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My self-summary
[This profile was re-edited on 31st January 2012 due to my divorce which is now going through. All other text has also been checked and any corrections and updates have been made].

The profile is rather long but accurate! Please read all the main sections to begin with leaving the 'personal likes and dislikes' for later if interested. Please contact me away from this site if genuinly interested. Time is not on my side and I have no time for extended chat, sorry! My contact details are in the 'Private Details You Might Wish to Reveal' section near the bottom of this profile. Please waste no time in contacting me. If interested we need to meet.


I am twenty five years married, this being my one and only marriage. Now going through my first divorce. (My wife brought her mentally ill sister to live with us against my will. I authorised roughly one week but it has been over a year. I complain bitterly and she lodges a divorce petition. Anyway, I am glad I will have a change, a new challenge and life.
I may end up with the house, but should she have it and buy me out she will give me plenty of time to leave. I am presently awaiting the decree nisi and will stay on after its arrival to safeguard my investment in the house whilst I seek a small rented house with a local housing and advice/support agency. However, I would prefer to be living with somebody. I have fine furnature and quality white goods to move to another house, or to place in heated insured commercial storage and will require garaging for a classic car of a type large enough for me to maintain it out of the rain. Insurance terms demand the vehicle be garaged when I am at home. Longevity also requires this as the vehicle is fifty-five years of age, being three months older than me! There is also vehicle maintainance equipment. I have been brought up well, basically within the Christian Church (CofE) but am not a religeous person. I prefer to connect with God and Jesus Christ-God made man-and not concern myself with manmade religions of any denomination.

I seek 'parnership with legal protection' to a solvent middle class woman. I wish to find a new lady and build a new sound and stable relationship. When we are both satisfied that the relationship will last I will then hope to move out of my home as quickly as possible. There are no children. I will explain to you in great detail by way of the metaphysical and ephemeral sides to my life my main interest in lifeand my wish to write and/or lecture on this subject. I desire love and caring more than anything. The marriage breakdown is due to long-standing events to do with the Life-Stories written for my wife and I and also a third party when we were on 'the other side', that is in spiritual Fourth Dimension, and has come about due to no negativity on my side i.e. I have not done 'anything wrong' in the terminology of the society in which I find myself. Following this divorce and moving in with somebody new I will need to rest my mind and nerves.

I am genuine, honest, very intelligent, sensitive and kind, having a good sense of humour, although I am studious and responsible, taking myself and life seriously. I am a very deep thinker enjoying working things out for myself. I am gentle with women loving and homely. I have good manners and am respectful of the needs and feelings of others. I am frank and plain speaking though, calling a spade a spade. I don't suffer fools gladly and don't pussy foot around with political correctness; I tell it like it is, like life itself and God makes it. I will not allow myself to be used and abused, ordered around or dominated by anyone. I like a woman who will, like my first love allow me to hold doors for her and to help her on with her coat. "You are a real gentleman" my first love used to say. Nowadays some pass through a door held open for them by me with no eye contact and pursed lips. This is not liberated behaviour but downright ignorance. However there are still many who appreciate a gentlemanly, courteous and friendly gesture and thank me with a smile. They recognise politeness when they see it.

I appreciate the spiritual side of myself insomuch as I connect fully with my soul and spirit and to spirit people who come to me and wish to make themselves known. I consult my inner man-based angels on a regular basis. I help people with their problems by requesting my angels to link with theirs-only with the permission of the person and, should they agree to do so progressing forwards from there. My angels say that I have the potential to become a mind-medium but this will only happen if and when God wills it so. The 'when' and 'if' are not in my hands. A "powerful" medium, confirmed as such by my angels is of the opinion that I may have the ability to become a healer. I have recently experienced increased sensitivity to external manipulation of my spiritual will, demonstrating that I have been passing through my third and final spiritual test in Life for the last six years or so. There are roughly six months to go before completion. (We are each tested by events three times in our lives).

I know I have a great deal of love available for the right woman, as I have experienced the giving and receiving of great love in the past when my first love was alive in the flesh. I continue to experience mutual love with her twenty four years on from her physical death. (I am with her in every life to some sort of degree, sometimes married to her with children sometimes not, as in this life. This is part of an inner cycle that we all follow within the overall mechanism of our Life Cycles).

