27Kalamazoo, United States
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My self-summary
My life is but a seeking after-life; I live simply in hopes of discovering that a new life is waiting for me just around the corner.
I love change and reinvention.
I'm a hopeless day-dreamer living to make my dreams a reality. My reality has become filled with marvelous adventures (and misadventures), mischief abound, fascinating people, and even more fascinating places travelled to.

I am a wanderer--a wanderlust--always wandering, never lost.
I come from nothing and went in search of everything. What I found along the way has shaped me into the person that I am today. I've had lots of mishaps and misunderstandings, revelations, heartbreak and consolations, made comrades (good and bad), found redemption, had some conception, found love, lost love and had unrequited love (which is the worst). Somewhere along the way I was able to find myself and realise what it is that I want out of this life. It wasn't an easy journey getting to this place, but it was a colourful one, and I can't ask for anything more than that. I wouldn't trade anything for my journey now.
What I’m doing with my life
Navigating my way through the jungle • wandering • hibernating • contradicting • reading books • drinking beers • making omelettes • writing love poems • riding my bike • searching for inspiration and solace • collecting plants • dreaming of the opposite season • trying to pull myself away from Netflix binges • making coffee and then getting too busy to drink it • trying to live my dreams • loving wholeheartedly • trying to learn how to not repeat the same mistakes twice.
I’m really good at
Hailing cabs • Hula-Hooping • flipping omelettes • impersonating Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) • faking foreign accents • being anachronistic • coming up with metaphors, neologisms, analogies, and alliterations • forgetting names • memorising every line from Romy & Michelle, Clueless and Mean Girls • forgetting my belongings in bars • wasting non-renewable resources • horoscope compatibility • correcting other's grammar mistakes • doing nothing.
The first things people usually notice about me
Strangers often comment on either my stache or my hair. When I shave both off, I feel as if people no longer notice me, so I try not to do that too often.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
East of Eden • Middlesex • On the Road • Lady Chatterley's Lover • Love in the Time of Cholera • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings • Candide • The Rules of Attraction • Slouching Towards Bethlehem • A Season in Hell • Running With Scissors • Brideshead Revisited • The Picture of Dorian Gray • Savage Beauty • The Pastures of Heaven • White Teeth • Between the World and Me • The New Jim Crow • A Room of One's Own • Discipline & Punish

Charles Bukowski • Edna St. Vincent Millay • Arthur Rimbaud • Maya Angelou • Oscar Wilde • Audre Lorde • John Steinbeck • Jack Kerouac • D.H. Lawrence • Gabriel Garcia Marquez • Joan Didion • Natalie Diaz • D. A. Powell • Richard Siken • Ta-Nehisi Coates • Michel Foucault • Virginia Woolf • Simone de Beauvoir • Zadie Smith

American Beauty • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind • À bout de soufflé (Breathless) • My Own Private Idaho • Modern Times • As Good As It Gets • La vie en rose • Delicatessen • Blow • Forrest Gump • Lars & the Real Girl • Mommy Dearest • Les Diaboliques • Madame X • Sunset Boulevard • North By Northwest • Clueless • Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion • Mean Girls • Hocus Pocus • City Lights

Or if I just want to put on something ridiculous and laugh my ass off, any Jim Carrey movie usually does the trick. Dumb & Dumber and Ace Ventura never disappoint.

All I want is 90s tv shows to play constantly and indefinitely. As a child, I learned the zip code of Beverly Hills (90210) before I learned my own.

Will make exceptions for:
Girls • Black Mirror • The OA • Shameless • Grace & Frankie • Looking • Queer is Folk • Summer Heights High • The Girlfriend Experience • Rachel Maddow

I love the raspy, ciggy croak of Billie Holiday. Stevie Nicks is my sheroe. Hank Williams' music is in my bones and my soul. Nina Simone, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding make me feel good. I want to dance to Van Morrison at my wedding. Bon Iver can make me cry. Tegan & Sara, Feist, Florence + the Machine, MGMT, Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, and Fleet Foxes all remind me of the best summer of my life-- Adele reminds me of the worst. My childhood ambition was to be Whitney Houston. R.I.P.

Probably my favourite thing in the world is this home-made tomato bisque soup at a small restaurant in my hometown. Fujiya in Minneapolis has the best sushi I've ever tasted in my life. Aki in Ocala, Florida is a close second. When I'm not claiming to be a vegetarian, I love fish tacos with a bottle of Corona. I make a mean bruschetta. I will die and be buried with pistachio & almond ice cream.
Six things I could never do without
1- spirituality
2- family & friends
3- pen & piece of paper
4- a sense of humour
5- creativity
6- love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
• how watching soap operas with my mom when I was a young child may have influenced my sexuality.
• whether I want to be a country mouse or a city mouse.
• escaping back to my friend's cabin in the woods of northern Minnesota for another 6 months to pretend I'm that guy from Bon Iver.
• how all of my friends are either getting shacked up, knocked up, or tied up and it's really giving me baby and wedding fever.
• travelling.
• teaching English in France.
• finishing the next "Great American Novel."
• men over 30.
• men with beards.
• a LOT of useless shit.
• now how crazy manic all of this sounds.
On a typical Friday night I am
full of regrets.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I tend to be physically and sexually attracted to older men. Not geriatric old, more like George Clooney old. Growing up I didn't ever have crushes on my older brother's friends, I had crushes on my dad's friends. I guess you could say I have "Daddy Issues."
You should message me if
• you found any of this comical, interesting, or relatable.
• you think we would have a lot to talk about over coffee.
• you think you are my perfect opposite.
• you're a huge Book Nerd.
• you want to be my partner-in-crime and get into all sorts of mischief with me. ;)
The two of us