38Sarasota, United States
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My self-summary
Dear Diary,

Just kidding. I am not a diary kindof guy. More like a novelist. I never shuttup.

I am the guy that sends a letter to the city that says take that red light camera ticket and shove it where the sun dont shine.
Sometimes the darkness will show you the light lol. That was a line from a disturbed song and no I will give no points for knowing which song.

If i see another transgendered profile i will vomit. You cant change your gender. Its in your chromosomes. You cannot change your gender no matter how you feel. Feelings dont change things unless you act on them and even then some things cannot be changed. Dont follow the progressives like sheep. Who determines what is progressive? The progressives? Where are they? In the liberal party? Why do they determine what is accepted and what is not? Are they your god? Your gods change in time mine never changes. This country needs its ass whooped.

I am a mean person. Attractive huh?

I am highly evolved.

I dont need a promise ring to remind me why i am waiting for marriage. I have scars that remind me.

Sometimes my pee smells like bacon. A sign of my great health.

Some women say i am messed up i prefer enlightened.

I think women who like fashion are probably shallow. Its like men being obssesed with cars. Its superficial and vain. The world offers nothing to you. Women who consider themselves old fashioned are my type. I am not into new fashions either way.

I may have been born in America but I do not claim America mine. America hates white male protestants and so i couldn't give a crap. I do not feel obligated to my country to push its agenda. I feel like a free agent that still has to pay taxes.

You may ask me why am I single? Because all of the dumbasses are married.
What I’m doing with my life
Living it one day at a time. I think about death more than life because thats the state you will be in more than your current state. If you don't prepare for death you aren't prepared for life.
I’m really good at
Going to the bathroom regularly. See bacon smell above. Not falling in love.

Being single. Why am i single? American women are hos and i dont date hos.

I have never been in love because i know what love is...its the same as suffering. Its joy and suffering all together.

I laugh when i read profiles of women who claim men need them. I have been on my own for 20 years.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Why does this matter? Does the work of others reflect my life? If I like something does that mean its a reflection of my life?
Six things I could never do without
Laughing at Over the Top positive thinkers. Just because you think something will happen doesnt mean it will of course.

Reading your generic ass profile. You live life to the fullest? What woman doesnt say she does that? What does that even mean? You would have to know what a full life was to live it. Who bases their match on stupid things like the going to the gym or loving their dog? Seems like a loveless person. I base love on like minds or minds that assist each other and a person that will suffer for you and you will suffer for them and love it....and not being a whore of course. Back to the dog thing. Dogs are filthy animals. I find it funny how so many love their dogs because to be very frank dogs eat their own shit. So let me get this straight. Women find men disgusting as a rule but you find an animal that eats its own shit and then licks your face as cute? Just fyi the idea that a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans mouth is a myth. I really find it funny when a girl finds bugs gross and she has her dog licking her on the lips. Would you let a guy eat his own shit and then french kiss you? Lol. A dog is a parasites wet dream. Hang around the anus and the dog licks it off and applies it to your mouth. No struggle or long trip required.

The average Floridian picks up dogshit and walks their dog for a living. I don't get it.

Feminists...they make me laugh. They hate shovenists but they are shovenists. American women are pretty much worthless. They offer nothing and want everything. They can't respect men cook clean or take care of kids. They just want a mans soul his money and the kids. I jumped out of the pool before I even got my feet wet.

White middle males are getting crushed under their privilege because its so wonderful to not have it and be told you have it by the people that do.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The bible. I believe Jesus was god so therefore his words were god inspired of course. The rest of it outside of what God really said was spoken by people who make mistakes. How can man determine what God said?

My timeline of creation

1. God made dinosaurs
2. Satan fell (giving rise to the possibility of having a human soul)
3. Dinosaurs obliterated from the earth to allow god to create a being in his image that had an ability to have free will.
4. Man fell
5. Angels took human form and defiled the earth in deeds and in teaching them witchcraft, war, the stars, and seduction.
6. God destroys the genetically impure nepahalim and restarts the pure human race through the flood.
7...and skip a bunch now we are here.

My take on islam. Read the quran and kiss your ass goodbye. The quran is a scary book. Allah cannot be god. We would all be dead. The muslim faith is super dangerous.

Intrigued on how the bible is considered gods word. Esspecially considering Jesus didnt write a single word.

FrEEEDDDOOMM equals paying taxes.

This okc stuff is like shopping at a 2nd hand store but worse because in this case most of the garments have diseases.

As positive as people like to think the world's rule is still kill or be killed. Think of how many animals have to die everyday just to keep you alive. The world positively wants to kill you. Enjoy!!

Evolution according to Darwin is unbelievably wrong. Speciation is the only part of evolution I believe occurs and that leads to weaker genes and bottleneck and eventually extinction.

"Its a bitter sweet symphony this life try to make ends meat your a slave to money then you die."

I live alone and i only know what it means to be alone.

Whats the deal with these women profiles that have two amazing photos of themselves with a nicely shaped body and a beautiful face and then the last one looks like someone got out a bicycle pump and pumped them up to 100 psi and hit them with their car. Maybe not in that order because if you hit her after inflation she might deflate. Nobody is perfect but dont lie about being perfect.

I think about how it would be great if i found a wife that could help me with solving everyday problems. I dont want a zombie. I want her to help me through life. I want her to have ideas that make me say "hey! holy shit my wife is a genius!"

If my gf cheated on me i would probably kill her. So just a heads up. Lol

If regular cows cause global warming think about what sea cows do. Manatees are going to heat this bitch up to boiling point. The gulf is going to turn into a nasty fish and everything else stew. We need to kill these Manatees before its too late. Sheit!

