35 Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
A bike ride, a frosty mug of root beer, a good novel (with an envelope for a bookmark.), a comedy podcast, a cassette mixtape,
an x-acto blade midway through an ambitious project, a comic, a weekly novel, a desire to be prolific and kind at the same time.

I hope we'd have more in common than just liking npr. The sheer number of people that listen to npr on OKC sort of overwhelms me. I am more science friday than talk of the nation.

I really enjoy playing music, and have a fantasy about meeting a female musician and then having a really kick ass band where i get to play banjo, accordion and whatever other instruments I am learning.

Also I pride myself in not being a creep. I feel being male on OkCupid has a bad reputation. I believe wholeheartedly in consent, and I am very verbal about what I am comfortable with.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to run a record label with my friends. Book shows for touring bands in someone's living room. Mostly I play in a ragtime/punk revival act Peninsula. I have a puppet show I call The Misanthroppets. I am constantly trying to record the next album, and go on a tour to support the next album! I also draw whenever I can (I am classically trained, but also classically ignore the training). I really enjoy keeping a sketchbook, and often bury myself in it. Trying to learn new instruments (accordian, saxaphone, and trumpet.). I am an aspiring printmaker. I am making a comic. I am constantly writng notes to myself and then not reading them. Planning out Halloween costumes months in advance, then procrastinating making them. I cut my hair and now I have to learn how to use product. I am riding my bike, and looking through the nooks and crannies. constantly contemplating and new profession. I blog: http://epicsaga.tumblr.com/.

Mainly being a nerd (not the I play video games and surf the internet variety, but the variety that can name of Roman emperors, and talk for hours about astronomy.)
I’m really good at
1. snapping and whistling while riding my bike.
2. making mixtapes
3. making food for 8 people on whatever I have got laying around.
4. using a x-acto knife.
5. book club discussions
6. drawings
The first things people usually notice about me
why is that guy got a kazoo around his neck like that?
does that guy have a banjo on his back on a bicycle?
did he just throw a pizza behing his back, wait...is that my pizza?

Lately I have gotten a lot of cat calls on my bike. I don't even know if I am getting noticed from the front of the back.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
music: old blues (leadbelly, blind blake), non contemporary country music (Jimmie Rodgers, Townes Van Zandt), hip hop (a tribe called quest, mf doom), talented bearded men (do i really need to explain this one?), female singers (Jolie Holland, Mirah), stoner metal at my work(weedeater, sleep), & Prince

movies: I'll watch anything once...I usually just go to Odd Obsession and pick out something obscure. update: I thoroughly enjoy Swedish cinema, and the gene siskel film theatre.

shows: adventuretime, and also bbc's sherlock with benedict cumberbatch.

books: I like Murakami, Roberto Bolano, and George Saunders. Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. LeGuin, and most Science Fiction. Recent discovered a budding relationship to non-fiction, we are still in the salad days though.
Last books read: Green Mars, Infinite Jest, Notable American Women.

Food: I'll eat it. I like most everything. Except olives, the texture reminds me of dead baby seals. I don't mind tapenade thought.
The six things I could never do without
1. My hoodie
2. My cat
3. My bicycle
4. My banjo
5. The library "hold" system or a new book
6. I guess I only need five things.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
can i make my bed look like a sandwich?
art projects.
what should i put on this flier, and how do i fit johncougarmillertimespacecamp on it.
why am i not brewing beer?
why am i screenprinting something?
what to whistle next on my bicycle?
bronies? (if you don't know, Google it!)
anatomical art?
On a typical Friday night I am
working until midnight covered in flour, then playing banjo. I am a much more social person over brunch. Sometimes I entertain people with my music. I like to cut loose on Mondays through Wednesdays!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I chopped off all my hair. My roommate is a female (also on OKCupid), who is my best friend. We brunch, watch horror films, talk about Magneto, ride bikes and sing the violent femmes together.
You should message me if
If you wanna go to brunch with me. If you play clarinet, violin, or cello & want to start (join?) a band. If you wanna teach me a game! If you want to brew beer or make art. Or tell me a joke. Or if you want a dialogue just write, I'll write back, I promise.

If you want to help me make a vine. I love six second videos.

If you're into making cassette mix tapes, let's trade them.

If you want to meet me in real life and go on a bike ride.