What I’m doing with my life
I used to write original stage plays and adaptations. These received positive readings but failed to attract funding on purely technical grounds. For example small theatres with limited funds cannot purchase rights to stage a literary adaptation. It is totally beyond them financially. I had a play twice read in performance in London in 2002.

I research issues related to my psychological experiences-the three visitations of my first love over six years ago and related incidents, her speaking to me on Nov 1st 2010 being the first of a promised verbal annual contact etc.- spiritualism physics cosmology psychology etc. This has been delayed until I have completed my present test in about six months time; from time of writing on 31st January 2012.

I hold sittings with clients in which I help them make sense of their lives here, the point of their lives and understand what faces them on the 'other side' in fourth dimension following death of their physical body. ('Death' per se does not exist as human life is circular like the seasons and all of creation repeating time after time. Human beings consisting of soul and spirit with occasional physical bodies have eternal life. Although, unlike God we are not immortal so we will come to an end one day after completing millions of lives in the service of God in increasing His knowledge and wisdom at the same time as increasing ours-this seems to be the overall reason for our existence; we help each other.

I watch little t.v as I find it fascile vacuous irritating and highly restrictive, but enjoy some documentaries & science/tech. progs as they teach me & entertain, and I read books that can also do the same, whilst the t.v. docs. take me to places I couldn't or wouldn't be allowed to go under ordinary circumstances. I loath the bought in American tat and resent their domination of our tv and political lives via the intelligence with which they sometimes provide us when in the mood and ultimately for their own ends. However, if my wife did not want tv in the home I would eject it as I find it depressing and highly restrictive. Years ago I used to travel up to London for the theatre, but sadly cannot now afford financially to do so, but I live in hope of doing so again. I have cooked ordinary meals for the last 25yrs (plus Yorkshire pudding as a sweet) but long to give up and be cooked for-that would be a luxury I would really appreciate!

I run my 54year old (shortly to turn 55, I have a factory 'birth certificate) 1956 model year Volkswagen Type 1 'Beetle' car which I use on a daily basis-this amazes many people. Many admire and stop to enquire of it. As many of these enquiries are not just technical but encapsulate childhood memories of being driven around in one, many of the enquirers are women as well as men. Many who stop me owned this very vintage or later cars. I carry out my own maintenance of this machine finding it a useful psychological grounding and opposite to my work in the field of the ephemeral and the metaphysical in particular and of the intellect in general. How long I can go on doing this I know not. My main incentive for self-maintenance is simply to keep a car on the road. Should I have to pay for this maintenance and servicing I could not afford to run it. I long for this to change in the near future. However, I do obtain great satisfaction from doing it.

I need love, respect, warmth hugging cuddling etc. and I am ready to give the same to you. I am capable of the gentle loving approach. I seek the legally backed security of close companionship as my spiritual work cannot support me financially. However, whether I retain my present house or move out and rent I will have to obtain some sort of job as soon as possible.

I seek a new lady who does not constantly seek to dominate me, nag me and against whom I constantly have to fight and to assert myself. This constant fighting to assert myself has helped to ruin my marriage.

I am a real person and do not wear a mask in order to deceive. I cannot suffer fools gladly and wish to be in a partership of like minded mature intelligent and none-domineering people. A studeous lady like myself (with a high sex drive!) would be ideal.

I have experienced powerful love in the past. I wish for it again and am ready to work for it. I know it must be earned. However, falling in love at first sight is a different thing altogether. (To be explained along with eveerything else should we become interested in each other).
I’m really good at
Work as a spiritual personal advisor, and researching spirituality and being affected by it. Also playwriting and scriptwriting in the past). I am presently working on an outline for my first book combining the ephemeral and the metaphysical elements of life 'here' in 3rd dimension, and 'over there' in the fourth and elsewhere as they are all interlinked in our lives. Life is circular just like the seasons on earth plane. It will take in God Creation a little cosmology, re-incarnation, parallel universes, Life Stories etc.

