38Orsa, Sweden
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My self-summary
Originally from Mexico but living in Seattle for almost 17 years; if you see my profile under other location is because I’m ready to move away to Scandinavia, Russia or anywhere in Europe in general.
Graduated in Marine Biology but working fulltime in the service industry and randomly as Photographer (I was semi-pro in some point). I love any Water and Snow related activities, I swim at least a mile when I work out (I do 2 when I have enough time) the coolest thing I’ve ever done are: Riding a 13 meter Whale-Shark, snorkeling in a Coral Reef at midnight during full moon and jumping from a waterfall (if you see it, you’ll know why).
Science and Art are what have driven me thru my whole life, but Movies, Geopolitics and watching American Football have been my only diversion ever since I’ve been in Seattle…pretty much my life is working to survive and to keep my very nice apartment.
I know it will sound tacky/corny and old fashioned but life in general and especially mine in particular is about finding a balance while extreme opposites crash, so here is me, short and simple, so you won’t waste your time:

I can keep secrets.
Loyal and Independent as a Wolf...i will die to protect my friends, family and a partner if i ever have one; but due the Geography i've been alone most of my life.
Unusually Empathetic and Emotional (that's why Art is so important to me, while producing it or while enjoying it) yet, i'm capable to totally shut down my emotions as defense mechanism or in case of a crisis (very handy during accidents).
Stubborn and Proud, but able to recognize when I fuck up…”IF” I fuck up =P
Compassion is a very serious and important word in my personal vocabulary, while i truly admire people who are able to show it to anyone indiscriminately; i just show compassion for the innocent and weak because i always hold people accountable for their actions and i can't tolerate stupidity or negligence....i hate lies and liars!
I always know what I want and I hardly change my mind (I have a backup plan for everything I do).
I treat people how they treat me; if someone is nice or polite towards me, I’ll be nice in the same way towards that person, but, if someone starts teasing me, being annoying, or want to make fun of me, most likely I will make that person cry in the end (that has happened couple times already).
I’m very peaceful and laid-back but I don’t take shit from anyone (except my Bosses/Owners).
Very Sarcastic with a Dark Sense of humor; I hate politically correctness and hypocrite heart bleeding “liberals” who get outraged by small things but totally fail not just to see the big picture but even to see or try to understand other points of view…a very recurrent and common example is Russophobia, if you hate Russians and you believe all what Obama, BBC and CNN tells you, you are not as open minded and liberal as you think you are.
I’m straight forward and honest but i mind in my own business and I always try to avoid hurting people or confrontation; so, I you want me to be brutally honest I most likely will keep quiet, avoid the topic of discussion or I will directly tell you I won’t disclose my opinion about your dress, shoes or whatever will get me in troubles.
I have an amazing taste in: movies, art, food, wine and women. Film wise: I attend the Seattle Film Festival every year and my list of Foreign films is about 600 (I remember 98% of them) I have finished and registered 2 film scripts already. Food wise: I eat gourmet food in very regular basis at the community college in the city; I can’t cook many things (Chinese mainly) but I’ve been judge and I’ve been asked input about creations and menus several times.
What I’m doing with my life
I have lots of expenses in order to have a place like the one i live all by myself, so, i spend my time working basically most of all when regular people and all my friends are having fun Fridays and weekends, so, here i am trying to find a little bit of sweetness in my boring and routinary life.
I’m really good at
Fixing problems since i have great attention to detail.
I give awesome massages!
The first things people usually notice about me
My sense of humor, sometimes too sarcastic and how straight forward i am.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm very into foreign film, mainly European, during the last SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) i saw 57 movies in 3 week period.
I like history epics or non-fiction if they have a social context.
I obliviously read whatever i can get my hands on about Photography techniques, but, i do must of my reading (3 hours daily minimum) reading about Geopolitics (i can tell you what's the reason of your country's foreign policy, for example).
Food wise, i love gourmet food, but mainly French, Spanish and Mexican.
Six things I could never do without
Nothing really! i've been living in very hard and extreme circumstances except for war.... I ve been without food for up to almost 5 days and i've been homeless lots of times for years; once i was living on the streets for two weeks with my brand new Bachelor's degree Diploma, TOEFL certification, and all kinds of technical certifications, so, i can manage without nothing really.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to fix the world and my life.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like ABBA
You should message me if
You want some sort of relationship, it doesn't matter what kind, just let me know what is going on. I hate emotional blackmail or mind control games, if you want something or dislike something please just say it!
The two of us