50 West Linn, United States
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My self-summary
I get that half of you will be prompted to make whatever decision you make based on what you see in my pictures. The other half will do so based on what you read here. But, even with that, less than 1% of you will feel compelled to respond. I get that, I understand there’s nothing I can do about that; I’m ok with that. Really. I’m not going to try to convince you of anything here – or even try to sway you. All I can do is give you a brief idea of who I am in a conversational way; anything more than that would actually require getting to know me – which I hope you’ll want to do…

Ok, the basics… I’m 6’ tall – or at least I begin each day 6’ tall but after fifty gravity does seem to get the upper hand; by the end of the day I may actually be closer to 5’ 11-3/8”. So, if we meet after 8pm just be warned – I may be a hair under 6’. I weigh around 175 and stay in shape by biking. Hiking, and trying not to sit on my ass at work all day long. I haven’t been as diligent about riding recently as I should I’m making more time for that. I recently quit smoking so on my profile I’ve listed “occasional” mostly for a lack of other options.

I’m a father of two teenagers - one is out of the house, one is a senior in High School. I have a career which keeps me busy – but does allow me time to enjoy life. I am somewhere between active and fit – I enjoy many outdoor activities but can also enjoy relaxing indoors almost as much. I do enjoy hiking, biking, camping, and most of the requisite Pacific NW activities.

I have a very broad and diverse range of interests; I can discuss politics, business, art, history, sports, animals, current events and a multitude of other subjects intelligently and authentically. I have several hobbies that keep me inspired throughout the year: writing, woodworking, bonsai, and painting are the most notable.

As for what I’m looking for? I would like to meet a woman with whom, over time, I can develop a strong bond and share emotional, intellectual, and physical intimacy with. Someone whose company I genuinely enjoy more than all else. Someone with whom I can be a fully functioning partner (friend, lover, confidant). I am a sensitive and passionate man who learns from his mistakes and realizes that you never stop learning about your partner.

As for dating? I realize this is a process – like any other – and that many times it simply must just be endured. Online dating in the digital age is a necessary evil and I view it as a tool as opposed to a way of life. I must say, though, that as a Leo (and as a man) there is still some thrill to the chase – but it is short-lived and certainly not what I’m after. It’s kind of like the lone caveman hunting mammoth – with a stick: you can have the best laid plans but you’re going to go hungry many, many more times than not. If I am to endure, I will do so for the purpose of finding what I’m looking for.

Hope this helps...
What I’m doing with my life
Going to work, doing my job, raising my kids, and making time to enjoy myself along the way!
I’m really good at
Many, many things actually - though I excel at oral expression I am probably far more comfortable with the written word
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not actually sure - no one has ever told me what they first noticed about me...
The six things I could never do without
Beyond the obvious "water, food, air, and sleep"
And I'd choose one more: New experiences
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why does an itch always seem to move just when you've finally found where it really is?

The general state of the world and our place in it...

Where is the clutch in an English car - and would I shift well with the other hand...

Is there a significant difference between the complexities of simple and the simplicities of complex?

Why don't 'Storage Wars' and 'Hoarders' get together??

How is it that Hitler had a girlfriend and I am on the internet trying to get a date...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
that, under the right circumstances, I'd be willing to admit something private...

And for those who want to know more:

I was born on my birthday
I'm human
And I don't tell everyone this but under all these clothes I'm naked...
You should message me if
you're looking for more than meets the eye...