37Reykjavík, Iceland
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My self-summary
Expect this to be a long read. As an advanced INFP organism I like writing extensively about myself and everything.

Transgender girl from Iceland(MTF post-op). Weird, geeky, and a meta-poet. Lived on this solemn rock for ages and hope to die here at some age, while also having a chance to discover the rest of the world.

I like to draw, paint, write, code, play occasional video games, and tend to go into new hobbies on a whim as I love exploring what the world has to offer. I also tend to write poetry that can sound rather dark. I also like to paint Warhammer 40k figures with my airbrush.

In essence I am just a damn geek that is high on spirituality and philosophy. Playing Battlestar Galactica boardgames, discussing Doctor Who, and discussing stuff like the simulation hypothesis, morphic resonance, or why latex is the best material for clothing, I participate in it all. Plus I am into all the kinky things that make the world an interesting place

I also love animals. People will notice that I like to talk to them and give them attention.(I have an extremely soft spot for small rodents like gerbils). Out of the two I'd prefer cats over dogs, but I still love dogs in their own special way.

Despite my height and background I do consider myself rather girlie rather than tomboyish. Just don't expect my intellect to be ditzy(unless we are roleplaying I guess).

My humour is offbeat and not necessarily noticeable.

Also, I adore Bill Hicks and think he was an actual prophet sent to us by a shared consciousness experiencing itself subjectively(hyperbole to the rescue!). Love listening to guys like Bill Hicks, Alan Watts, and Robert Anton Wilson. Existential Zen, so to speak, is something that I thrive on.

I consider myself polyamorous.

I have to admit beforehand that I prefer messages that have some content. I rarely, if ever, answer one line messages. I prefer to get a bit more glimpse into the person than a single "hi". It also allows me to write more back instead of just saying "hi" back.
What I’m doing with my life
Working at an awesome company making computer games. Not many issues to complain about except for the endless monetary problems Iceland faces. :/

Also just exploring myself and trying to find new things to see and experience from life. I am very aimless in many ways. Life leads you into all corners; good and bad.
I’m really good at
A lot of mixed things

I've written stories, painted pictures, and created games. There are probably other things I can do, but time is limited despite my interests.

Probably the thing I am best at is creating stories within my head. I have lived a thousand lifetimes within my mind. I'd say I am the God Empress of my Imagination.

Example of old art stuff is here:
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am friendly and willing to talk to anyone.

They might also notice I am tall for a woman.

First timer might see that I am shy although sometimes I fear they think I am haughty. If anything I consider myself above none as I am rather egalitarian in thought.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
When it comes to books I love I am Legend, Emily Brönte's Wuthering Heights and Frank Herbert's Dune.

In regards to movies nothing beats Old Boy, Aliens, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, and lots of animated stuff(Akira, Princess Monoke, Attack on Titan).

Music matches are all over the place. I like classic music, but also an age old fan of Queen and Prodigy, while I listen to Lady GaGa and Muse these days. For me it is about the moment and my own mood what I listen to. If I am going insane I will listen to German techno, but when I want to be thoughtful I listen to Muse, and when it is time for the good old days I listen to Queen and shed a tear for that marvelous mustached singer, Freddie.

Apparently I am also very much into French House music according to a friend of mine(M83, Justice, Vitalic, Daft Punk).

TV shows: Love Doctor Who(the 2005 reboot.) Other shows I've watched and liked: Buffy, Angel, BSG reboot, Lost, Torchwood, Babylon 5, etc etc. I like a lot of TV shows as long as they are not "reality" tv shows.

I am a huge fruit and milk consumer, reserving good red meat or burgers only to good times with friends and family. A choice I made for non-ethical reasons(and more because I liked to improve my health even more)

When it comes to gaming I tend to have interest in all genres(except those damn Football Managers...). I love roleplaying games like Baldur's Gate and Mass Effect, but I also like to spaz out and chill while playing something like Street Fighter. I am also veeeery good when it comes to the Arkham Games. Batman is godlike under my thumbs.
Six things I could never do without
-My brain
I could never live in a society without some animals around me. I find most of nature's creatures to be a beautiful display of myriad wonders.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life and the universe. My mind is a roller coaster that explores whatever subject it is currently visiting. Sometimes I get so caught up in subjects that I entrench myself into them to find a deeper meaning.

I love seeing how life travels in all those chaotic lines and intersecting with each others, creating memories and feelings that are unique to the moment.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopefully something fun and interesting. Although I can get stuck in a rut it isn't something I want to do so I'd rather keep things open. I love chatting to people, especially in a cozy environment.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Deviant who likes bondage and domination of the BDSM spectrum. I am personally a switch(with submissive leanings). Perhaps a fetishist would be a more correct term. Latex is my favourite material.

TL;DR: I am really not into vanilla things.
You should message me if
... if you want to chat. I love talking to people about whatever and getting to know existence more.
The two of us