43Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
***UPDATE*** I'm seeing a wonderful girl, and insofar as it's possible to be smitten, I am smooted and so focusing on developing this wonderful new connection. Message, chat, etc. all fine but know that I'm not looking for anything more than friends right now. Be well, and be awesome!!

I'm a thinker -- seriously. I'm thinking about everything nearly all the time, from nearly every angle I can think of. I am fan of a good argument, an honest laugh, a bawdy joke, eyes that wink without moving, and a clear and consistent mind. I'll try anything a couple times to either get the hang of it or rule it out as an interest, so if you've got a new thing to show me, I'm up to find out about it (so far, only ice skating has stumped me...but that was a while ago, perhaps I need to pick it up again).
What I’m doing with my life
A partial list: motorcycling, working, thinking about the broader implications of nearly anything (this is big deal for me...ask me at dinner), and learning more about myself and how to be a better person for me and for others. Also motorcycling.

I only recently moved from my house in Tacoma to a great place in Seattle, so that brings with it many plans of interior design, efficiency, dog walking in the city, working out, and learning more about my new home city, Seattle. (although if you're interested in learning more about Tacoma, there's plenty to tell there too =).
I’m really good at
Planning, negotiating, and communicating. I actually relish the opportunity to learn something and then communicate it to others in a way that's relevant, exciting, and interesting to others. It's what I do for a living in a way.

Learning to do something impossible. I never thought I'd be able to do a pullup; I can now do 10 in a row, pretty much whenever I want. I never thought I'd be able to ride a motorcycle; I've ridden about 60k miles in the last 6 years - including 10k miles off pavement.

Doing things that scare me. In fact, the more something scares me the more I'll research and figure it out, because I refuse to be stopped by just how I feel about something. My superpower seems to be encouraging others to be similarly singleminded about conquering their fears, and in that vein, one of the things I really enjoy is when someone I know just completely pwns their own goals. Watching another person succeed through their own sweat and determination is a real rush for me.

In the mundane, I'm good at custard. Like really good. Wanna homemade flan? Fridge overflowing with eggs and cream? Help me help you. =)
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends on when they meet me. If it's at work or on a weekday, it's likely that I'm overdressed. If there's nice weather, they'll likely notice my motorcycle helmet as I try to ride when I can; until recently I was a year-round motorcyclist.

After that, my eyes. For one, I'm a big fan of eye contact, and it's how I show my attention and respect for others. For another, I'm told I have pretty great eyes (I can't tell, since, well, they're my eyes and they only look the one way: out =).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Douglas Adams anything. Neil Gaiman anything. William Gibson anything. Neal Stephenson's anything, although I usually need a couple running starts. Used to read a fair bit of literary criticism and cognitive science stuff, partially for school but mostly for fun (it was fun to re-read after graduation for example). Also a sucker for book-candy, a la Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child, Tom Clancy, Ian Fleming.

Movies: The list includes Contact, Notting Hill, Let the Right One In, Serenity, Die Hard, The Red Violin, A Man for All Seasons, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Repo!, Delicatessen, Star Trek (JJ Abram's recent effort), the various comic book franchises (sucker for adaptations), 8 Mile, Being There, I Am Love, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Hebrew Hammer, The Iron Giant, anything Pixar, Banlieue 13, Shaun of the Dead.

My interests in movies are pretty broad. Pretty much anything except modern horror, but even here there are exceptions here and I'm open to suggestions (I'll never recommend SAW for example but I've watched it and there's a diabolical genius to the film that is kinda lost in the implementation). The recent spate of comic book movies is officially a guilty pleasure, as are nearly any romantic comedies for reasons passing understanding. Ultimately my interest is in story and drama, and because nearly any film has these two characteristics, I'm willing to tolerate even the crappiest delivery just to see its intent and what the author/auteur intended.

Shows I'll watch/rewatch: The West Wing. Glee (except Sue Sylvester, ask me why). Community, but oddly not Parks and Recreation or Modern Family. Sports Night. Studio 60. Eli Stone. The Unit. Firefly. Archer. Battlestar Galactica (new series, natch). Better Off Ted. Psych. Dirty Sexy Money. Six Feet Under. Craig Ferguson's many puppet-related segments. Monk. Mad Men.

Music: many electronic things, regardless of vintage or provenance, provided there's a reasonable vibrancy to it (house and anything that doesn't drop a break in at least every 8beats is going to lose me sooner than later). Dire Straits. Amy Winehouse, Adele and the recent spate of retro-soul artists rock my world. The Amelie soundtrack absolutely transports me to Paris. Mr. B and Professor Elemental. Old school hip hop (Tupac, Biggie, Flash...). Herbie Hancock is STILL making sense. Al Yankovic, Spike Jonze, the Lonely Island crew, Tom Lehrer, and Alan Sherman.

Food: nearly nothing I won't eat. I'm not allergic to anything, and that's the only thing that might stop me. I'll always try a new place's fish and chips. Recent fan of hot dogs, generally shy away from burgers because they're messy when done right. Steak and asparagus is a decent meal. Eggs over medium with wheat toast and bacon. A proper Reuben. Curry all the things. A fan of spice as spice, not a fan of spice as extreme sport. Buffalo wings and pizza are a guilty pleasure, in moderation only. Custard desserts, coffee ice cream, apple or pumpkin pie.
Six things I could never do without
Worthy friends, worthy family.
A motorcycle and a road of questionable provenance and destination.
A wristwatch (seriously, like anyone puts their phone AWAY after looking at the time).
A proper pair of shoes (actually, this is several things; there's no one pair of shoes that does what one needs).
A blade (Douglas Adams, PBUH, got it wrong, it's not a towel but a blade that is the intergalactic hitchhiker's best companion).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. Politics beyond the two party system. The complexities of an electronically interconnected culture in a time of increasingly meatspace disconnectedness. How the Super Bowl became the Oscars of Madison Avenue interrupted regularly by a football game. What nostalgia means, and how the well of our past is drying up. How to be a better person, and how to be a better man, and whether my natural generosity means I have to be a better man for someone to be a better person.

Yes, everything.

In a moment of seriousness, I should point out that until recently I was the victim of a 1+ hour commute each way when I was living in Tacoma, so I think a fair bit about commuting. Carpool, bus, traffic, timing, parking, gas, mileage, dog management when I'm out late or leaving early, the hassle of getting home after a nice evening with nice people, etc. It's no longer by jam now that I live right smack in First Hill, but it's been replaced with a vigorous interest in parking foo and learning the local buses in Seattle.
On a typical Friday night I am
There are no typical Friday nights. My weekends are pretty unusual recently; sounds like a good dinner conversation though. =)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm recently divorced. It means I'm in the process of rediscovering myself and my passions for life, love, and happiness, and a big part of that is meeting new people who light my way with their knowledge and experience.

It's possible I shouldn't admit this at all, but then there's no way I wouldn't cop to this within 30mins of any discussion, and it explains much about the big changes recently in my life. Don't fret, though. Now that it's out of the way, we can enjoy this wine and talk about you. Which is really why we're here =)
You should message me if
you're up for a political conversation that leads to sex, or sex that leads to a political conversation. If you understand the difference between dominant and top. If you haven't succumbed to the PNW's criminal negligence of elegant evening wear for a night out. If you ride or want to ride a motorcycle off road. If you appreciate stability when it happens, but recognize it for the temporary state it is. If you aren't a stickler for rules, but you are a stickler for negotiation.
The two of us