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My self-summary
- still charming? At least I hope so.
So what am I ?
Old - but not spend,
tolerant - but not open for everything,
( others might do everything they want unless they don`t bother me!)
intelligent - but jet not wise enough,
humorous - but not being plump,
without illusions - but not without dreams,
mistakes - impatience and maybe a few others ( which all in all can`t be so bad, I still have friends!),
communicative - depends who`s talking (and what they say!),
sincere - well, I think - yes (even without trying too hard!)

I am still alive, still active, and still learning........
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to spend it conscious........

A new planet by 2030
Flagship WWF Living Planet report warns that within two decades the global economy will be consuming the resources of two Earths each year
Please read this – If it only comes half as bad, that’s bad enough!

I voted for “epoch change” because that’s what we are in. We are forced to change all our attitudes, our behaviour and our views about politics, industrialization, finance in short our being in this world as humans. Up till now we only got what’s left from this world, - and this we have to preserve.
First of all we have to change most of our technologies, no matter at what costs (beside – it is obviously that the ongoing changes – what is commonly called “green economy” creates more jobs than the clinging to the “old” ones).

Study: Renewable energy creates more jobs than expected
Expansion of the renewable energy in Germany has even higher growth and job effects, than up to now expected. With about 340,000 employees the number of the jobs has more than doubled since 2004. The expansion of renewable energy creates clearly more jobs in Germany, than up to now expected.
The employment balance in renewable energy sector is positive. In nearly all analysed scenarios an ambitious expansion of renewable energy led in Germany to definite positive net occupation effects, compared to an energy supply situation which renounces renewable energy. The figures published today are the result of a research project which the Federal Ministry of Environment allocated in 2008 to a team of famous research institutes under leadership of the Society for Economic Structural Research (GWS, Osnabrück). This investigation rests on an extensive questioning of about 1,200 enterprises of the German renewable energy industry, including her suppliers, as well as on a deeply diversified analysis of future export chances.
Monday, 11.Oktober 2010

Cleantech Boosts Jobs in Specific Regions and Segments:

Above are only two examples/articles that these changes are taking place!

The economic climate!

It is difficult to do this...... impossible from the economic point of view to do that...... the simple economics demands that...... a lot of discussions are taking place about sustainable green energy not fitting in the currant economic system ???
What if we see it the other way around: The currant economic system does not fit for the development of a sustainable green energy development.
Just some month ago the financial system has shown so drastically that it does not fit into our social system - it would have been the best chance to change that!
What kind of crisis do we have to experience to show the disadvantages of our economic system for everyone?

The political climate!

Sure, this is a hard one! Even though a lot of things do happen and some of our representatives are aware and engaged, the right and uncompromised political solutions are rare.
Too much is a politician engaged with his own personal power plays: Does the voter accept me? – seems to be the easiest task – because the common voter doesn’t seem to care too much as long as his basic needs are not endangered.
Are my actions in alliance with the party programme? – this is off course a more tricky one and occupies more time and thoughts than working for the public.
Are my doings and my decisions beneficial for me personally? – meaning, do I get a good job with the industry once I decide to leave (or have to leave) politics.
Those seem to be the most important motives for politicians nowadays (correct me if I am wrong!) and exactly these motives are blocking progress and technological new orientation.

So are we in the middle of an “Epoch Change”? - undoubtedly YES!
All around us economic growth is picking up again after the orgy of greed in the financial world which corrupted nearly every branch of our political and social system.
Economic growth, from all what we know about economics by now, will result in higher consume, higher prices and higher expectations – but this time something unforeseen will happen (unforeseen by those who did not watch the development) some of the minerals that we need so badly to produce our sophisticated products will become extremely expensive and some will even get exploited. Natural resources, potable water for instance, will become extremely rare. The oceans, now already over fished, will not be able to keep up the bio diversity, more and more land will fall into the hands of financial trusts to be misused for the production of “bio fuels” and energy.
Here we are again – the need to change technologies – take for example the combustion engine! This is an antique! Nikolaus August Otto invented this thing in 1860 and patented it 1876! Chistian Reithmann, who patented the 4-stroke engine in 1860 was slightly before him.
What if both would have known what damage they did to our environment!? And we are still using it today and are prepared to destroy even more, just to keep on feeding it!
We still burn things to produce energy! This is stoneage behaviour from the times the caveman learned to make fire to cook and warm himself.

We still waste, - actually we are the only living specie on this planet that creates waste!

Nature doesn’t know such thing like waste! Everything gets recycled – is energy!

We are the only species on earth with the ability to destroy this planet, - we did nothing to create it – but we can destroy it. We have the power – but power alone never makes sense!

