31Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
inspired. curious. passionate. intense. grateful. loving. ambitious. affectionate. sapiosexual. carefree. intellectual, unpredictable. pluviophile.

balance is key. i'm

energetic without being obnoxious,
cerebral but not aloof,
open-minded but not gullible,
intellectual but not pretentious,
curious but not nosy.

okay, that last part isn't true. i'm totally nosy.

my current place of residence is albuquerque, but i plan to move to LA this summer.

i'm an ENTP (or ENFP) if that means anything to you. good conversations are pretty much my favourite things. i am drawn to people dissimilar to me... i like having common ground with people, sure, but what i like even more is learning new things and being exposed to different perspectives. i feel that most relationships work best when there's less of an echoing and more of a balancing out... i'm extremely accepting, and would love to be exposed to new hobbies or art forms or experiences or places or interests or lifestyles.

i am a
fiercely romantic skeptic, a
devoted feminist, an
agnostic dreamer. i
love to get lost in beauty, art, philosophy, thought. i
find equal draw in both the lightness and the weight of existence.

oh, and this <3
What I’m doing with my life
making the world a better place.

right now, via teaching second grade and hot yoga. i also spend a significant amount of time being active and gymming and hiking and things...
besides that i teach it, i'm pretty addicted to hot yoga while simultaneously being apprehensive about american yoga culture.
i like music and coffee and drinking wine and cooking, live music, road trips, visiting friends, i appreciate art and writing and books and architecture and gardening, hosting parties and having guests, learning and trying new things. i wish i spent more time dancing, reading, watching plays. i also miss being a student and am thinking about getting another degree.
I’m really good at
not taking slutty pictures of myself and putting them on a dating websites, mainly.

perceiving beauty,
calling bullshit.

selecting the perfect gift
losing my debit card.
finding something to be grateful for.
jukebox playlists.
reading people.
running in heels.
giving advice.
writing straight without lines.
being completely wrapped up in my thoughts so i'm oblivious to my surroundings. (which makes other people think i'm either pissed or just a surly bitch)
having a good thing to say about everyone.
accepting other perspectives.
reading between the lines and thinking outside the box.
telling twins apart.
anticipating people's needs.
showering and being ready to go in less than 7 minutes.
making people feel comfortable.

i'm really bad at
obeying speed limits,
remembering passwords,
family feud,
sitting still,
doing things slowly,
knowing who celebrities are,
telling how big a container is needed to put leftovers into,
or anything concerning celebrities or pop culture whatsoever.
The first things people usually notice about me
that i'm extremely affectionate, or that i am "nice".
(people are mainly inarticulate.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
favourites are things i mostly don't understand, because it seems to me like eveything is in constant flux and so our favourites would (or should?) fluctuate all the time... but if i had to pick-

book: salinger- catcher in the rye. i also really like catch 22, a prayer for owen meany, the crying of lot 49, shogun, ishmael, watchmen, the wind up bird chronicles, being and time, thus spoke zarathustra, the alchemist, the animal that therefore i am, and both mourning and melancholia and the origin of the work of art (though they're, to be fair, not really books).

movie: ratcatcher
Six things I could never do without
you would be surprised with how much you can do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
lots of things.. it fluctuates depending on what's going on and what (and who) i surround myself with.
On a typical Friday night I am
revelling, mostly (:
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i feel like things being "private" is really contingent on people you know finding out.

that being said, i realize simultaneously that i am a pretty secretive person and there's no such thing as secrets from strangers.
You should message me if
you want to go be outside someplace with me.

you're blind.

you can balance my general mania and reckless optimism, or just keep up. (:

you know the difference between "your" and "you're".

you want to be my acroyoga partner, need a gym partner, you're not afraid to try hot pilates, want to dance...

or you just want to sit down and get coffee or a drink and chat, or cook dinner together and drink wine, go stargazing, dance on the roof, or head up to the mountains and watch the city lights.

you live in LA and want to show me around. (:
The two of us