38Manchester, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Damn, always hated self summaries, never known quite what i should put or how to start.

I'm a former ancient history and archaeology student, still hoping i may be able to get a job in that area eventually but having a very hard time getting there.

I'm left wing liberal, love politics and often have trouble understanding people who don;t take an interest in how their own country is run.

I tend to be quite shy at first have a good sense of humour and like making people laugh

I like all sorts of music but especially rock or indie stuff, like seeing films (got a cinema card now so I've been going a lot longer) and have been know to have the odd drink, I also enjoy playing online computer games on my PC a fair amount, slightly geeky i know.

oh and i generally give up a couple of weeks a year to go dig holes as part of an archaeological excavation, many people don't understand why i enjoy this...

I am relaxed, attentive, and thoughtful
I’m really good at
listening to people
working through problems
making good pasta
The first things people usually notice about me
i'm pretty tall, i've been known to loom on occasion
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
this list is probably going to be very imcomplete

books, 1984, animal farm, most terry pratchet, frank herbet's dune series, 3 musketeers, most of tolkein, day of the jackal
I also read lots of non fiction, particularly history, i like reading classical authors like Plutarch, Livy and Arrian as well as more recent works

i like a pretty wide range of films, i like hollywood blockbusters like lord of the rings, transformers,star wars (although not the more redent ones so much the dark knight, shawshank redemption, seven etc

i'm a big fan of spagetti westerns i also really like anything by Akira Kurosawa.

I watch quite a lot of anime, bleach, ergo provy, trigun, ghost in the shell, howls moving castle, spirited away

Music, i like a very wide range of music, i like to think i like what i like rather than specific genres, that said most of my taste tends to fall into indie or rock categories, my 3 favourite bands (in no particular order) are Radiohead, NIN and Tool, i also like massive attack, cold play, morcheeba, foo fighters, gorillaz, hundred reasons, killswitch engage, rammstein, REM, a perfect circle, pantera, system of a down, and quite a bit more

food, i like pretty much all food from all cuisines, i love to try new things and experiment, i like to think i'd always at least try something once (although this has sometimes lead to trouble in the past... chickens feat should perhaps have been left on the menu)

I'm also quite a good cook and like to experiment
Six things I could never do without
the internet (i don't like to be disconnected)
my android phone (sad i know but I've come to really rely on the thing
my friends
being able to work on archaeological sites at least once a year (getting out of an office and doing something with your hands is important)
a good book
cheese, really, it's such the best food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
anything but what i'm supposed to be doing, my attention tends to drift and i daydream about pretty random stuff
On a typical Friday night I am
more often than not out having a drink, this may or may not end up taking up the whole evening, i like to let things just develop without massive pre planning
You should message me if
you want to....
The two of us