39Pflugerville, United States
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My self-summary
I am called Casey. I'm pretty smart, but a little nerdy. I'm liberal, fairly creative and I'm silly. However, I think I'm pretty well rounded. I am as apt to debate about the effects of the last Ice Age as I am to gossip with you about who is sleeping with whom. I read a great deal of books, but I also can appreciate beer pitchers and football games.

I am very active. I try and be busy every day with something. I believe that time not spent well, whether going out and enjoying oneself or learning something is time wasted. In my former life, I went to go see a lot of live music concerts (I actually ruined my hearing doing so). I seek out little hole in the wall restaurants. I like talking trash during board game night. I'm a pretty fierce poker player and I play in tournaments around town and sometimes win. I play tennis, golf, volleyball, racquetball, and go hiking somewhat frequently.

I'm an outdoorsman and environmentalist. I will drag you out hiking and camping whether you like it or not. I spent six days backpacking Big Bend National Park last fall, and have been planning to hit Guadalupe Mountains/Carlsbad Caverns National Parks next. I have been all over the country and am always planning the next road trip. I would love to travel overseas, but somehow never have had the opportunity. I know most of the constellations in the night sky.

There is also much to be said for snuggling on the couch at home. It's fun to pick some random complicated meal out of a cookbook and make a huge project out of it and try to make it. I like gardening and planning elaborate herb and flower gardens. I'm a good listener. I'm usually the person that friends come to for input about their own relationship problems. I'd like to think that I'm pretty sensitive to a partner, but I have been known to be a thoughtless oaf from time to time.

My flaws (and there are a few): I have been accused of being "frugal" from time to time. I tailgate people and call them jerks when I am running late. I am always running late. I'm usually disorganized. I have advancing male pattern baldness. I can be a little judgmental about people. I'm not really that much of an animal person (allergic to cats!). I don't drive a very nice car. I draw the line at tipping waitresses more than 20% independent of quality of service. I laugh at other people's misfortune - but usually only when they deserve it.
What I’m doing with my life
Fun & games.
I’m really good at
racquet sports. card games. standardized tests. mario kart. foot rubbing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite music: LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Band of Horses, Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, Neutral Milk Hotel, Avett Brothers, Sufjan Stevens, Decemberists, Stars, Radiohead, New Pornographers, The National, Magnetic Fields, Andrew Bird, Mates of State, The Hold Steady, Beirut, Fleet Foxes, The Knife ...

Favorite Films/TV: I am mostly into foreign and art films or especially documentaries! You will find me at the Regal Arbor usually paying for one movie and sneaking into another.

Favorite books: I love books. I mostly read the classics and the occasional epic fantasy series. I will happily spend an hour in Half-Price Books and come out with a towering stack of yellowing paperbacks for future consumption.
Six things I could never do without
You know, I'm really pretty versatile.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually some sort of game is involved. Mini-golf? Board games? Poker tournament? Also it's nice to go hit free-swim at Barton Springs at 9pm.
You should message me if
I usually date extroverts. I like girls who are feisty, and who can take a good-natured teasing and then give it right back. Bitchy - but cool. You should have an opinion and mean what you say. Be smart, and vivacious and interesting. But above all be silly! I like having conversations about hypothetical situations that have no importance. I like debating for the sake of debating. I think being happy-go-lucky and light hearted are a huge plus. Being able to laugh things off that aren't that important is a tremendous ability. Enthusiasm and creativity are endearing qualities as well.

I definitely want someone who can appreciate the outdoors. And I want someone who loves to play games. Any kind of games - cards, board games, video games, sports, whatever. I really love to play and I need a teammate sometimes and an opponent other times.

However, I am highly intolerant of people who have horrible grammar and have no spelling skills whatsoever. I would like to avoid crazy emotional trainwreck females (you know who you are). If you are someone who lets her daily emotional whim rule her behavior, then we aren't going to get along. A relationship with reason and an ability to compromise are important. Please no girls on the rebound or going through messy divorces. I have my own drama and don't need yours too. I hate liars. No smokers! Have you ever kissed a smoker? It's gross. You should be reasonably attractive, but you don't have to be a supermodel. You must have retained no less than 92% of your original adult set of teeth in visibly good condition. Political engagement is super important; however George Dubya voters start off with a black mark. No churchies - attendance is not tolerated more than twice a year. I am not interested in anybody who frequently utilizes "lol", "u" or "alot". And most importantly, I detest articles of clothing that have the name of the store where you bought them printed on the front in 80-point font.

I hate to be such a shallow jerk and list all these requirements, but a guy has got to have standards.

If you are going to message me, please be aware that I like to talk to potential dates on some sort of instant messaging service before going out. I like to use the chat programs as a screening process to hopefully avoid awkward real-life dates, of which I am sure you know the type what I mean.
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