26Greensboro, United States
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My self-summary
I work a lot. I joke about everything. I love people who know how to conduct themselves properly based on the situation. I love someone who can go from elevated diction and perfected grammar to chillin with some friends and letting it go. I love to say I love everything even if I only like it marginally... I love using ellipses... I love it when I make a stupid, mundane reference to some random, b-rated movie from the early 80's and someone gets it. I kind of love a lot of early Tom Cruz movies (if you get the reference of my name, definite kudos). I love having fun without having to do a lot to achieve it... When I go out to have fun, I go with the flow and do what I can to promote fun for everyone around me. This much being said, I love to work and deeply respect someone who feels mutually about this.
What I’m doing with my life
Working. I ride horses in my spare time, but usually I'm working during the day. I'm no longer too big on partying, and I don't especially need alternative substances to actually enjoy life (though I truly enjoy drinking when I have time to really let loose)
I’m really good at
Horse back riding, driving, cooking, cleaning, customer service, kicking ass, taking names, gaming (though I don't play video games anymore), debates, yelling at the television while watching football (Patriots all the way), pleasing others, guitar, drums, violin, killing time, making plans that I know I will just kick later to do something even more fun, and filling out completely large lists that most people fill with bullshit information so that they can make other people think that they are way cooler than they actually are ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
I can be a little loud. I don't like to be too introverted. I kind of just let myself out at once, I want people to know me right away. I don't enjoy a lot of bullshit
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ayn Rand, Hemingway, great American authors, J.K. Rowling will always have a place in my heart for her plot lines, Shakespeare is the greatest writer in the English language, and Chuck is good in small doses. i.e. Fight Club was great, but I can't read his books back to back.

I love cheesy action movies and stupid sappy romance movies and any movie with a horse and a gun (preferably westerns).

I love Italian food and Sushi. I also drink a ton of coffee and love to cook. Great pub food is always welcome as well!
Six things I could never do without
My boots, my car, my guitar, my stereo, my job, my horse
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything... No, i really mean everything... Politics, religion, physics, grammar, logic, philosophy, art, history, anything, and everything that gets my focus
On a typical Friday night I am
Working. At least, until late :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't really have much that isn't public knowledge, if you talk to me long enough, you will find out everything. I am a stickler for bad grammar though, this should be duly noted
You should message me if
You have an actual sense of humor and want to have fun.

oh, a thousand words? A THOUSAND WORDS?????? honestly? Do you really want to hear me go on for a thousand words about myself? Seriously? Do you know how little the extra 500 words would actually say? It would be a thousand word masturbation session where I get to tell you the stupid little intricacies of my life that I don't even give two shits about but feel the urge to go on and on about so that I can squeeze out a thousand words... Honestly, if I wrote a thousand words about myself, I would get bored of it eventually. Have you ever read an autobiography that didn't have at least a small helping of smugness? Don't get me wrong, I love myself, BUT I'M NOT IN LOVE WITH MYSELF... In fact, I would even say that me and I are just really, really good friends, nothing more. Do you want to what the other 500 words would consist of? Message me! Actually talk to me! Get to actually know me! That is the best way of doing this. If you didn't find the humor in this tirade, or didn't get that this is pretty much a joke to me, you don't need to message me...
The two of us