25 George Town, Malaysia
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My self-summary
Live (with Faith) ; Laugh (with Hope) ; Love (with Love)
Why did you even come in here in the first place?
And i'm making you read this aren't I...
You should stop..
No seriously, i'm not kidding..
I'm trying to help you out here,
why won't you stop reading???
persistent fella aren't you?..
(just screwing with you (; )

Born in '91, hails from Penang Island, Malaysia! Third generation Chinese, BabaNyonya descendant (modern), works through college, a surprisingly good cook (hahaz...sarcasm works as well), and living on my own with half my family all the way in Aussie land.
Interested in Finearts, Music, Eating, Sports, and..(i'll get back to you on that... my mind's a maze).
I'm an outdoors person, loves nature as well as the sweat and adrenaline while having an awesome time out there. A weird person, but special in my own way (as we all are). Friends could tell i'm more of an introverted person than an extrovert, it depends on the situation and condition. [do you want to know more?neh]
( ;

(according to my "Personality", there are certain few things that aren't true, you may find out which if you get that far) ( ;


(A friend of mine introduced this site to me, saying i'd enjoy it. Its been good so far, no complaints, even met some awesome and twisted people. Yeah, you might be one of'em. Who knows~) :)
What I’m doing with my life
-Pursuing a Degree.
-Working through college
-Handling the frustrations in life as well as the fun times.
-Searching for someone or some people who are not caught up by the world.
(I do not Need "someone" by my side, I am grateful and blessed with the blessings of friendship and loving family members)

-Though I'm blur towards it, life's an adventure, and I intend to live it-
I’m really good at
You can tell me that once you get to know me (;
The first things people usually notice about me
the typical chinese look I have.. with eyes that're... W-wait... you mean those two lines are his eyes?! How does he even look where he's going?
-May be either welcoming or intimdated (ends up shy)
-Giving friendly smiles after a concrete eye-to-eye contact
-Pretty much the weird/odd one out
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I can't fill in these..There's freaking too much!
Food.... (darn it!)
-Charmed... (its interesting, hahaz)
-Modern Family... (yeh)
-Fringe... (awesome)
The six things I could never do without
(not including my family and friends as well as God...)
1. art
2. my laptop
3. sports
4. a good shower (does that count?)
5. laughter
6. cheese

...a mind that overpowers the body, overpowers one's desires...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What're my next moves and how do they affect my future..
How much time do I have left and what else am I forgetting..
How am I going to support my partner, family, friends, and others..
Why you're still reading this.. = )
On a typical Friday night I am
Hmm... Having a staring competition with a goldfish... Man they're good, I can't seem to win. (so far)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It wouldn't be private now would it?
This depends on how close you we are, if we're in the same circle, I keep no secrets (except if you want me to) : p
You should message me if
you can differentiate between a dude/chick who wears a blue t-shirt with a dog in their arms who has a cat in its arms who has a baby otter in its arms...with
another dude/chick who also wears a blue t-shirt with a dog in their arms who also has a cat in its arms who also has a baby otter in its arms.