Sex. Computer work. Writing, indepth thinking, theorising talking listening & reasoning things through on the level of the ephemeral and metaphysical. Being rather sensitive to the world around me and therefore suffering more psychological pain than most. My creative mind works on a wide ranging basis examining not just the narrow view of specifics but engaging in the overview and the wider view of the ephemeral and metaphysical. Studying the mechanism of Life. This is why I require an intelligent middle class woman who will listen and understand things that might at first seem most odd to the man in the street. She must be easy going and accepting, or able to engage in intelligent debate rather than argument for the sake of it.
The first things people usually notice about me
My reasonable level of intelligence, personal strength, loyalty and reliability, determination to see a thing through to the bitter end, independence of spirit & what they see as eccentricity. My determination never to be pushed around by the school bully and intimadatory types who would wish to crush me under their individual or collective jackboots. My ability to be alone should I so wish in order to unwind, read or whatever; I enjoy a silence as much as I enjoy getting out and about. I need personal space from even a relaxed and intelligent future relationship. I offer loyalty to my future partner so I expect to receive it in return.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Selected laid back 'cool' 'hippy-eske' tv commercials of the seventies eg for Kellogs cornflakes, Flake chocolate, Toblerone etc. Fact and fiction (see later note on Arthur C. Clarke) science books, plays, Sophie's World-Gaarner, David Deutch science The Fire in the Equations-Kitty Ferguson and many, many more including fiction set in our Celtic past enhanced by sword sorcery and magic! Many varied books including the sheer beauty of Shakespeare which, as the man said verges on the cellestial. This is not surprising as it was written with cellestial guidance for a specific purpose. Edward Lear, both stories and Nonesense Rhymes. 50s (tuneful) jazz. 'Classical' music as it is good for the soul & is cerebral. 'Hippy' music of the 60's/70's particularly Marc Bolan & T.Rex, The Incredible String Band, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Da Band, The Monkees. Lennon, Wings, Blondie (first 'Parallel Lines' album only), Electric folk-Steeleye Span with the powerful voice of Maddy Prior, The Fairport Convention utilising the fantastic voice of the late Sandy Denny, (and Prior in the early days before she left to form Steeleye), Bipolar Disorder victim Nick Drake, Velvet Underground, Whitesnake album 'Ready & Willin' & its title track. All Kate Bush-excepting the last album 'The Red Shoes' where her mind seemed to be split, due possibly to the death of her mother which resulted in, to my mind a record that was really two with two title tracks and even two covers. On the radio she explained that this was how it had been designed......Some songs were extremely weak by her usual standards. Rickie Lee Jones-1st UK released album of that same title, Vangelis, Jan Garbarek (with and without the Hilliard Ensemble), groundbreaking Medieval composer Thomas Tallis, Eric Sati etc

Food: Eating out in a proper restaurant but also, paradoxically, crazy about Kentucky Fried Chicken, with coke-which I rarely drink-fries, coleslaw and gravy for dipping the fries. Love the whole setup! (But it costs as much as a £10.00 fixed-price-type meal at a pub, so is poor value unless I really want one), crisp chips done in fresh oil, salads, hand made spaghetti bolognese, cheese spread on toast, shepherds pie, Cornish pasties, beef pasties, roast beef & Yorks. pudding, Jersey potatoes, chicken, curried chicken and rice, fish: cod & plaice, pork sausages, pork chops, bacon, Baxter's soups, fresh pears speed-ripened by a couple of bananas placed on top, apples, clemantines/satsumas, yellow melons-chilled. Chocolates: Mon Cheri, Milk Tray Toblerone After Eight and Black Magic before they meddled with the latter - where has the liquid cherry gone? Who needs a lime cream when we have always had the orange one? These are major material and philosophical questions that the new foreign owners of the brand need to answer for the good of Mankind..

