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My self-summary
*DISCLAIMER: I keep hearing that "nobody reads anymore," but I refuse to believe it... If you've ever said out loud, "I'm not much of a reader" it's unlikely we'll be a good match. No disrespect.
I wrote a lot here, but it's been carefully pruned. So with minimal effort, I bet you can get through it in, like, 2 to 4 minutes. When finished, you'll have a pretty decent idea of who I am, and what I'm looking for. And isn't that the whole point of these profiles? Anyhoo, please do enjoy...

My free time finds me mostly outdoors, even if just with a book. If there's water involved, even better. I love to camp and hike and ride horses. Sailing, canoeing and kayaking are long-time pursuits: any day on a boat is a good day. that said, I'm always down for game night and the like. I enjoy photography but use a simple kit.

Music and language are my most intense interests. I love going to shows - especially outdoors - and there are not many bands/artists I wouldn't be up for seeing. Language has been a huge part of my life since I began learning French in Montessori, then Latin... (@language nerds: man, is Latin a huge help with Romance languages, or what?! so great, but I digress.)

> Day to day: I am smart, focused, and up for anything...

> some background:
Born in Marin, grew up East Coast, and traveled the coast a bunch. This provided much varied life experience, and developed appreciation for varying viewpoints. Many different environments and locales built keen interest in the power and processing of perception and judgment. Consciousness (as in the nature of self) became a recurring theme in my reading. Always felt a pull back to CA, spent 10 years in La Jolla. Been in The City about three years.

> good to know, about me:
I'm in a place where I'm pretty clear on what I want in life, and the type of person I would like to share that with... No rush to jump into a serious relationship, or even put a label on it, but I'm ready to find the right partner, whose qualities would include: an open mind, positive attitude, curious nature, and flexible disposition. Other qualities I admire: thoughtful, considerate, passionate, brave, understanding, creative, energetic, and active.

I aim to be all these things, and it would be so cool to have a partner who supported and shared those aims (while remaining conscious that perfection is ridiculous and overrated). Bonus points if you are kind, affectionate, and loving, but that's really a gimme, right?

> good to know, about you, my future best friend:
You are definitely loyal, honest, and trustworthy - note: this does not preclude crafty, I love me a crafty fox. You are hot, but that's not who you are. You share and generally like sharing. I hope you are witty, but that is totally subjective. A love of laughing is good. You know where you and the other person are literally rolling, on the floor or otherwise, losing your breath, tears streaming, face actually hurting from smiling so hard? one of you may or may not have snotted themselves? Those times are key to a fun and good relationship. Usually doesn't happen right away, but when it does, that first time, in my experience, that's a very very good sign... and so much fun!

> **bonus section. me getting out there into fantasyland for a minute and picturing my perfect mate.**
You live in the now and are not attached to outcomes. You are strong mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. You are deeply connected to the people you love and who love you. You don't play small (kudos if you get this one). You have a great life, regardless of circumstances, and you're ready to, at some point, co-create an amazing life with an able partner.

> about us:
We're that couple that brings that energy to the gathering that people remember, and want more of. We leave laughter, good pictures, and better memories in our wake. We each respect and appreciate a certain degree of independence in each other. We love and support each other fiercely and unequivocally.
* This definitely exists btw. I've met this couple virtually everywhere I've ever lived or visited, even if only for a moment. You have too.

A few fun facts about Chris:

I love sake (w/sushi and Asahi), dark beer, and dark chocolate.

I have a wicked cut shot.

I've seen eight countries so far. Bucket list is 50.

I believe in science.

I have a small group of very close friends scattered around the world.

I love hammocks and tents of all varieties.

I’ve been writing and producing digital projects for over 15 years.

I can read and understand Spanish much better than I can speak it.

I started surfing and skating at age 7.

I have a dryly twisted sense of humor.

I sang in a 90s rock cover band.

I’ve driven cross-country twice and have seen 47 states.

My family is fun, talented and delightfully cerebral.

I’ve spent time at a Buddhist monastery.

I once wrote a recurring column for a magazine.

