25Boston, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Sebastian (Oh! Like the cr- YES LIKE THE CRAB). Anyways, I study at Boston University and spent 6 months in Spain to get to know my family and heritage after capping off my sophomore year. I love stoner rock, house music, and adventure.

Recent adventures:
- A 200 mile hike in Spain
- Staffing one of the world's largest LAN parties
- Joining eboard for a comedy club at BU.
- Bikeriding naked through Boston with around 200 strangers.

I try to make the most out of my youth, so I'll try just about anything.I dabbled in photography, and I used to snowboard in the winters as well as make an ass of myself attempting parkour in high school.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a student in Boston, having sold my soul to transfer over into the business school from my International Relations degree, which I'm now pursuing as a minor.

Normally I'm wandering around Boston or trying to get involved with student activist groups on my campus. If there's one thing I'm definitely passionate about, it's justice on a global scale, and I want to do whatever I can for it. Though, as of late, I kinda jumped ship over into doing comedy in my University.

Social justice is great, but I'm having a bit more fun being a jackass on stage every once in a while. Alongside with coordinating one of the sketch groups, I'm also coordinating a show about doing dramatic interpretations of selected speeches and poems from radicals in American History, as taken from Howard Zinn's Voices of A People's History of The United States.
I’m really good at
Being mostly impervious to awkwardness
Convincing friends I don't know my own last name.
Attempting to be open minded
Generally not being a dick.

I'm also really good at sporadically coming off and on to OkCupid pending Academic Obligations.
The first things people usually notice about me
- Hair
- Eyes
- Laserbeams from my eyes
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm mostly into Sci-Fi/Comedy/Political books, and am a burgeoning comic book geek.

- World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
- Batman: Year One
- Watchmen
- American Gods
- Mary Shelly's Frankenstein
- The Secret History of The American Empire
- Anything by George Carlin (RIP ;_; )

Movies: Daybreakers, Airplane!, Hobo With A Shotgun, Scott Pilgrim, The Prestige, Children of Men, Crank 2, Kick-Ass, and The Naked Gun.

I'm always looking for new music in about every genre minus country. Personally though, I'm big on Stoner/Desert Rock, and am trying to rediscover Electro House, but have gotten sidetracked by a subgenre of Electro made to sound like it came out of the 80s. My tastes are kind of all over the place, but I also love going to live shows, they've mostly been metal so far, as I happen to like getting beat up by sweaty strangers in mosh pits every now and again.

Favorites: Queens of The Stone Age, KYUSS, Truckfighers, Daft Punk, Billy Talent, Cancer Bats, GWAR, Mastodon, Combichrist, Atmosphere, Immortal Technique, Dead Kennedys.

Food? Food is good. Food is GREAT! You can put almost anything that isn't fish in front of me and I'll be pretty damn happy. I think that everything edible is worth trying at least once. However, Indian food and burritos carry a soft spot in my heart (if not my stomach). Lately burritos have been a major staple in my diet. The closer they are to authentic Mexican, the better!

I spent a considerable amount of time in Spain hanging around vegans, so I'm definitely interested in vegan food and I'm hoping to learn more about vegetarian cooking. I dream one day of breaking the cycle of cooking Ramen or Pasta.

Thanks to the power of the internet I've fallen in love with Party Down, Better off Ted, and of course Arrested Development. Apparently I have a thing shows that were cancelled before their time.
Six things I could never do without
- An internet connection
- Estrella Galicia
- Jamon Serrano
- My camera
- A burrito joint within walking distance
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to not overdo an OkCupid profile, cliches, turtles, and how in the hell I answered so many OkC questions and how many must be outdated.
On a typical Friday night I am
Jk, but I am usually out drinking with friends and carousing around the city on occasion. If not, I'm probably spending too much time on the internet and videogaming, or cramming for an exam the next week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Every time some guy at a party picks up the guitar, and starts playing Wonderwall, they make my shitlist.

I pop onto OKC every now and again, but I'm still slow at answering messages. Recently I've been telling myself that it's because of Academics.
You should message me if
- You have the capacity to laugh, and laugh at bad jokes.
- You still have some semblance of wonder about the world.
- You love gaming/action flicks/general nerdy stuff.
- You've played something other than Halo or COD once.
- You want to see what lies beyond the curtains of my Intensely Exotic Spanish/Latin mystique and discover what mysteries were just too much for OkCupid! (Remember what I said about bad jokes?)

- You feel like it! These aren't supposed to be prerequisites!
The two of us