39West Fargo, United States
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My self-summary
I think one of the hardest things to do is to describe oneself, and even harder, into 3 words, WOW, so many come to mind, do they all pertain to me? Intelligent, creative, knowledgeable, sarcastic, stubborn, intuitive, eccentric, odd, weird, curious, candid, kinky, easy-going, serious, boring, interesting, fun, humorous at times... Gosh I just don't know!

I was just finishing this profile after months of just taking tests and answering questions for fun and avoiding having to describe myself and I accidentally refreshed the page! Right when I was about to click update at the bottom! UGGG! Argg! Well, ok, let's try this again. Its for fun anyway, right?

I'm not really sure what to say about myself so I'm just going to ramble a little and see how that goes, if you have any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, of information I should be putting on a self-summary, I'm all ears, send me a message.

Suppose I should start with what I do for a living. I'm a self-employed computer technician, I and my significant other run a computer business repairing computers (software & hardware troubleshooting), custom building computers, and setting up small networks. I aspire to be an entrepreneur. Some would say since I already have a business that I am, but I won't consider myself an entrepreneur till I'm at a point that I'm hiring others to work for me.

I did mention that I have a significant other, I am in a long term relationship, just to be straight-forward. Why am I filling out a profile on a social networking site? Well, I'm always interesting in meeting new people, making new friends, and who knows ;-) And the tests and questions are fun.

A big part of my life is learning new things and experiencing new things. I'm a knowledge addict! Well, a little anyway. I read alot of books, usually 2 or 3 at a time. I try to read a good fiction book, usually Science Fiction, then 1 or 2 non-fiction books relating mostly to things that can help me improve my business, my skills, or just something I'm interested in like pet psychology, astronomy, health, history, science, paranormal, pool. The list is almost endless. I have ALOT of interests.

Not sure what else to say about myself so I'll updates as I think of things or as people send me good suggestions.

Hobbies and Interests: Pool, Artistic Pool, Science Fiction, Science, Movies, Computers, PC Games, Card Games, DIY,

I am ambitious, perceptive, and studious
What I’m doing with my life
I'm very entrepreneurial minded, I currently repair computers from a Garage Shop in the FM area. But I am always brainstorming for new business ideas, things I can do or learn to do to make money without having to work for "the man" and to someday be "the man." For my computer business, I'm currently learning as much about linux as I can and trying to incorporate that into the services that I provide. For the future, I'm currently researching clicker training and dog psychology (and writing a business plan) for a Dog Daycare & Training Center business that will focus on assisting pet owners with behavior problems through positive reinforcement. Blah, thats alot to say huh? and you say huh? Well, just ask. Another future business idea I have is I'd like to become a certified pool instructor so I can help others improve their pool game, well, i've got long aways to go before I can do that, need to work on my own game first! Its a mess :) lol
I’m really good at
Troubleshooting computer problems and fixing them, wow, thats what I do for a living; I'm procrastinator, have this problem with getting up and getting things done, but once I start, I go until I'm finished, you know, cleaning, going through my mail, posting stuff to my accounting program, going through email, doesn't matter what it is, whether I enjoy it or not, I'm good at putting it off :p ; Troubleshooting in general, I enjoy figuring out how to fix any problem, home DIY repair, etc. I'm better at the figuring out than the actually doing, but oh well! What else am I good at? Hopefully more than the above.
The first things people usually notice about me
I really don't know, never asked anyone. Never really thought about it or maybe I just don't want to know. I suppose most people notice appearance first and foremost whether we like to or not; so based on that, I suppose they notice my tye dyed shirt, slacks instead of jeans, long unruly pulled back hair, scruffy face, and I'm chubby. Suppose, every now and then people say that I'm short, but I don't think I am! A girl once said I look jolly, whatever that means.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: My favorite books series is by Margaret Weis, "Star Of The Guardians;" I read alot of "Science Fiction" usually Star Wars or Star Trek, I'll read just about anything though

Movies: Way too many to list, so i'll list a few -- Armageddon, Phenomenon, Powder, Independence Day, Star Wars, Daddy Daycare, High School Musical, A Walk To Remember, A River Runs Through It, Matrix, Rush Hour, Lethal Weapon, Back to The Future, Serenity, Spiderman

TV Series: Invasion, Surface, Firefly, Farscape, Stargate, House M.D., Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Alias, Babylon 5, Smallville, Family Guy, Supernatural, Monk, Psych, The 4400, Kyle XY, That 70's Show, Hannah Montana (shhh don't tell anyone!)

Music: I guess I listen to a little of everything but usually lean towards the softer side, whats my favorite I'm not really sure but here are a few artists off the top of my head that I enjoy: Garth Brooks, Lisa Loeb, Avril Levine, Niel Diamond, Jewel, Pearl Jam's "last Kiss;" Ok, some genres: 60's Rock, Soft Rock, today's hits.

Food: Steak (t-bones & ribeyes); Pizza mostly pepperoni -- Favorite pizza is tied between Pizza Corner 3-meat & pizza hut's cheese stuffed crust; roast beef -- french dip; boneless chicken - cordon bleu; mac & cheese spirals; Velveeta Shells & Cheeze
Six things I could never do without
I think there are more than six, but off the top of my head: My dogs, my pool cue and place to shoot pool, a computer with internet access, books, good friends, good customers, family depending upon the day...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My future, where I want to be in 5 or 10 years and how to get there; my goals, dreams, aspirations, and path to accomplishing them; friends; family; pool; computers; something I've recently watched; things that make one just think or ponder; my business and how to improve it and bring in more customers; a problem that has me stumped, love solving problems, troubleshooting anything
On a typical Friday night I am
Just about anything, its just another night no different than monday, if i have a computer in to work on, i'll be working on it. Typically, I'm working, reading a book, watching a recent movie from netflix curled up on the couch, going for a walk, socializing with my dog at the dog park, playing a computer lan game, going to movie, out shooting pool and having fun with friends, spending time with family, playing card games like Phase 10 or Texas Hold'em, teaching our cats or dog new tricks, or you know sometimes i'm just not doing anything, just relaxing and/or having pleasant conversation, love a good arguement!
You should message me if
If my rambling wasn't too annoying or if I seem interesting or if you looking for a interesting conversation (a good chat), a new pen pal, or whatever reason you can come up with, just message me. Have any comments or whatever.

Hope you're having an interesting day!
The two of us