What keeps my soul from jumping out of my body? If scientists are such know it alls and know we all evolved from ameobas blah. Then how come they cant explain conciousness and what keeps us in our bodies. At least you can study that.

My goal is to get off the grid. In Florida its technically illegal. Did someone say this was a free country?

I always think that humanity seems like a waste of sunlight. We don't seem like as a species we are meant to do anything amazing. We are collectors of junk. What made us this way? It seems as though we were made to be slaves. That is where my interest in the Sumarian creation story kicks in. Live, eat shit, collect stuff, and die...that is all.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching a documentary and scratching my head to determine if it's true. I am drawing up plans for a virgin colony. I will call it Virginia. Oh damn that's taken. How about Virginsburg? Or Stdfreevilla?

Camera raw stuff
You should message me if
You are not a nephalim or anything alien or alien hybrid. I really would just like to hang out with a woman I find attractive. No expectations just kayak or some other activity. To be honest I am exhausted with this. I need real interaction with a person this online dating for long periods of time makes me lose trust in people. I am so frustrated with online dating.

I am whorophobic so keep that in mind. If you turn out to be a whore I will end the date by spraying you off with Lysol.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself wtf am I working this 8 to 5 dead end job? Who decides I have to waste my life working for someone who I dont even know? Who decides a roof over my head should cost me my life?

I am a bit tired of reading all these stupid lists women expect their man to be like. If your love is that conditional then maybe you don't have the ability to love anyone.

If you arent petty like you think i must love your dog to date me. Think about it. You are basing your future on an animal. Thats pretty petty.

Women who say they will only date businessmen or people who they classify as successful I classify as simpletons. To me these are women who conform to the norm and are prone to servitude and moments of infidelity. People who base love on vain things lead a vain existence. They serve their desires and are not capable of love. I have one desire. I am looking for a woman with morals that match what makes a family strong. Thats really my only expectation. If you are looking for sex in the next few months i have nothing to offer you. Go find another man to suck dry because this fountain of negativity is closed. If you try to suck me dry you will get shocked. It wont be like one of those friendly shocks either. Like the ones you get in a dry climate when you first dip your tongue to take a drink at a water fountain. It will be one of those holy fuck moments when your tongue melts and it flops to the bottom of your mouth and is permanently melted there. You better find yourself a really fucking good plastic surgeon. Cuz the thing is stuck like Hillary is stuck on crime.

Email me if you care. If you dont you might miss the opportunity of me being a pain in the ass.

I laugh when i see a woman that says shes not looking for a hookup but she will have sex in 1-2 dates. You are looking for a hookup you whore. Not interested.

Its says i am looking for just friends because thats how you find your significant other usually. Not by dating

If i like you but dont email you there is a good chance its because of distance. I am bookmarking you just in case we cross paths later. There are a handful of people i would date on here but none of them are around me because people in sarasota are already dead.

I think i got it. Women demand protection and men demand respect. Respect is something a whore cannot provide for a man. From what i gathered from my cookie cutter women cookbook is that all women are optimistic they love to laugh and hate playing games. I swear all women write the same crap. And they like to wear Day of the Dead face paint like Lady Gaga and want to date tall guys which totally ruins their chances with great average height guys. Congratulations ladies!! You are superficial pricks just like men.

I am a Libertarian. I think there should be balance. Liberals are too naive and republicans are environmentally destructive.

Women who can't handle poor men need not apply. Money is for slaves.

I am Asexual. Sex isnt worth losing your identity over. I am a virgin because of the spirit of the law and because i am a loner. I like being alone. America has shit on my values and now I will shit back by checking out of the possiblity of getting married or even being in a relationship.

You should message me if you feel lucky punk! I really dont think most of the profiles on here are authentic. If you are serious you need to seriously email me. This is really getting old. This shit is pointless.

I think rights based on sexual orientation and gender is dumb. Just base on the fact you are a human. As a human i have a right to say you are dumb to base rights on that.

No muslims. Not interested in being told Allah will kill me for not believing he is god. He sounds like a brat that pouts in the corner when you dont give him attention.

No pro choice women. Pro choice is murder with a bow on it. If you are a big enough idiot to say abortion is good and Hitler is bad in the same breath its time to hold your breath. Stop breathing. You can call any act of crime pro choice. Its still a crime. If you believe a woman has a right to choose I would be more than happy to debate your point. Women were given the right to vote and then they killed at least 44 million of their own children. These numbers are reported to the CDC so America has valued these dead babies as much as a cancer. I am ashamed of my country.

If Christianity is not important to you then you are not a Christian. If Jesus is the way the truth and the life and that is not important to you then you are not interested in life and truth and finding the way. Do not message me with the idea that a relationship would be possible.

I get emails from women asking me why I am the way I am. I am just a product. I owe you no answers beyond that. The earth has fallen and I prefer to keep standing.

If I liked your profile and didnt email you dont second guess yourself. I like women if I find them morally attractive. Typically I dont email because of distance issues. You are dateable but not realistically dateable to me. My matches are always out of reach.

I am not 6 foot 3. I am 5 foot 8. I just find this expectation for a man to be at least taller than them pretty vain and stupid and I enjoyed wasting your time. Don't get me wrong I like the idea of a shorter wife but I will not base my love life on a stupid number. Now enormous width thats a different story. I don't want to be crushed by my wife or get sucked into her fat rolls.

I am a man with many opinions. If you do not like that than you will not be able to kiss my ass. If you like that then you may have a shot at kissing my ass. I look forward to meeting that woman that gets to kiss my ass.

After emailing women for a while I understand how women get burned by men. They only respond to emails that are critical of them. Emailing them positive comments makes them internally feel good about themselves and that is all most women are on here for..affirmation and attention. They do not return emails from people they feel approved by.

P.S. Fuck Monsanto and other GMO and chemical companies.
The two of us