Films of the sixties & seventies mostly European French & German New Wave and some US if not too populist. Hong Kong ghost/horror/comedy films of the 70s (some beautiful music), modern Japanese horror and thrillers, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wings of Desire, Wrong Move(-ment) (German), 'Vincent Price films', Orson Welles (haven't seen 'Chimes at Midnight' since 70's BBC broadcast-desperate to see it again: does anyone have a good copy/video tape you could let me have i.e. buy?), Antonioni, Fellini, Pasolini, Wim Wenders, Joseph Losey, David Lynch, WC Fields, US silent comedies, US 70s road movies: Two Lane Blacktop etc., Last Year in Marienbad-Alain Renais/Delphine Sayrig (never read book but this is script published some years later and is vertually identical to film, but both are separate experiences. Author/director collaboration on film shoot extremely close), and its US 50s horror rip-off of I forget what title/('The Shining' is a vertual remake even though it comes from a King novel, but is far too overblown and commercial for me), Double Indemnity-Billy Wilder, Sergio Leone westerns, Samuel Beckett's early novels, plays with some Stoppard, and The Irish Film Board's co-produced 'Beckett on Film' series, and 'Film' he made with Buster Keaton in the 60s which I have never seen but read about. Daughters of Darkness, superior Belgian vampire film with Delphine Sayrig directed by Harry Cumel. Silent Hill, 2006 Canadian/French co-production superior creature horror film commenting on the spiritual journey we are all constantly undergoing throughout the circularity of life and post physical death, and the fact that we manufacture a 'hell' for ourselves here on Earth Plane and in our own minds without it having to exist on 'the other side' i.e. the Fourth Dimension of Space and Time (although there are six spatial dimensions over there which are relatively small containing fragmented tortured spirits. Wheras spirit people who wish to leave the other side to return here for a specific purpose have to askthe permission of God each time, these fragmented spirits do not and often come here to cause trouble). Samuel Beckett's wonderful novels of the thirties and forties: Malone/Malone dies/Murphy/Watt and another one in close print with no punctuation. BBC documentary of the seventies 'The Ascent of Man' written and presented by the late Dr Jacob Bronowski. Many more; too many to include here. [More films and comments listed in the following paragraph in error]
Six things I could never do without
Six? My Spiritual work, the study of my own soul and spirit and those of others, and the mechanism of Life by talking to my two inner angels, reading genuine psychic and spiritual books along with the scientific. (I read these through and check them sentence by sentence with my angels). This takes the worry out of life by informing me why life is as it is, why it will always be so and how we will not and can not ever change it to what we want it to be. In addition it teaches me to take the overview, the wider viewpoint, and move away from the tunnel vision some quite clearly suffer. To know that mankind enjoys eternal life is indeed a comfort.

Sex with a person I love or am lustily tied to.

My writing and research.

Hope in the future without which we would all go mad. (Where is that wonderful lady of my dreams?)

A beautiful warm relationship strongly based upon love, intelligence, sex, and the essential joint interests which would bind the relationship.

A car which is different (as I am most decidedly different, and I have always loved driving). Driving when I have money for petrol as it is very therapeutic for me and I have always loved it. I cannot go for long walks but driving is useful for working things out in my mind and 'talking' things through with myself.

Tasty food, beautiful music, books both fact and fiction.

More films and plays;

Laurence Olivier Shakespeare films of the 50s-I sometimes compare dialogue with the playscripts to see where cuts and joins have been made to obtain a working populist film. 60's 70's and some modern European film-love Isabel Adjani-only a tiny fraction of her films were ever shown on British t.v., French New Wave/German Expressionism and some US if they are outside the run of the mill, Canadian/Canadian co-productions, my large supply of recorded-from-t.v video film/docs. and some pre-recorded, (with a few DVDs) although I have viewed few of these over the years as I feel life is passing me by if sat in front of the t.v. Nosferatu-original silent and 80s remake by Werner Hertzog, Aguirre Der Zorn Gottes - Hertzog's first film, Ameili, Delicatessen. The written word. My collected works of Shakespeare. Harold Pinter & Samuel Beckett plays, with some Tom Stoppard, Beckett's extraordinarily groundbreaking novels of the 30s and 40s, Checkov, particularly The Cherry Orchard and The Sea Gull. (Pinter's 'poetry' is not that, but verse, as it does not move the soul and the spirit). Pinter's film scripts. Many other plays some by Tom Stoppard and by the 'angry young men' of the sixties - love 'Entertaining Mr Sloane' by Joe Orton. 'Noises off' is a very funny play indeed dealing as it does with a stage presentation going disastrously wrong.

