50Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Who would want to go out with an occasional crossdresser?

There's more to me than crossdressing. I don't have any gender disphoria; I know I'm a boy and don't identify as a woman. But when I'm dressed, I do like to be called by a feminine name and act feminine (whatever that means) and I do feel different, even if it ends when I change. It does bring something out that isn't quite gone when the boy clothes come back on. For me, it's a fun investigation in how things are wired. It's also a reminder of how much male privilege I have - less fun but valuable.

So while I can't hold a candle to those who bravely live their life as they see themselves rather than as society does, I still am pretty queer and identify as such. This profile is an exercise in being up front about that, even though I could pass for straight.

Profile is a work in progress. More about the rest of me will be here.

My myer briggs varies between INFJ and INTP. The IN is pretty solid, but I'm somewhat on the cusp between F/T and P/J. I think I'm cool with that.

Today? Today I tried cold brewing coffee (it wasn't all that, but then I only had a really dark roast on hand, so I may try again when I've got some fresher, medium roast), have some bread rising, going to finish painting the bathroom that my co-op recently remodeled, going for a run, trying to stop reading about the Indus Valley civilization (largely coincident with other of our large initial ancient urbanizations but unique in that they had no visible signs of hierarchy -!- and an untranslated written language), filling out the weekend's events and ever re-evaluating the weight of the feelings for sex and companionship that aren't quite fulfilled. And checking dispatch for work.
What I’m doing with my life
Things I didn't think I'd be doing a few years ago: learning how to park 40' and 20' long semi trailers, inserting naso-gastric tubes and relearning how to roller skate. Life IS an adventure.
And continuing to discover more about myself - nice to know I'm a book still being written.

Despite school, work and a social life I try to find time for political activism and geeky social activities.
I’m really good at
edit: ok, now I've gotten compliments on my makeup, but I think that's just because I've tried to settle for a very simple look. A part of me would love to glam up a bit but I think modest worked a lot better for me. Eye makeup is still frustrating and involves a lot of do-overs.

I'm getting better at shaving and they say I've got good legs in heels and a nice butt in a skirt.

I am the go-to person for most things that break in my co-op. I've done work as an electrician, and learned plumbing the hard way, drip by drip.

As for natural talents, I try to be a good listener and continue to try new things.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a dude. Well, not the first thing always but pretty quickly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm always reading, and often not the nursing textbook I should be reading. While I do indulge in escapist fantasy, I'm also frequently reading oral histories, natural science, 'respectable' novels and politics.
Movies out are an event.
Movies in are an indulgence that I download.
While I don't watch cable/network tv I do appreciate the rise in quality of serial dramas such as the Wire, Mad Men or Downton Abbey as well as the cheesy-wrongness of Archer and the Venture Brothers. I'm also a sucker for well produced documentaries (not History Channel, think BBC).

I cook; I used to bake my own bread and don't go to the store for potlucks. I've learned to temper my penchant for spicy food for northwest friends eating meals I cook.
Six things I could never do without
for the purposes of this profile:
wig, corset, heels, thigh-highs, garter belt, lip stick, mascara, hah!
It's pretty ridiculous and labor intensive.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why so many straight men with vanishingly low match scores show up on my visitor list. wtf?

Not in order:
A. Occupy, how to create meaningful change, why 3rd party efforts have been doomed and what it would take to change that...
B. How to live more sustainably; work projects at my co-op, baking bread and if I should homebrew again, gardening on my roof. I don't think these things change the world (Goldman Sachs will not be bothered if I raised chickens) but they are a better way to live.
C. Escapist pursuits like board games and such.
D. School.
E. Where to go out while dressed feminine and why wearing a skirt and heels makes me thirst for a gin and tonic instead of an IPA. I don't like dichotomous gender roles and there I go repeating them. Yes, its true that I've talked about a lot of the accoutrements of femininity, but that's all I'm about to change. And I think about that, too.
On a typical Friday night I am
Dressed like a guy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like to feel pretty while dressed like a girl...
You should message me if
I'm about as open as any girl would be to a long distance invitation to "chat" with someone that has low match scores; which is to say, NOT. Especially if your profile says 'straight'.

Oh, geez. Let's have some fun! Let's smile and put sparkles in each others eyes.

Also: my last relationship was poly. My next one might not be depending on you, but it will probably be a while before I'm ready to be exclusive.
The answer to this question used to be : "You'd like to occasionally go out with me to crossdressing friendly venues like Neighbors, Rebar or other places on the hill for dranks and dancin'." I'm hoping that I'll be doing that a lot this summer. And I'm finding I'm ready to go out to places that aren't so obviously 'out'.
The two of us