29 Stanmore, Australia
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My self-summary
No need for self summary.

Let me tell you about dates.

Date number 1) On first date we will meet for coffee. It will go for 45 minutes, during this time we will have conversations and assess each other for potential sole mates. Please be polite and interested in what I have to say. You will wear something casual and clean. Jeans okay, leather shorts not okay. Sweatshirt okay, stained wife-beater not okay. Please hide all southern cross tattoos. Let me find those later ;) (See date number 3).

Date number 2) If date number one go well, date number two will be happen next. We will go to a movie theater and watch the movie together. This will last as long as movie runs for. Please allow adequate time for variations in different movie lengths. In movie, we will sit next to each other. You will make some comments and you will make silence too. This is to see how comfortable we are with both have sweaty hands.

Date number 3) In date number three, you will prepare for a special treat. I will make you a special dinner and if all go well maybe there will be dessert later on...I hope you have a big appetite!
What I’m doing with my life
Busy with life.
But don't don't forget. I am not too busy. I am looking for my sole mate too.
I’m really good at
not neck massage. Not reading white goods instructions.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am a Libran with an Aquarius ascendent and Capricorn moon.
On a typical Friday night I am
using my time-machine to catch up on all the Border Security episodes I missed.
You should message me if
you would like to know what will happen dates 4 to 19.

(SPOILER ALERT!!!! we get married date 15)