume. And sell booze and merch. I do all the things.
I’m really good at
Delivering pearls of wisdom in shady dive bars. Crooning. Remembering little details. My psychic powers. Whipping out a multitool or bandaids when someone needs one. That impersonation of my grandmother. And tarot readings. And coming up with that word or reference that's just on the tip of your tongue.
I'd like to think I'm also really good at surprising people with the source of an unexpected, gut-wrenchingly hearty laugh. Inventive profanity usually helps.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height ("Awww, you're so tiny!"), my voice (the brooklyness, the crassness, laugh), and uh... I'm stacked.
I've been told my eyes are pretty, but I don't think that's a boom/hit-you-in-the-face sort of thing people tend to notice right away.
My hair can be anything from a super cute pixie mop to multicolored muppet fur.
And fuckloads of occultish statement jewelry.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: tolkien, gaiman, pratchett and king are my literary gods. Recently finished Head full of Ghosts, Night Circus and Butcher Bird. Favorite playwrights include Wilde, Shepard, Shanley, Shakespeare, Durang, Rivera and McDonaugh. Gina Femia is going places right now. More recently diving into the occult/metaphysical, so delving into reference material on the tarot, ancient symbols and imagery and dream theory. Currently in the middle of Real Magic by Isaac Bonewits and The Incomplete Enchanter.
Movies: LOTR trilogy (and the Hobbit), Little Shop of Horrors, Velvet Goldmine, The goonies, muppet treasure island, fantasia, the prestige, reefer madness the musical, go, SLC punk, How To Train your Dragon, Shaun of the dead, What we Do in the Shadows. I'll watch mind fucky movies all day every day. I also love god awful B movies
TV- Spaced, Archer, Battlestar, black mirror, Avatar, Space Dandy, Orphan Black, Face Off, Venture Bros. RUPAUL'S DRAGRACE OMG.
And the Monkees is my happy place.
Music: Classic Rock, punk, folky, jazzy, soulful... I'm pretty eclectic.
I like a lot of stuff, so throw something my way and i'll give it a shot
And I've left out food for the longest time because I like to be adventurous and living in a city like this I'll try anything once- anything that's prepared well is good eats to me. I really love spicy though. My reflux begs to differ.
Six things I could never do without
Encouragement, laughter, garlic, my lighter, my portable altar, and my knife/leatherman.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My extravagant delusions of grandeur. I dream huge. I also like melding things in my imagination, which is how I come up with projects. Why has nobody tried serenading me with boyband jams? And who would win in a fist-fight: Lulu or Ann-Margaret? What does my cat's inner monologue sound like?
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually working like the weekend warrior I am, but when I'm not busy I like to spend a Friday just hanging out with buddies, watching movies or going out for dinner. I'm always down for live performances of any sort- rock shows, theatre, newly into burlesque and cirque. Adventures are fun, cheap adventures are better.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
In a junior high art class we were asked to draw a fantastical bird. I drew a penguin in a bunnysuit.

I wonder constantly what people think of me, but will never grow the balls to outright ask.

In all honesty, I'll tell you just about anything you ask. I don't believe in deep-dark traumatic secrets. My role in the universe to act as story-teller, for it is necessary to share everything that makes us both unique and common to all.
You should message me if
You're into Go-Go dancing

You're as swift as the coursing river
Have all the force of a great typhoon
Have all the strength of a raging fire
And you're mysterious as the dark side of the moon...

I don't remind you too much of your mother. I will not do your laundry.

If you've ever written a song about cats, I'd like to hear it.

And you're comfortable with profanity—I'm from New York fuckin City.

And please, no solicitations for a spontaneous threesome or group sex. Come on, get to know me first. I'm a fuckin lady.

If you're Netflix and chill go-to is Animaniacs, pack a bowl because I'm already there
The two of us