41Escondido, United States
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My self-summary
*Travel regularly between portland, la, san diego, maui, and vancouver bc. As well as internationally.
Currently in Thailand.

I love the nature of Portland but most of my business is in San Diego and Los Angeles. I also travel regularly for my work.

I am a men's coach, meaning that I help men connect to their physical and energetic systems, remove blocks that are holding them back, and have better, deeper relationships, better and more sex and greater success.... Need help?

I am a Shamanic Healer, and I teach practices of awakening and help people navigate the process of awakening and developing higher levels of consciousness and the ability to feel and run energy. I am passionate about helping people heal themselves, finding new ways to explain the esoteric in laymen's terms, and being a true healing artist.
I am a vocal sound healer and very mystic chic. But, I am also quite grounded and not too into the overwhelming 'spiritual' talk.

I have a partner. He is wonderful. Our relationship is sexy, fun and deep. I am looking to make connections with people that would be able to understand that.

I've found some great friends here, so if you want to get together to have a cocktail, take a hike, see a film, a play or performance, explore a museum or gallery tour, let me play in your garden, go to kirtan or go dancing (love dancing), let's chat.
Do you play instruments? Anything interesting?
Looking for someone to sing along?

I am seeking someone that has a certain amount of emotional maturity, who knows and loves themselves enough to be able to have a real and honest relationship of epic proportions. I find that we learn and grow in relationship and I am up for that.
I am extremely sexual and able to connect on this level in a profound way. I see sex as much more than the physical body and I like to connect on the energetic/spiritual level as well, when I find a partner. So, if you have never taken a yoga class, meditated, or had an authentic mystical experience I might not be the girl for you.

I am not jealous, possessive, unkind, addicted, or abusive. I don't have any need for those things in my life.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a men's coach. I have a lovely female business partner and we help good men show up more powerfully with women and in the world. We work with high performing men and those on their way all over the world.
If that interests you reach out.

Lots of singing and dancing.
Helping people find their own path toward healing.
Sharing my knowledge and experiences. Traveling for my work mostly on the West Coast and NYC. Dancing in the Rain. Spontaneous Yoga. Laughing with friends. Learning and exploring my depths. Breathing deeply. Searching. Becoming ever more authentic and open. Petting moss. Dreaming of inspired connection.
I’m really good at
I'm pretty good at most things I try. My careers have been many and varied. And I am good at....challenging myself to do that which I'm afraid of. multi-tasking. conducting energy. laughing loudly in public. seeing the bright side. loving. putting together very colorful outfits. reading aloud. following a dance partner. being my own dance partner. gardening. communicating (not my natural, that's taken a lot of work) brainstorming ideas, putting up my own tent. dressing up. painting. massage. listening. sensuality.
The first things people usually notice about me
my colorful clothes, hair, smile. and my body.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
music: i like musicians, who play real actual instruments. i love the BM community, but electronic music for the most part leaves me wanting to stab myself in the eye. i love world music, indian, middle eastern, turkish, african. more classical not current. i swoon for the clarinet, gypsy violin sends me. i love music pre-1950s big band, swing, jazz standards. i love to dance. and i will.

but must state that i'm not the girl that will be headed out to the game with you (unless it's a rollar derby match) or sitting on the couch watching men play with their balls on TV
If that is your thing, OK, but i was environmentally abused by sports as a child growing up in TX. I know all the rules, but don't miss it.

also, recently i've watched a few television shows on my computer, before that i hadn't in years. i love film, but haven't been to a movie in the last year (wow, hate to admit that). love period pieces, drama, classics, dark comedy and cerebral films.
I'd rather go to the live theatre if I had the choice.
Six things I could never do without
pre-1. my puppy. he is adorable. and hypoalergenic
1. fresh fruits n vegis (very much prefer organic)
2. trees
3. moving my body - dance, yoga, etc.
4. a quiet spot.
5. human connection, authentic loving touch
6. chocolate
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the human body, love, transcendence, sex, ecology, relationships, my businesses, my family, the adventures i want to have and the places i want to go, my gratitude for everything i have now, Spirit, art.
On a typical Friday night I am
since my schedule is such that Friday night is not such a huge deal, I might be having wine with friends, dancing to live music, working, hanging out at home, painting, getting ready for a full day on Saturday, or maybe on a super hot date that will keep me up all night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Suburbia scares me.
I never learned to drive a stick. (check that off)
I read a lot of profiles and rarely make contact. I file you all in my favorites folder but... I have a hard time making decisions.
When I was 9, I was afraid I'd grow up to be a pedophile, because I really liked 9 year old boys.
You should message me if
You floss daily. You like to dance. You are comfortable expressing yourself and would like if I do as well.
You care about health and wellness, the Earth and animals.
You play instruments want to record odd Shamanic music.
You know what energy cultivation means.
You are willing to think outside the box.

*If you contact me I'm sorry if I don't contact you back either way. I wanted to be vey cool with a nice note to say that I don't think we are a match but thanks for noticing me and I got so many rude and mean replies. Unbelievable really, one minute ready to fall in love (or lust) the next lashing out at a complete stranger for being polite). So, I'm not doing it anymore.

I wish you all the best in your search, whatever that may be.
The two of us