61 Portland, United States
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My self-summary
It seems the older (and hopefully wiser) I am, the more liberal minded and tolerant I become. My grandson keeps me questioning my beliefs about everything. I suppose you could say I embrace an eclectic collection of spirituality.
Stewardship is important to me. Stewardship of the land and giving back to others, not as fortunate as I have been. Passion for West Africa continues to drive a big part of my life.
I love being outdoors and daily, lately, challenge my fear of cold to get out and run, cycle, hike and walk, during Oregon winter.
I am emotionally and financially stable and looking for the same in a partner. I'm not however, afraid of challenges in a relationship that often come with the territory. Communication is key to any relationship. Having a partner that is willing to build those communication pathways would be ideal. I'd love to build a relationship with openness and transparency and see where that takes us.
Friends and family will say that I am a great support/behind the scenes person and love to see others (including a partner) achieve their dreams.
I like to travel for big chunks of time as well as weekend getaways. I share but do not own a car (for some, this is a deal breaker) I commute by bicycle all year and not opposed to public transportation or ride share.
I hope to meet someone interested in building community, creative endeavors, exploring the outdoors while hiking, cycling or X country skiing, or having adventures in the urban jungle.
Are you a spiritual seeker or have a personal spiritual practice that you'd like to share? Are you interested in growing a relationship and the "work" that may involve? Do you follow a healthy lifestyle?
Do you value family, community, diversity and have a sense of personal ethics?
Let's ponder the meaning of life while sharing adventures in the urban jungle or the untamed backcountry.
Anyone for a bike ride on the Springwater Corridor, S.W. urban hike, or Teacup X-country day?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Suffering is optional. The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with reality.
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You resonate with my profile.