I have loved very deeply, and plan to again.

I believe my purpose for living is to evolve, enjoy the process, and leave the world a better place than I found it.
What I’m doing with my life
Living my dream - Residing in San Francisco and making a living doing what I love...
I’m really good at
anything in the water
lingual arts
finding/culling great music
board games
bar games (pool, darts, etc.)
making the best of an unexpected (read: sub-optimal) situation
staying present
crafting playlists
The first things people usually notice about me
Uhh, my face?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
* how to choose the list?! I'll just go with what comes to me in the moment... a solid mix for each group. *

confederacy of dunces
the corporation
then we came to the end
the magus
finding flow
the mystery of consciousness
understanding media
on language
democracy in america
the stuff of thought
people's history of the united states
the archetypes and the collective unconscious
the art of possibility
the power of now

classics - smiths, cure, DM, new order, morrissey, zeppelin, the who, stones, beatles, eagles, journey, michael jackson, g'n'r, nirvana, PJ, 3eB, sublime, stone roses, radiohead, RHCP

indie - temper trap, spoon, titus andronicus, school of seven bells, metric, florence and the machine, rinocerose, minus the bear, the low anthem, thermals, thievery corp, peter bjorn and john, shins, camera obscura, matt pond pa, the bird and the bee, LCD soundsystem, rob crow, broken bells, hot chip, tiny vipers, broken social scene, dum dum girls, brand new, belle & sebastian, white rabbits, massive attack, mike doughty, say anything, minutemen, vampire weekend, yeasayer, annie, apostle of hustle, tokyo police club, arcade fire, CSS, cold cave, sons & daughters, deadmau5, death cab, built to spill, idlewild, hockey, TV on the Radio, two tongues, the gossip, islands, la roux, kings of convenience, love is all, the mountain goats, new pornographers, passion pit, phoenix

the usual suspects, the corporation, american history x, the game, being john malkovich, boiler room, basketball diaries, boondock saints, a clockwork orange, dead poets society, dogtown and z-boys, dumb and dumber, election, fast times at ridgemont high, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, fletch, goodfellas, friday, groundhog day, hoosiers, king of new york, jurassic park, magnolia, manufacturing consent, meet the parents, michael clayton, monty python & the holy grail, new jack city, vacation, animal house, office space, old school, primal fear, pulp fiction, raising arizona, reservoir dogs, riding giants, what the bleep do we know?!, say anything, rules of attraction, scarface, seven, fargo, singles, sixteen candles, silence of the lambs, star wars, suicide kings, swingers, taxi driver, there's something about mary, this is spinal tap, tommy boy, trading places, true romance, waking life, wall street, 28 days later

sushi is all-time favorite, especially the whole experience (sake, edamame, etc.). probably goes without saying but there is never, repeat never, conveyor belt or lazy river involved.

nothing I won't try - few dislikes include beets, radishes, jicama, green peppers, okra. interested in the possibility of going veggie at some point. but everything in moderation - I could never totally give up meat.
Six things I could never do without
1. music
2. sunshine
3. the ocean
4. books
5. wit
6. trees

* friends, family, health, etc. etc. are assumed here
I spend a lot of time thinking about
language and meaning
intersection of mind and body
biology of mind
the nature of consciousness
becoming a better man/friend/son/brother/cousin/mentor
sex (duh, I'm male)
On a typical Friday night I am
there is no typical Friday night... for a long time I was work, sleep, repeat. But I've fixed the glitch (cool points if you get that), and I look forward to continual discovery of choice spots and activities to share. if I'm out, probably playing pool, or shaking my ass, but rarely simultaneously.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
for another day...
You should message me if
you like fun.
you're curious if we might have chemistry...
(if you made it this far, that's a good sign.)

and no disrespect intended here, but for me chemistry includes body and mind. if you don't take good care of yourself, that's a deal-breaker.

*NOTE: No A-list account - can't see 'likes'. Shoot me a note! :)

NOTIFICATION: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, projects, advertising, sales, or any other reason-you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice.
The two of us