A longing to return to a little fun without too many serious concerns in my life that I think all responsible people feel. Not to become irresponsible but merely light, joyful without worry especially about money and to enjoy freedom of a kind once again. The kind of freedom that has a little less responsibility than now would be nice.

This list is not, of course, exhaustive.

I have learned that everything I really value is the LOVE of a good woman, and the trust, love and truth that has to be in any relationship hence my being on this site.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My work and Life. Powerful and loving sex. Starting working/eating out and building a relationship with a nice lady once again.

The mechanism of Life of which I and everybody are a part.

Finding my new lady. A mutually loving, passionate intelligent, none frigid and sex liking person. A loving and respectful relationship. Company of my own intellectual level, near to it, or a bright, light fizzy individual who is different from me but who will beautifully compliment.

Finding paid employment in the field of the metaphysical. My mind has been designed to work on this level and I cannot work in ordinary everyday employment.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home, typically reading with a cat on my lap. With all due respect to her and him whom I love dearly I would rather be out with such a lady I have outlined laying the foundations of a beautiful new and lasting relationship.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My wish to find as wonderful a woman as my first love back in the early eighties, and the love of my life so far. However, I am not seeking another 'her' as such. People are unique in themselves and she and I are tied together through various of our lives.

I am available NOW to email then meet in person. If you are interested in me please contact me via this site or nigel(dot)lucas(at)y m a i l(dot) c o m If really serious please telephone me on 07813 263 818 (for serious calls only. Foolish bogus calls will be reported and will not get the caller anywhere). Please do not engage me in too much time consuming typing but arrange a meet* when I will answer any questions whatsoever at length. We will be able to cover so much more ground. Maybe you might like to bring a friend along to make you feel personally secure. (*My car is off the road due to it requiring the road risks insurance paying and a tank of fuel. The monies to pay for these items will come out of the house sale or buyout, but I cannot use it until I obtain some monies either in this manner or from a new job, whichever comes first).
You should message me if
You can refrain from insults and foul language.

If you do not like my profile or individual things within it, blowing up in my face will not change it. Simply do not contact me.

Should you harbour a great deal of personal anger, please deal with it in some other manner than blasting me. I wish you every success.

The above profile represents only a tiny fragment of my life so any reader cannot make a satisfactory and overall accurate analysis without engaging me in messaging and/or meeting me. People forge a relationship in person, not by distant messaging. Hence the sometime success of work-based relationships.

You are prepared to listen in person to a genuine and highly detailed extrapolation as to why it was decreed before I was born across to this third dimension of space and time that I would find myself in this situation, (the dye is cast before birth for all of us when our Life Stories are written) and the exact reason for it.

You are intelligent and don't become involved in vacuous persuits/interests.

You don't prattle on about 'having fun' all the time without realising that 'fun' i.e. enjoyment can be had intellectually as well as physically and that mature adults have responsibilities to others. If you think use of the intellect is 'boring' please do not contact me.

You are not insistent upon ramming square pegs in round holes or vice-versa with regard to my personality eccentricity and prospective work. I cannot carry out physical or service sector/industrial work. I am seeking paid work in the spiritual arena stressing the metaphysical and the ephemeral, although I am prepared to do a temporary driving job just to pay the rent or other bills whilst I write and/or give talks to small groups.

You can offer me a wonderful peaceful and none stressful relationship in which mutual love, exciting sex, respect and support are yearned for on both sides. You would respect my spiritual sensitivity as I would yours. You would have no desire to dominate or nag me accepting a marriage or parnership of equals.

Please do make contact. I don't bite! I am a complex individual and can only fully represent myself in an extended and intelligent meeting. Many individual profiles on this site are not as far reaching as this one. Please do not be put off by my trying to offer a reasonable view of myself to you, a total stranger, as any differences in approach and opinion between us come down to some of our differing points of view. People cannot and do not agree on everything!

One cannot order people up like items on a shopping list. Please get in touch if you think you may fit in with me, and I with you, and that we would compliment each other on a general and overall level even if I don't 'tick all your boxes'. The overall effect is what matters.

My personal contact details are listed at the end of the 'Personal Details You Might Wish To Reveal' section above.
The two of us