41Moorestown, United States
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My self-summary
"Ihr seid alle so niedlich, ich weiß nicht, mit wem ich anfangen sollte"

I am sleepy, obsessive, and fucked up
What I’m doing with my life
Loving the lovely, being a nostalgia junkie, being Amish. Figuratively, but I get this Amish catalog in the mail, and I just ordered a sickle.

[NOTE: I do not actually "get up off my ass and do stuff" like the Amish]
I’m really good at
Attracting visitors who are 40% Enemy and up
The first things people usually notice about me
People notice my clothing*, but it's the same clothing I've been wearing for a zillion years. One thing people feel like they can comment on is the unusual broadness of my shoulders. It's not like it's muscle or anything, it's all bony frame, and this causes a bit of confusion and misinterpretation. My sister has the same shoulders.

*The TV just said that The Nanny is the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan. I wear an all-tan outfit around the house, and I have an all-brown outfit for errands and funerals (I don't own/wear black).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
galaxie 500, unrest (late, yes the horrible stupid pop unrest), young marble giants, tortoise, black tambourine, marine girls, neil diamond, adventures in stereo, the wayward bus /distant plastic trees, holiday, charm of the highway strip, get lost, the house of tomorrow, wasps' nests, the fall, Nick Drake, the yes girls, wigwam, the smiths, my bloody valentine, Ecstasy & Wine, pet sounds, smiley smile, X-Ray Spex, the phantom pregnancies, taking the rough with the smooch, the pastels - up for a bit (sweet-ass original LP release), the go-betweens, Psychocandy, talulah gosh, swirlies, Dusty In Memphis + bonus tracks, wendy carlos, Neu!, stereolab, oval, can, ágætis byrjun, pavement, the arizona record, chrome - alien soundtracks, The Shangri-Las, the vaselines, elliott smith - either/or, patsy cline, bee thousand, Rose Melberg projects, Eggs, that white labradford album, all things must pass, velvet underground, the poppy family, Lee Hazlewood, nashville skyline, blood on the tracks, mouse on mars, beat happening, helium - pirate prude, Back To Mono [AP Headline: Philly inspector kills self after deadly collapse], kraftwerk, pipas, marshall crenshaw, dolly mixture, After the Gold Rush, low - long division, astrud gilberto/jobim, luna - esp. bewitched, yo la tengo, Roy Orbison, The Only Ones, sonic youth, th' faith healers, pixies, smog - Julius Caesar, lilys - eccsame the photon band, Jawbox, DQE, The Ladybug Transistor - Argyle Heir, The Essex Green, Jonathan Richman, 1st & 2nd B-52's albums, 80s R.E.M., underachievers please try harder, oh inverted world, chutes too narrow, big star, the sea and cake, The Raincoats, wire, The Clean, The Bats, bacharach, C86 whatever, 80s Flying Nun whatever, doo wop, 60s pop, orchestral pop, 60s & 70s R&B, 60s & 70s soul, pedal steel, Mellotron, twang, falsetto, excessive reverb, Tesla Girls by OMD and Formerly Known As Oedipusaurus Rex; Victory Garden by The Red Crayola and Galaxie 500
Six things I could never do without
Oo, I want to talk about my favorite words. I love them all on an orthographic basis, like palate, hasp, omelette, emitter, and liquorice. I don't really approve of Americans using most British spellings, except for the double l in words such as travelled.

I hate the word "tissue" when it refers to flesh. I also hate "sac". I hate moist panties like everyone else.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I don't know how I feel about this "Loverboy" designation, my relationships have ranged from nightmarish to Hindenburgish, and I don't like guys who are overly independent.

Also: historical/comparative linguistics, þorn porn, fauxhemians, evil people in my Similar Users
On a typical Friday night I am
sennilega að gera eitthvað sem er ekki góð hugmynd (eitthvað spennandi, auðvitað) [Old Norse for "I'm a shut in"]
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The band I was in got picked up by a very cool, very respectable record label (e.g. Low, Tullycraft) when I was 19, and life was all downhill from there. Once upon a time, cool people wanted to talk to me*, Mr. Record Label Dude would call me on the phone and want to do things for me, I even opened a few pieces of fan mail. How the bloody hell did that happen to me? I'm not even that good a musician.

*Since I'm a forgotten husk now, I talk to myself a lot, but according to my new personality graph I'm talkin' ta cool people!! Score!!
You should message me if
you're attracted to ESP. Look at my Clairvoyance test result! I didn't cheat on it. There isn't any way to, unless you spent hours taking it over and over, and I've taken it exactly twice. I'm magical! But I'm also an atheist, so I guess I don't fucking exist anymore.
The two of us