42Calcutta, India
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My self-summary
hey everyone,
i am friendly, loving, caring, funny, and honest.'t something that attracts boy or girls to court me. rather, its a charisma which attracts people to mingle and be friends with me. due to my charisma, i have a wide range of friends from those in the adolescent years to adulthood. among the people in my...lowes me to design buildings. i had desired to be a doctor but i'm on a different track-- being a lawyer. i want to be an international lawyer someday. have i mentioned that i also love to paint and sing?

I am cool, confident, and caring indian
What I’m doing with my life
i am a bit of a philosopher in life and always see the best in real people. I have a boundless sense of humour, a deep love for education, and an even deeper love for creation as the timeless ([obsessed artist]). The artist in me has always been so very strong, and it seems that this has been my calling all along. No matter what the struggle, I always find myself returning home to that one thing that makes me happy where all else seems to erode away with the passing of time ...

I have learned that life is all about experience... we are all here with the same terms and goals... we are in it together come what may. I have also learned that when you hang on too tight to what passes, it hurts where it does not need to... so I move forward no matter what with the fullest heart for this life... I just want to smile and have fun being here!

I love women... they are beautiful caring beings and I refuse to believe that past relationships should change my feelings on that one. Although I am looking for someone like me... someone who loves others as much as themselves... someone who is boundless and real... someone that I can believe in as much as myself, I realize that I need to be accepting of who other people are naturally as well even if we do not fit together. There is no good or bad to me... there just is what there is and that is more than enough for me :) I will never fully understand why people can not just be naturally thankful for the moment of one another's company even if it does not last forever... perhaps a thousand years of human conditioning is to blame for that one! Lol... expectation breeds disappointment... so why expect... just live in the now rather than the illusion of a future that may or may not come to pass... it is so much simpler than stressing about what if... lol!

Well, if I never find that someone in this life who is the other side of our coin, then I will have fun looking... and still meet amazing people along the way. I have an eternity to find that special someone... like a lock and key we will fit... and I am in no hurry whatsoever.
I’m really good at
Everything that I put my mind to... absolutely no limitations here... What I do not know I learn... quickly...

Funny thing... there is nothing here asking me what I am not good at... hmmmm... do I dare... yeah, I do:

I am not good at negatives...I don't like yelling or messes... I like cleanliness because the other says way too much about a person and I don't like feeling the infliction of judgement towards others... and most importantly, I do not like being controlled... trust is something that is given of free will not taken or forced... we either do or we do not... the in between is not healthy for anyone... I am not willing to "put my mind" into something like that, so I suppose I was a bit off... I do have boundaries in that area of life...

I suppose that is why I choose to live alone... I have never found that "perfect" roommate... ROFL... awe well... alone is not so bad either:)

he's really, really good at laughing. :)
The first things people usually notice about me
I am very funny 99% of the time about things, such as, these online dating sights! I always said, " I would never do that!" Only because a person can never be too sure about who they are really talking to. But a friend of mine talked me into signing up and I am really very glad I done it! I have met some very interesting people on here. I have also found out just how much fun you can have talking to complete strangers! I've already made some changes that was unexpected!! LOL I am also the type of man that likes to read the newspapers every day, !! But I am not really crazy, just curious!! LOL
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I was a voracious reader when I was younger, then I... do war films. It's bad enough there are wars, I don't want to watch a movie about it! Music, yes. Must have music... comfort food), pasta, thai anything, carpaccio, squeaky green beans, cold sprouts (as long as they aren't overcooked), mashed tomatoe, mashed potatoes, the odd... dont like (and it is a small list) Grilled tomatoes (rethinking this one, I had one at the weekend and it wasnt too bad) Turkish delight :sick: Not overly keen on crab or lamb I cannot/do not eat... the heads or legs off things before I can eat them. I have never tried mussels or snails, nor do I have any desire to.
Six things I could never do without

so for the last time i am going to write on here, i'm giving it one more month and i am officially retiring myself from the dating game. because that is just what it is a big game to everyone.

did i stutter when i said Honesty is key in any relationship???

you cannot build a relationship on sex, or lies. its just not going to work. why is it that people think that they have to lie about themselves - and for the pettiest of reasons? how does this make me want to still be with you?

Piece or advice: if a man asks you ladies a question, please please do not lie - especially if its something that you dont need to lie about. Lying about trivial shit just doesnt make you look good. it makes me think "wait... if she is going to lie about something so trivial, what is going to stop him when the big stuff comes around?"

i CANNOT build a relationship on dishonesty. everything i have said here is the truth.

You know i am not askingfor perfection. I'm asking for someone to try to represent themselves on here as best as they can.

think about it this way, if you lie to someone and they fall for you - then do you think the love will survive if they cant trust you or if they find out about all the little lies???

sigh.. i am just tired - it seems that women are the same all over the world.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1) Understanding and Caring
2) Complete Honesty and Realism... Just give it to me straight and let me handle my own feelings... don't try to control them or be unaccepting of them... just let me be...
3) Cleanliness and Organization... don't do well in a chaotic environment...
4) My personal time and space... if you need me then ask, but please accept my need for space if I am not able to be there all of the time... I do not hang around if I have nothing positive to give... so I disappear for a recharge... I need Acceptance rather than Resistance... if we work together we work, but if we don't we won't work ...
5) Invention and Creativity... the spice of a great relationship...
6) My country and how can i make this earth a place for all to survive better
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes when I'm bored I'll browse Yahoo Answers and look for the really stupid questions and make snarky comments.

It's a fun hobby
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Clean House has taken over TV. We rarely watch any beyond Intervention and the occasional science show or cartoon so it's not such a big deal but it's got us talking about the things we own that we love, like, want to replace, etc.

Frankly, we've really only got two things we'd keep at all costs: the 356 year old gold coin that was tikka's greatgreatgrandfather's and my copy of Five watches that my mom special ordered as a Christmas present. The beetle cutting board from Jaunpurr

It would be difficult to give up my farm but I just had an opportunity to buy great equipments so I could grow and process more often and bring gifts for others instead. It's obviously not a huge priority right now (but it would be if I were rich).

Excepting my hypoallergenic down alternative comforter and the items above, I'd jump on the chance to replace everything else in the house. Everything, regardless of sentiment.

What about you?
You should message me if
If your a dynamic woman or working for the law, you have your foot in the door. i have a major thing for cops/FBI/CIA officials. That is only the foot though. You need to be kind, caring, adventurous, sexy, not scared to get dirty, etc. To keep up woth me you will have to be athletic. I am one fast moving man with a lot of goals to complete. I also perfer someone who is intelligent. and doesn't smoke or drink to much. the party life comes second for me. I like to go out to a club and dance the night away, but hiking in uncharterd woods is even cooler. So if any of this is similar to you, text me. I would love to hear from you
The two of us