More than ever is this the time for an “Epoch Change” – it has to be done.
We, here in this illustrious circle, are actually the trend setters, the ones that work hard for some changes, what ever motives we might have – even if it is to make some money out of this new wave of substantial future developments.
We are the driven ones and the drivers.
In this sense, - let’s keep it up!
It can be done!

Andreas Abraham
(postet in Linked in/

"The world has enough for ever ones need, but not for everyone’s greed"
Mahatma Gandhi
I’m really good at
using words (especial german words, of course), sometimes they build little poems for me.........

Worte sind Wunderdinge, - und so klein.
benutze sie recht,
dann dringen sie in jede Seele ein.

Words are marvelous things,
and yet so small.
Use them right,
you conquer all.

The Bee Gees did it better:
"It's only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away."
The first things people usually notice about me
- honestly, I don`t care!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- these are those typically stupid questions being asked!
If it interests me I`ll read it -
if it grabs my attention I am bonded,
if it tasts; I enjoy!
Six things I could never do without
the sea,
the sea,
the sea,
single malt,
a boat,
and nature.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics, environment, my job, thoughts like.........

Global Consciousness,
the last century was one of war, waste and exploitation. Let this one be one of stability, consciousness and peace. Even though we started it very badly, not being aware that it is us who have the obligation to hand it over to coming generations. It is them who final have to clean up the mess we left behind. They will not be thankful.

after this long, long period of trying to regulate our entire life, our education, our jobs, finance, nature, productivity, the entire world, it has not come into people’s mind, that he who tries to regulate most is being hidden hardest by coincidence.
After such failure, if coincidence is one, - people will call out even louder demanding solutions, regulations. Still everyone has his own fate to be mastered and has to understand, that in spite of all these regulations he stands alone against it all. I am not talking against common regularity needful for every human alliance, I am talking against this strong believe that there is a power who takes care and that I, the individual can trust in it and forget about my own responsibilities. The tobacco industry is responsible for my cancer, the banks responsible for my greed, the different for my intolerance, the industry for the pollution, the chemicals for the poisoned water, the terrorist for our dead sons. But if we`d call it in, give it a little thought, who is it than demanding all possible pleasures for himself, claiming a right to waste, pollute, assign, dominate and regulate as much as possible with the given right of the strong? Life is an obligation if you take it seriously.
On a typical Friday night I am
sometimes I sit and think - sometimes I just sit......... writing silly little poems like :

Schönheit gepaart mit Intellekt - erschreckt!
- so manchen Mann
vor allem wenn er meint dass er es besser kann.
So einer versteckt sich hinter Worten hohl und leer,
Sexualität muss auch noch her
und sagt wenn er nicht landen kann:
"Ich hab`s gewusst, frigide, die will kein Mann!"
Die Zeit der Paarung schnell vergeht,
was macht Mann dann wenn keiner da den man versteht?
Dann ist das Leben, so wahr wie ich Andreas heiße
so ziemlich Scheiße!

Oft frage ich mich warum sind wir Männer eigentlich so.
Plakative Schönheit, Brüste und ein hübscher Po
sind doch nicht alles im Männerleben,
versucht mal mit `nem Arsch zu reden!

Dann bin ich doch mehr angeregt
wenn etwas sich auch im Kopf bewegt
und mich so durchs Leben führt
dass ich nicht nur im Bett gerührt
- oder unterm Küchentisch.
Aber jetzt entgleise ich gewiss-

ich will nur sagen - eine Frau, sie ist für alles da
reden, auch streiten, wieder vertragen,
lieben, erleben, durchleben,
erfahren,entdecken, fühlen,
sich hingeben, nicht verstecken
mit ihr zu sein ist wunderbar.
Und wem das ist zu sonderbar
der geht allein durch`s Leben.
Es ist dann nur sehr einsam eben............

oder auch sowas:

Ein kleines Gedicht über Irrungen und Wirrungen die man vermeiden sollte.

Allein zu zwei`n

Man wollte sich nur Liebe geben.
Auch Achtung,Freude,
Schweres teilen und auch Sorgen,
sich Kraft einander borgen.

Doch trägt ein jeder eine Last.
Hat Zweifel und Gedanken schwer,
Stolz bis zur Dummheit ....
kurz, - alles was der andre hasst.

Gewohnt ist man die eignen Wege.
Sieht nur noch sich und nichts mehr ganz.
Aus Zweifel wächst dann die Distanz......
- und wieder wird man träge.

Zum Schluss sieht man dann ein, -
Man ist allein zu zwei`n.


Gedankenflüge nenn ich`s mal
meine Ahnungen über`s Was und Wie.
Nie würde ich behaupten,
was ich erdacht sei Philosophie.

So lass ich meine Gedanken ziehn,
ganz frei - zu fremden Orten.
Ich weiß sie werden wiederkehr`n
und dann beschreib ich sie mit Worten.
You should message me if
... you are not like all the others. Others are enough in this world!
The two of us