34Myrtle Creek, United States
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My self-summary
If you are into things like hanging out with girls who have a car, their own place, a job, or a fashion model's body... Run in the opposite direction, you won't find that here.

- I am currently looking for FRIENDSHIPS ONLY.
- I'm not a girly girl but I still paint my nails and do my makeup when I'm bored.
- I'm once again working on losing weight, quitting cigarettes again as well as drinking, and I've cut WAY back on caffeine for anxiety/digestion reasons.
- I do NOT want children (not negotiable), and have 2 previously stray dogs and a few friends' kids that fill that particular void in my life.
- I really like the English language and spend a lot of time playing word games and thinking about the role language plays in life everyday.
- I spend a lot of effort into trying to not to invite drama into my life.
- The terms Oogle or wingnut may or may not have fit me at some point in my existence
- I value honesty/respect and don't want to play emotional mind games.
- I have some passed down trust issues so I probably wont meet you if I know nothing about you (AKA you have no profile) and/or we haven't talked online for awhile. I also prefer first meetings to happen during daylight hours.
- I've lived on the streets, been to jail and eaten out of the trash, but I am not looking for a "sugar daddy".
- I am a crafty homemaker, I'm an only child, and live with my mother.
- I've been piercing bodies for 13+ years and enjoy the process of helping people modify their bodies.
- I am not here to look for sex partners, I am looking for smoking companions, friends, people to collaborate with artistically, (possibly) cuddle buddies... if I feel comfortable there is a chance for more, but don't just contact me if all you are looking for is to get your dick wet.
- Please don't contact me if you consider yourself a juggalo, furry, or part of the military.

"I'm not slow, I'm methodical."

INTROVERT/HERMIT looking to live in the woods.

I'm modified: 2g dermal punched outer conch x2, 6g dermal punched outer conch, 18g earlobe piercing x2, 1" permanently enlarged earlobe x2, 12g septum, 10g septum, 16g labret x2("snakebites"), 14g vert labret, 10g vert nipples, 10g vert hood, 10g triangle piercing; 1.5hrs scalpeled scarification(shape of fly); 6 strike brands; 5 tattoos (maybe 15% coverage).
What I’m doing with my life
"you can't get lost if you have no place to go..."
When I have a home:
Cooking, leaded glass art, cleaning, reading (A LOT), playing bingo once a week, the dishes, going to the farmers market once a week, altering clothes, playing solitaire and online scrabble, using online chat rooms to waste valuable time, looking at/collecting/using functional glass art, online research, crafting whatever happens to come to mind, snuggling my dogs, doing dabs, and doling out plenty of advice that is asked for but rarely followed.

What I'd like to be doing:
Moving into a house near the Oregon coast, going to the Beach on cloudy days with a blanket and hot chocolate, getting stoned and cuddling up to watch a movie with someone, people watching, traveling the continent and living in a vehicle (with someone who will drive), going to awesome shows and ignoring the pretentious kids, walking more, doing more piercings, attending APP each and every year, more flesh pulls and perhaps a suspension, going to museums, laying around at a park, getting more tattoos, and glass, having my nails done and getting a massage, exploring abandoned buildings, making even more stuff and selling it, and, becoming healthier and stronger each and every day.
I’m really good at
Reading an entire book in one night. Being socially awkward. Collecting body mods through barter. Coughing while smoking weed (medicinal and recreational). Wasting time. Watching other people play video games. Watching people in general. Organization... and getting vexed when people disrupt mine. Starting too many projects at once. Taking in strays. Entertaining myself. Editing my profile too often (this fully explains the length). Randomness, procrastination, and being too honest (which apparently makes me a bitch).

I am also discovering that I'm surprisingly good at accidentally finding my friends on dating websites.
The first things people usually notice about me
The waist-long dreadlocks, glasses, and the septum piercings. Probably also that I'm short and pudgy and have a strange "sense of style" (or none at all).

When I was younger a lot of people thought I was stuck up because I wouldn't talk to them, when in reality I was terrified of them. So, I guess people probably notice that I'm quiet and/or socially awkward. I try to smile as often as possible now so that people don't think I'm too pretentious these days, but that probably just makes me look creepy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: all the Dystopian novels everyone knows of and a few people don't usually know, as many books written by traveling kids as I can get my hands on, or pretty much anything I find in front of my face.

Music: I listen to a very eclectic mix of music genres... a lot of older punk, crust punk, folk punk, and anti-folk; as well as political/underground hip-hop (and of course old school), some electronic genres (especially when working out or gaming), classic rock, big band, some grindcore, and some other various sub-genres of metal.

I love Southern Californian Mexican food, but I am best at making an awesome steak, or a burger out of a portabella mushroom. I grew up on an acre of avocado trees, and I know how to pick the best asparagus and artichokes at the market. Satsuma tangerines make me extremely happy.

Its hard for me to watch a movie by myself, but I can sit all day and watch movies with someone else. I like a lot of old 80's kids movies, zombie movies, documentaries, and strange indie films, but I am open to try and watch most anything.
Movie List: The Last Unicorn, Suburbia, The Neverending Story, Explorers, The Road, Fight Club, Kids, The Labyrinth, Teeth, Sid&Nancy, Swingers, NBK, Empire Records, The Goonies, Behind the Burly Q, The Navigator, Pulp Fiction, All Over Me, Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style, Tank Girl, Rango, Choke, Garbage Warrior, The Decline of Western Civilization (1, 2, & 3), etc etc

Most of the time when I have the TV on its for background noise or I'm eating. I love my DVR because commercials are my biggest enemy. The remote is a mighty weapon.
TV list: The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, Sense8, Mr. Robot, Criminal Minds, Orange is the New Black,AHS, Jessica Jones..?
Six things I could never do without
More Than Six:
My dogs.
My psych meds (this includes the herbal kind).
Shelter (in the rain) or a sleeping bag.
My Glasses.
Clean Socks/Underwear.
Something to read.
Comfy shoes.
My phone/music.
Something to make fire.
A backpack to hold it all.

Everything else is secondary.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Traveling... Folk and punk sing-a-longs... What I should Cook For Dinner. Things I'm trying to forget. How I don't understand why the majority of people act the ways that they do. My dreams (I remember them nearly every morning). The life my dogs had before I saved them from the streets. What I would do if I had jus a little bit more money. The point value words would have in a game of scrabble. Urban exploration. Wishing I could take photographs that would capture exactly what I see, feel, and smell at a given time -- I think this would be a great invention, along with the telepod.

I really just spend too much time thinking.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing chores. Half-watching movies but mostly getting distracted. Hanging out with new (and sometimes old) friends, and/or my mom. Cuddling with my dogs or reading a book. I am probably cooking dinner, and I'm definitely stoned.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm socially awkward, I dont drive and its hard for me to get places, and I don't have a job so I have no money.

I spend a lot of time online in Tinychat chatrooms smoking weed with other stoners from all over the world.

I'm very honest and open, if I trust you there is very little I won't tell you.

I'm lonely. (That doesn't mean I'm desperate)
You should message me if
This profile didn't scare you, you think you have a lot in common with me and want to match bowls, go to a farmers market, smoke together in an online chatroom, or thrift shop..

I've rated you 4-5 stars.

I seem to visit your profile a lot (I probably don't know what to say or think that you wouldn't be interested in what I have to offer).
The two of us